We must accept that at present, the problem of dust, toxic fumes and various pollution are quite intense, causing a lot of allergies. Not even children to have abnormal symptoms every time the body reacts with allergens such as dust, pollen, cold air, mold, etc. until causing the body to have allergic reactions. So many people are looking for help like “Air purifier” to help eliminate dust or various allergens, but may not know how to choose an air purifier and what should you look for. HomeGuru has recommendations in choosing an air purifier.

Air purifier

Choosing an Air Purifier to get rid of dust and allergens

see the appropriate room size

Air purifiers are often designed to use to purify the air or work in suitable areas according to the machine’s potential in which various details of the machine, usually specified in the specification of each model of air purifier that is suitable for the size of the room, such as the room size 25-30 square meters. It should be used according to the appropriate size of that room If the room is large but using an air purifier is too small was not able to effectively purify the air.

Air purifier Air purifier Air purifier Air purifier

Air purifier

Use HEPA filter

For people with allergies, the most recommended filter is a filter or HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air), which is an air filter capable of filtering very small particles. The HEPA air filter standard requires filtering up to 99.97% of the air that passes through 0.3 micron particles. It is also the most effective filter for catching foreign objects such as dust, pollen, mold, spores, skin of pets, etc., all of which are “allergens”, the cause of allergies. The HEPA filter guarantees that 99% of these contaminants will be completed.

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Beware! Ozone Generators

Ozone air purifier may create ozone in the air while using the machine. Ozone is a substance that is highly irritating to the lungs. If received at a high concentration level, it will be able to stimulate respiratory disease especially in asthma patients, chronic lung disease, children and the elder. You should be careful or avoided if someone is suffering from respiratory allergies in the house.


Deodorizing gas filtering

Many people will experience allergies, relapses, coughs or sneezing when they have a pungent or unpleasant odor. Therefore, the principle of choosing an air purifier should choose an air purifier that has various odor removal systems. Which often works by using chemicals such as activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, to help absorb various odors and toxic gases go out because the smell or gas is an allergen that can cause allergies to aggravate.


Pay attention to noise

Another important thing is to choose an air purifier that is not too loud during use. Because the sound is too loud can cause disturbing sleep, deep sleep, the body does not rest fully. This can affect the immune system. The sound from the air purifier should not be louder than 30-40 decibels. Choosing an air purifier for use in the home may not be 100% cure allergy symptoms, but it is one of taking care of yourself and helps reduce the risk of allergies.

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Allergy .. is a disease that cannot be cured. When it comes to allergens, it will relapse. Therefore, anyone who is allergic must take care of the body. Look after the environment. Homes that are very special. In order to not have allergens to stimulate the body until symptoms occur.

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