How to choose the right drill for the job? Is it necessary to use the correct drill bit? And what kind of work? How do I need a drill? It is a fundamental question that many people have. But for those who have been through a little handyman job, they will know immediately how easy it is to choose the right drill for the type of handwork. But how to choose the right drill for the job, you have to get to know each type of drill bit that HomeGuru has put together first.

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Which drill is better to choose the right type of work?

First of all, it is important to understand that the drill is a hand tool that must be used in conjunction with all types of drill rigs. Whether it’s an electric drill, cordless drill or a non-motorized hand crank drill. In the use of drilling holes in various materials which has various. Each material has its own characteristics and strengths. Choosing the correct drill for the desired drilling job This allows them to work faster, more conveniently and more importantly, safety.

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Drill type and selection

Jobber Drill

This drill can be used to drill common steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, copper, wood or even plastic. It is considered a versatile and versatile drill. You should have it in the house as well. Steel drill bits, there are many grades If it is a good grade of high quality, it must be produced from high speed steel (HSS) and if it is HSS Titanium it is durable. Lasts 2-3 times longer than conventional HSS drills, while HSS Cobalt drills are primarily used for drilling in stainless steel. In addition to the material type, the drill bit is selected to be the correct drill type used.

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Masonry Drill , Concrete Drill

It is a drill bit that can be used to drill concrete, concrete, brick and various stones, especially there are various types of concrete mortar drill bits. Therefore, using a drill, choosing the right drill. Straight round shank drills are used with power drills, conventional cordless drills or impact drill. As for the rotary hammer drill type, there are SDS Plus drills, SDS Max, hex shank, spline shank used with electric drills or a cordless rotary hammer drill.

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Glass & Tile Drill

This drill is designed to drill holes in glass and tiles beautifully. It does not cause cracks and marks. This glass tile drill can be used with a power drill or general cordless drill.

Spade Bit

This is a drill bit for drilling in wood, carpentry, furniture craftsmen or wood DIY work. The most common sizes are 5, 6, 8 or 10 mm. They can be used with all drill types.

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How to use the drill, choose correctly and use it safely?

Check the drill bit before use

Before every use, you should check the end of the drill is sharp or not. If not sharp, the drill must be re-sharpened. Because if you continue to use it may cause the drill bit to become hot and broken. And if you want to drill a work piece that requires high precision It is recommended to use the center iron to drill the hole first to help the drill tip to eat the material at the desired point It is important to hold the work piece firmly in place with a mounting bracket.


Tighten the drill bit before use

Tightening the drill bit before each use with the drill bit wrench. This will prevent the drill bit from being spilled out while working or a symptom of the drill bit is loose until it does not penetrate Screwing the drill bit. Once it is fully tightened, turn on the power switch to check if the tip of the drill is swinging. If the drill bit is swinging back and forth, or it is misaligned, loosen the drill and screw it back in.

Always wear safety glasses when operating

Wearing safety glasses will help to prevent dust from puncture. Including debris of various materials from the work piece that may splash into the eye. In addition, users should dress carefully to help reduce the chance of accidents from the use of the tool. And when not in use, the drill should be removed from the drill to clean before putting it in a tidy place.


Knowing each type of drill, you can see that the drill is selected the right job and the right type of drill will make the mechanic work easy, convenient and fast, saving both money and time in working. Effectively, but if you want to get more out of your drill, HomeGuru recommends that you regularly maintain and clean the drill after use to help extend the life of the existing tools for a longer time.

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