Check the tiles yourself

In almost every home, often have the tiled part at one point or another tiling looks superficially like an easy job to use anywhere, but in truth tiling work, whether it is a floor or wall, has many detailed steps. From the selection of the techniques for laying tiles suitable for the type of tiles, skills, expertise, and delicate meticulousness so that the tiles will be straight, without overlap, tiles are perfectly flat with the floor in the same plane, and the interior is not hollow. However, if the technician is not skilled in rough work, it often results in the floor tiles not being peeled off to bend or explode later which may become Is definitely a nightmare for homeowners.

 วิธีเช็คงานปูกระเบื้อง ไร้เรื่องปวดหัวตามมา
Check the tiles yourself

In many cases where the homeowner trusts the mechanic and pushes the burden on the contractor. Therefore, do not come to inspect the work by oneself before knowing that the work is in trouble, it may have to order all the pieces to be dismantled. Checking the quality of the tiles themselves in order to not waste time, duplicate money and tiling works not quality. In this content, “Home Idea” has 6 techniques for checking at homeowners can do it yourself. From looking with the naked eye to using close equipment to help will be able to stay at the house with beautiful flooring and can be used for a long time.

1. Observe with your eyes

If the homeowner oversaw the work yourself, may start checking from the tiling process observe the method of tiling of technicians that use any kind of technique such as paving using sand-cement or use cement glue as a bond, because different tile materials use different techniques depending on the type of tile, for example, ceramic tiles general small sheet able to mix sand and cement tiles. But if a granito sheet larger than 60 cm, the technician must use cement glue instead of cement-sand. The cement glue will be firmly fixed and suitable for large tiles such as granito.

วิธีเช็คงานปูกระเบื้อง ไร้เรื่องปวดหัวตามมา
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The neatness of tiling work communicates through beauty such as laying tiles continuously correct. Every tile of the same color is produced from the same lot. Because if production is not ready at the same time the color intensity may be different. Each tile is not chipped, cracked the rows must be straight, not laid. Not overlap the grout spacing is equal and all grouts are open.

2. Use coins to measure equality

The tile floor can be leveled throughout the room. No spots that are rising in this section, aside from looking with the naked eye you may try to use a 10-baht coin to place directly between the joints of the sheet that is not equal to see. If placed, then try to see that the coin flips over or tilted up shows that the floor is not equal, call a technician to fix it.

วิธีเช็คงานปูกระเบื้อง ไร้เรื่องปวดหัวตามมา

3. Rub with your hand or walk with your feet to test for flatness

This method is very easy. Wall tiles can be rubbed by hand by tiles to test for flatness, but be careful of cleanliness and protect hands from tiles, cement fragments. If checking the floor area, put sneakers and then drag the feet in a straight line. Then walk back and forth throughout the room, if the floor is even smooth, without stumbling points especially in the adjacent area. You can feel clearly. This is a rough check that is preliminary proof that each tile is flat, level, and equal to the side or not.

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4. Test by listening

Tiling that has good standards. When knocked, the sound must be tight which we can test in many ways, such as walking and then using pat feet gently on the ground and listen to the sound. Throwing a small glass or metal ball on the floor and listen sound difference or using a coin to screw the handle to knock the tile one by one. If knocked and felt that unequal sound. Some sheets have a hollow sound. It is assumed that the tiled floor is not tight, with a hole underneath which, if not fixed, then continue to use the tile floor will peel off or break. For those who are not comfortable sitting down on the floor to tapping tiles one by one. Try to buy a wooden tapping tile that has a long handle, the metal head will reduce the examination time without causing pain in the hundreds price.

5. Test the floor level using a crystal ball

If anyone has many table tennis balls or crystal balls, try to use them as a tool for checking the level of the floor. By bringing many ping-pong balls or crystal balls. The balls are put together. If pasted, then the crystal ball rolled. Show that the floor is not equal. Even if flowing together in any way, it means that the ground is sloping. If the crystal ball does not roll, it shows a good level.

6. Testing the slope by pouring water

This method is used to test the tiling of the bathroom, balcony or yard. Which has to make the area sloping Helps to drain water. Just bring water to a large tank. Pour to the ground and see if the water drains well, in which direction the water flows, there is a basin or not If there is water, prepare to notify the technician to dismantle.

วิธีเช็คงานปูกระเบื้อง ไร้เรื่องปวดหัวตามมา
Check the tiles yourself

Checking floor and wall tiles is a simple process. But requires careful resolution, inspectors need to inspect every square meter, if knocked on each sheet and every sheet is the best. If you notice any spots Suspicious during work. The technician should be stopped temporarily but if detected while inspecting the house, mark, take pictures or write down information to ask experts to get a satisfactory answer and then continue the work.
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