During this period, the weather fluctuates frequently. It is a signal of the full rainy season coming, resulting in heavy thunderstorms that sometimes damage the area around the house. Therefore, we should check the various points to prevent or reduce the damage to the house to be less.


1. Check for leaks gutters on the roof.

Most houses in Thailand tend to have rain gutters to reduce the impact directly onto the ground especially during heavy rain. Rainwater flows along the slope of the roof and hit the ground below. The taller the house, the impact of the rainwater is stronger as well. Until causing damage to the area around the house when the rain gutter has holes, it will increase the point of hitting the floor of the water.

Solution Completely repair the drain will help reduce the impact of rainwater and also helps to slow down the washing of the soil area.

รางน้ำฝน รางน้ำฝน รางน้ำฝน


2. Get rid of leaves that may clog the drain lines.

Aside from checking for leaks at the roof rail, many times we tend to find water logging. Water did not catch from the roof drainage line. One reason may be due to the remnants of fallen leaves imprisoned. When accumulated for a long time, it clogged the hole makes it difficult to drain.

Solution Make grilles covering the entire line of rainwater gutters on the roof to prevent leaf debris from clogging.


3. Check the seam between the wall and the door frame or the door frame to see.

Every time it starts to rain, the first thing that everyone does is close the door and window completely to prevent rain. But sometimes, why still has water seeping along the edge of the door or window? That is because the junction between the wall and the frame may be a gap. Give the grout with silicone. But if the frame is still firmly attached, rainwater may seep through the joint between the door and the frame.

อุดรอยรั่ว อุดรอยรั่ว อุดรอยรั่ว

Solution If there is a gap between the joints, grout with silicone or gouging 1 x 1 cm under the top jamb 3 cm. from the outer edge for a water droplet to stop the water flow that is going to flow absorbed into the inner edge.


4. Check the large tree branches near the house.

Big trees that are planted around the house or near the house. When encountering thunderstorm conditions, they may be broken down in time. Therefore, before entering the rainy season, always pruning the branches to be in a safe condition from the house first. Because when the rainy season is over the branches will break again. Don’t worry.

Solution Cut large branches out of the wire or cut branches that are prone to felling.


5. Move field furniture to shelter from the rain

Although, the furniture is designed to withstand the weather. But in some types there may be materials that are fragile such as wood imitation materials that the seller may not have given advance notice. Before we buy mixed in furniture, therefore, when entering the rainy season should move temporarily to an area that is not washed by the rain first. Or if it is a large piece that is difficult to move, it may be fixed by covering the canvas.

Solution Bring a canvas to cover during the rainy season prevent deterioration short service life.

ผ้าใบ PVC ผ้าใบ PVC ผ้าใบ PVC

6. Inspect rainwater containers

Some houses have jars or containers that can hold water from the outside of the house. Do not forget to close the lid completely. Because when the rainwater is trapped, there may be breeding grounds for mosquitoes or some houses that have water to use. Do not forget to close the lid after the water filled the container. Because whenever there is water, it will become a place for breeding mosquitoes immediately.

Solution Close the lid of containers that can trap rainwater, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.


Good preparation since before entering the rainy season will help reduce the occurrence of various problems. Either by leaching around the house or water seeping into the house. Therefore, if anyone is looking for equipment to repair the house, try to find a favorite product at every HomePro and HomePro S branch or online shopping at www.HomePro.co.th

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