Choose Flooring Materials to Suit Dogs and Cats because Dog or cat, pets that are like friend to human beings. For animal lovers, they tend to see them as part of a family that needs close attention. Both food and living suitability, if you want to design a new house or renovate the old house, pets are one of the important problems that designers always have to consider.

เลือกวัสดุปูพื้นบ้านให้เหมาะกับน้องหมา น้องแมว

A common problem in the pet house is not just the smell or the dirt from the animals that affect the residents only. For pet itself, health problems often arise from the selection of inappropriate flooring materials. As a result, the four legs have to live a difficult life in the home, and these things are not good for the health of the pet.

เลือกวัสดุปูพื้นบ้านให้เหมาะกับน้องหมา น้องแมว

Due to the different physical characteristics of humans and pets. Normally, general houses tend to like local flooring with granito or tile work, stone work with a glossy surface on the ground floor. The advantages of these materials will help make the house look beautiful and easy to clean. But did you know that the material is smooth, glossy becomes an obstacle in the lives of dogs and cats. Because with smoothness Causing walking to have a very special contraction of the legs This resulted in a four-legged pet suffering from hip osteoarthritis, dislocated patella and often inflamed muscles. Suitable materials must be “non-slip materials” are more friendly to pets.


Rough floor tiles

Of course, the tile floor will generally be slippery. Not suitable for walking areas of pets. But does not mean that all types of tiles will always be smooth and glossy. Normally, tiles are available for both smooth and rough surfaces. For raising animals or allowing pets to come to live, you should choose tiles with a rough surface. By choosing a model with a slip resistance of R10 or higher, which is usually suitable for wet areas, external space and suitable for the four legs as well.

The advantages of ceramic tile flooring also have a surface that is resistant to scratches. If there is a stain, it can be easily rubbed and not dust also helps to increase coolness during the hot season. You will notice that dogs like to lie on the floor because of the coldness of the floor.

เลือกวัสดุปูพื้นบ้านให้เหมาะกับน้องหมา น้องแมว

Polished cement floor

Simplicity is a fundamental thing that every living thing needs. If anyone has observed older houses or country houses that were popularly made with polished cement. This type of flooring will support the well being of both people and animals due to the roughness of the cement work surface. Allowing the four-legged animals to be able to stand, stand, walk, and play comfortably with their feet. The rough skin also helps to hide the scratches as well.

เลือกวัสดุปูพื้นบ้านให้เหมาะกับน้องหมา น้องแมว

Genuine wood floor

Real wood is another material that is comfortable for paws, floor is not very slippery (but will be more slippery if coated) and good force impact. Real wood quite friendly to pets. But you should choose only hardwood. Because if it is a soft wood, it will not be resistant to scratches. Pets are comfortable on the feet but may cause them to feel uncomfortable.

If you want to add stiffness to the wood floor, try to lay out the pattern with a herringbone pattern. The groove between the joints of the wood panel will increase the friction and camouflage the scratches well.


Laminated wood floor

Laminated floor has components made from hardwood. Digest it into fine powder or pieces of wood in layers then compress with high strength together with heat. It is a substitute for wood that has scratch-resistant properties similar to real wood. It is quite resistant to animal claws but more smooth. Things to be aware of when choosing to install materials for this type of surface are moisture. If exposed to too much water, the floor can swell.


เลือกวัสดุปูพื้นบ้านให้เหมาะกับน้องหมา น้องแมว

Vinyl floor or rubber tiles

Rubber tiles or vinyl rubber tiles, made from polymers or rubber, easy to maintain, waterproof, resistant to moisture. Therefore, it responds to dogs and young cats until the elderly. Because vinyl rubber tile flooring has a viscous force that makes good adhesion, not slippery, resistant to scratches. But the highlight is the flexibility that helps reduce impact as well, long service life 10-15 years. It is another option for a pet house, strong nails and a rather large physique, very energy-like, like naughty running like Siberian Husky or Golden Retriever.


เลือกวัสดุปูพื้นบ้านให้เหมาะกับน้องหมา น้องแมว

For a house that is intended to raise animals from the beginning and Choose Flooring Materials to Suit Dogs and Cats or for your own pet, then there is no problem. But if anyone is not prepared before and unable to dismantle the new material. You can fix by buying non-slip rubber sheets to cover the original floor for pets for more convenient to walk. Or you can choose to use anti-slip products to coat the floor tiles again will help prevent slipping as well.



However, by the behavior of four-legged animals would not like to live indoors throughout the day. A house that is suitable for raising animals is therefore a house that has an outside area, which is better than allowing a pet to live only inside the house. And most importantly,

the caretaker must have enough time to take the pet for a walk or have outdoor activities will improve the mental happiness for the little four legs as well.

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