Choosing the right bed, many people think that just by pressing, touching, sitting, throwing a little weight in the corner of the mattress, just a few minutes, then get the pleasant experience. If you are thinking that way, having said that, you are wrong and may be disappointed when actually sleeping at home.

Good sleep must not be a cause of discomfort like back pain, neck pain, body aches, body aches after waking up. Therefore, choosing the best mattress, you must try to spend time sleeping. HomeGuru has some good tips for you so you can choose the best mattress.

Choose a mattress suitable for age

Principle of choosing the first mattress is to choose that is mainly suitable for users because people have sleep behaviors and preferences are different. Children tend to like soft beds which should not be too soft because it may affect the spine in the long run. As for adults, there are additional factors that go to sleep single or double. If you don’t sleep alone, you must hold your partner’s hand to come to bed to try at the same time because the mattress for two people should be a Pocket Spring mattress that does not vibrate to disturb the person next to the flip and should share the liking of both softness and firmness at both levels as well. So that both of you can sleep well. But if sleeping alone, you can choose the mattress as you like Important to be able to support your body well, does not cause back pain or discomfort.

Adult mattresses must be tight but not soft

Whether it is a bed for our parents or for the elderly in the house. Mattress selection requires special attention. By choosing a mattress that is quite tight, not too soft. Because it will bend the spine, back pain when sleeping. Difficult to sit up. But if the mattress is too hard, it can cause muscle aches. Therefore, you should choose a good firm with regard to physiology including the height of the bed, which, when combined with the mattress, must be tall enough to fit the height of the bed. By measuring from the side of the bed and not more than 45 cm in height or placing the legs and perpendicular to the floor will help you to sit up comfortably without getting daze.

Choose a mattress suitable for age

Soft, firm, which type is suitable for us?

The softness of the mattress is in many levels, which vary according to the characteristics of the spring and the material inside. Let’s see what kind of physique and preference we like for the mattress.

Like hard stiff sleep and frequent back pain, you are suitable for a latex mattress because it is highly flexible, reasonably soft, long service life good heat dissipation. Providing comfort when sleeping and also suitable for people who are quite heavy with weight.

Like hard stiff sleep and frequent back pain, you are suitable for a latex mattress

Like to sleep on soft bed, let the mattress absorb the spirit. You are suitable for a spring mattress because it has flexibility and return well. There is additional comfort with layers of support such as memory foam, rubber, sponge, compressed cotton fiber, etc. Above the spring, there are both independent Pocket spring. No vibration, disturbing the person sleeping next to. In case of a double mattress and Bonnel spring, which is a square spring that supports the weight well. This type of mattress is suitable for people with medium or low body weight and like a soft mattress.

Like to sleep soft but tight bed. You are suitable for synthetic rubber mattress or compressed synthetic foam
Because it has both soft and tight, flexible and support the body. Suitable for people with back pain, moderate or low body weight and like tight softness.

Softer with Topper
Softer with Topper

Softer with Topper

Thick and tall mattress does not mean providing comfort that is suitable for our body. The height of the general mattress is 6 “, 8”, 12 “and 14”. The difference in height is to add extra topper to complement the various to be soft. There are various materials used to increase this softness, such as the use of memory foam, latex, sponge, compressed cotton fiber, etc. Each softness has different prices.

Bedtime care tips extend the service life

  • Turn head-back mattress every 3 months for a mattress that can be laid on one side and upside down including the front-back flip every 3 months as well. For the mattress designed to sleep on 2 sides to allow the mattress to be firmly restored again.
  • Ventilate the mattress by opening the bedroom window to let the wind leach or let the sunlight come in to kill bacteria in the body.
  • Absolutely no ironing on the mattress or place hot stuff on bed absolutely. Because the heat will cause various materials the inner layer of the mattress is deteriorated and can be damaged.
  • Do not let the mattress get wet. Because moisture will cause damage to interior materials and deteriorate faster.
  • Should be laid with a protective cover that is removable and washable before covering with a bed sheet to help preserve the mattress and prevent sweat stains.
  • Should not stand or jump on the couch because it may damage the spring.
  • If you have to move the mattress, you should not be bent or bent while moving in order not to lose its shape.

Eliminate dust mites, prevent allergies

Do not neglect to clean the mattress because the softness components inside the mattress including sponge, cotton fiber, compressed Including various fur when used for a long time, if you do not care, it may become a good source of food for dust mites which is the cause of allergy because the mattress is something that we closely touch more than 7-8 hours per day. Therefore, for people who are allergic or at risk, they should pay special attention to cleaning the mattress with a powerful vacuum cleaner specifically the mattress. To destroy food sources, disinfects the mattress regularly every 3 months, including using a mattress that is coated with a dust-mite protection and a protective mattress that is coated with an anti-dust-mite to prevent various dust mites come directly to ourselves help to reduce allergies.

Eliminate dust mites, prevent allergies

Special tips that you are often embarrassed to do when choosing a bed. But we want you to try…dress in comfortable clothes to try to sleep to find the bed that you like. No hurry, take your time. Don’t be considerate of staff. Should take at least 10-20 minutes or better try to sleep to feel asleep. And you will get the right answer that this kind of mattress… is the right kind for you.

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