How to check the leakage current in an electrical circuit is one problem with the current that flows from the circuit into the ‘ground’. To understand ground, you think of a normal grounded outlet. A grounded outlet is the one with three holes instead of two. The slightly bigger hole that’s placed below the two vertical slots is the ground. Before you start hunting for an electrical leak, it is important to make sure you have a good electrical leakage detector. Electricity can be dangerous if you have any doubts HomeGuru will share how to safely check the leakage current.

• How to safely check the leakage current at home

1. What causes of electrical leakage?
2. What happen when electrical leakage?
3. How do you detect an electric leak?
4. How to check the leakage current safely with a tester screwdriver?
5. How to prevent leakage of electricity?


• What causes of electrical leakage?

The most common cause of electrical leakage is when the current in your appliances crosses from the correct wire into the appliance or the installation point of the electrical system or the earth wire. Such as the wall in the electrical installation area, metal lamp poles or metal poles installed with CCTV cameras, etc., causing these points to generate electricity or voltage. If you accidentally touch it, it could be life-threatening.

This leakage current can occur for several reasons and can occur at every step of the electrical system. The improper use of electrical equipment, the breakdown or deterioration of the insulation of electrical equipment according to the service life, and the lack of inspection and maintenance from the installation or wiring are not following the standards of electrical appliances. This is surprisingly common and is usually due to old wiring where the cable sheath is starting to disintegrate. It can also be due to bad wiring or even an old appliance starting to break down.


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• What happen when electrical leakage?

Many of you may have heard of the term “electric shock” or had some experience. The cause of electric shock is the leakage of electric current to appliances, electrical equipment, or circuits. When you touch the area with leakage current, it causes an electric shock. It also affects other things when the electricity in the house leaks.

1. Electrical leakage causes electric shock

As mentioned above, electric shock or electric shock occurs when the body comes in contact with appliances or electrical circuits with leakage current. Direct contact can be life-threatening. The severity of the electric shock depends on the amount of electricity and the duration of the electric shock.

2. Electrical leakage causes high electric bill

Another effect of electric leakage in the home is that it wastes electricity in vain. Because this leakage current will try to flow through the conductive points to be grounded. Thus, causing the need to pay more electricity bills. Or you think about the case where the water supply pipes in the house are leaking at various points, which is a waste of water resources, causing water bills to increase.

3. Electrical leakage causes a fire risk

The most severe consequence of an electrical leakage in a home is the cause of a fire. Many examples of cases have been seen because the leakage of electricity in the house will cause the electric current to flow until it heats up. If not promptly corrected, leaving it for a long time until it accumulates a large amount of heat will quickly cause a fire. It caused unexpected damage to both life and property. Therefore, it is essential not to neglect an electrical leakage detector to monitor the electrical system in the home regularly.


• How do you detect an electric leak?

Now that you know the effects of an electrical leakage in the house, the next question is how to detect the signs of leakage problems in the home. In the beginning, we can try to observe the alarm of electric leakage that can cause electric shock in the house with the following observations.

1. Abnormally high electric bill

If the electricity bill is abnormally high, it is a disorder that is not caused by the increase of the FT value of electricity. Try to check by observing the rotation of the meter to see whether the speed is consistent or not, or test by writing down the meter number first.

Then turn off all electrical appliances in the house without pulling the cutout or breaker down and observing at the meter at home whether the disk inside the meter rotates or not. If the plate inside the meter is still rotated or left for a while, then the meter value moves up. That may be a warning sign that in our house, an electrical leakage occurs.

2. The power cut often

The leakage circuit breaker installed in the house, also known as RCD, is a device that has the function of detecting the electricity bill and cutting off the power when the electricity bill exceeds the standard value that is dangerous to humans. This RCD can be divided into two types, the RCCB that can cut the circuit at a specific point and the RCBO that can cut the leakage, overload, short circuit, and cover the whole house. If used as the main switch, it can also be used to replace a circuit breaker.

It can be said that RCD is another type of electrical leakage detector that, in case of leakage or overload, the system will automatically cut off the power. Therefore, the preliminary observation is that if the power is cut frequently and the device is still working normally, there is an electric leakage in the house.

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3. Touch the appliance and feel electric shock

Another unusual thing that a home may have an electric leakage is when you touch appliances, electrical or metal structures in your home and feel an electric shock. Generally, electrical appliances that are prone to electric leakage or have metal structures, including those in the house where electrical installations are located, are grounded within the system for the safety of users.

At this point, it is essential that you have a good earth. If you don’t, the current that is leaking into the shell of the appliance can find its way into your body when you touch the appliance; it will then travel through your body before disappearing into the ground.

4. The temperature in the house is abnormally high

Another observation that has been occurred in accidents is the unusually high temperature in the house. What is unusual here is that the heat in the house is so hot that when eggs are placed in the house for a while, the eggs can become hard-boiled. But when tester by cutting the electrical circuit in the house, it was found that the temperature in the house gradually decreased until it returned to normal. Upon inspection, it was found that there was a leak in the ceiling, causing electricity to flow into the ground along the reinforced concrete beams. As a result, the house was much hotter than usual and coincided with an unusually high electric bill. The temperature inside the home is one of the observation points that the house is telling us.


• How to safely check the leakage current with a tester screwdriver

Many people are probably familiar with the word screwdriver already. This tool is an electrical leakage detector that every house should have. This tester screwdriver is specially designed to check the condition of appliances or other electrical equipment in the home whether there is a leakage problem or not. It is a powerful device, cheap, and most importantly, very easy to use. The tester screwdriver can be divided into two types: a main tester screwdriver with a lamp on the handle and a digital tester screwdriver, which has the following methods of use.

1. A main tester screwdriver consists of a fluorescent lamp connected to high resistance. A test lamp only contacts one side of the circuit under test. It relies on stray capacitance and current passing through the user’s body to complete the circuit.

The device may have the form of a screwdriver. The tip of the tester is touched to the conductor being tested (for instance, it can be used on a wire in a switch or inserted into a hole of an electric socket). A neon lamp takes very little current to light and thus can use the user’s body capacitance to earth ground to complete the circuit.

2. Should select a tester screwdriver that suits the type of electricity. DC power used in cars and AC power comes from the electricity authority for general use.

3. In addition to the type of electricity, the voltage must be appropriate, not too high or too low. Measuring electricity in a house that uses 200 – 250 volts, but uses a screwdriver for 80 – 125 volts, may feel a lot of leakage through the screwdriver when touched and not safe.

4. How to check the leakage current with a tester screwdriver to measure the voltage, be careful not to touch the bare part of the screwdriver. Or should choose a tester screwdriver to measure the insulated electricity, leaving only the tip that needs to be handled to help prevent accidents from short circuits.


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5. The correct use of a tester screwdriver to check for leaks is to tap the screwdriver’s tip onto the object to be tested first. Then use your finger to tap the top button or the clip to complete the loop. Notably, you must not wear shoes or stand on the insulator. This may cause the fire to fail and maybe misunderstood that there is no electrical leakage.

6. When using the tester screwdriver to measure the voltage, be careful not to let the screwdriver touch the part of the electrode on different floors simultaneously. This is especially careful when using in confined spaces where different electrode phases, earth electrodes, and neutral terminals may be located close together. Because it will cause a short circuit until the spark is violently dangerous to the user.

7. Do not use the tester screwdriver to test with an unknown voltage or high voltage.

8. For a tester screwdriver that not been used for a long time, the fluorescent lamp or the resistor inside may be damaged. Or, if it’s a digital screwdriver, the display light may not work. Therefore, before using the tester screwdriver to check the electric leakage every time, you should test the performance of the tester screwdriver to measure the power first.

9. In the case of tester, and found that the screwdriver is damaged. Do not repair or modify the screwdriver to be used again.


• How to prevent leakage of electricity?

Even if the electrical leakage problem can be solved, preventing it from occurring in the first place is the best option. The same is true for protection against electrical leakage in the home. Because the leakage problem can cause enormous damage, preventing electrical leakage problems in the home can be done in various ways.

1. Install a grounded electrical system to help prevent and reduce the severity of electrical leakage hazards that may occur at any time. The symbol of the ground line is a green color or a green color with a yellow stripe. As for electrical appliances, choose the type that the socket is a three-pin to use with a three-hole socket.

2. Install an electrical leakage detector and leakage protection device or RCD in the house to automatically cut off the power when the leakage current occurs to the specified leakage current value.

3. Avoid touching appliances, electrical equipment, or electrical installations, especially metal parts, while the body is wet or standing on a wet surface.

4. Choose flooring materials with electrical insulating properties, such as rubber sheets, plastic sheets, dry wood sheets, etc. Or, if you need to repair electrical work, find these materials to lay the floor and stand on it while repairing for safety.

5. If you suspect that appliances, electrical equipment, or electrical installation points in the house have a leak or not. Should be tested with a tester screwdriver to check the leakage properly, should not touch the suspect area directly for safety.


These are ways to check the leakage current by using a tester screwdriver to check the leakage at HomeGuru has compiled the correct usage techniques for you. Because no matter what repairs, modifications, or tests, the safety of life must be the first priority. Especially the electrical system that cannot be underestimated. And anyone who is looking for a tester screwdriver and electrical equipment that is standard and safe, you can come and shop at HomePro in every branch or shop online with just a click For more information, please contact HomePro Call Center 1284.

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