One of the errands that many people put off until later is cleaning the air conditioner. In order to properly clean an air conditioner, one must have a thorough understanding of the many sections of the appliance, which might lead to confusion. Cleaning A/C by yourself, on the other hand, is not as tough as you might imagine. In this article, HomeGuru explains how to clean your air conditioner. Let us make an attempt to follow it

• You can clean your air conditioner like a pro!

1. How frequently should the air conditioner be cleaned in a month?
2. 3 simple ways to clean your air conditioner

• How frequently should the air conditioner be cleaned in a month?

As far as air conditioner cleaning is concerned, the first thing we should know is how often we should clean our air conditioners, especially if we have hefty air conditioners that run You must maintain and clean your air conditioner. Because using the air conditioner for a long time without cleaning causes dust issues. When we switch on the air conditioner, it works by drawing in outside air to circulate and blowing cool air out instead. If dust settles on the machine, it will be pulled into the air conditioner. In the end, it collects accumulators inside the machine, reducing cooling efficiency, making the machine work harder, reducing lifespan, and doubling power usage!

In other words, don’t wait until you have a damaged air conditioner because of filth and dust. Air conditioner specialists often recommend that the air conditioner be cleaned once every six months because it is the simplest and best solution. There are, however, instances when the air conditioner is starting to show signs that it hasn’t been cleaned for less than six months. This may be due to the air conditioner being dirty quickly due to various environmental circumstances in each residence.


As long as one of the air conditioners in a house is routinely turned on, or is simply referred to as an “air conditioner,” it is working hard. To put it another way, if you’re running your air conditioner constantly, you’re increasing the risk of dirt or dust building up inside of the machine. Inside, there must be more than a slow-to-activate air conditioning unit. As a result, we may need to clean the air conditioner more frequently than six months.

Having an air conditioner in a room next to a busy road might cause it to collect a lot of dust, which can hinder the unit’s ability to cool your home. Building sites, or dwellings in the vicinity of construction sites, etc. For this reason, it is not surprising that air conditioners require more frequent cleaning to keep them as ready for usage as possible when there is a lot of dust flying around in the air all the time.

Overall, it is recommended that you clean your air conditioner at least once every six months under typical conditions. The air conditioner should, however, be cleaned more frequently if the environmental elements and the use style are those listed above. The evaporator situated outside the house can be inspected from the back if you notice a lot of dust. In order to avoid future difficulties with the air conditioner, do not allow it to become so clogged that it becomes impossible to blow air through it.


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• 3 simple ways to clean your air conditioner

Let’s have a look at how to clean an air conditioner now that we’re aware of the ramifications of not doing so. It’s best to keep going. To be on the safe side, turn the breaker off before you begin cleaning the air conditioner.

1. Clean an air conditioner with a brush.

Compared to other techniques of air conditioner cleaning, this is a simple and effective way to do the initial cleaning A/C on your own. Also suitable for people who install the air conditioner in a location that is inconvenient to wash frequently, such as on the upper floors or in built-in cabinets that are easily inflated or damaged when exposed to water, or in areas where large electrical appliances are placed under the air conditioner. It’s best to use a toothbrush or a soft brush when cleaning your teeth.

Anyone who prefers to clean the air conditioner with a brush might begin by checking for surrounding furniture covers and appliances to keep dust from building up. Using the brush that comes with the air hood, carefully sweep the aluminum panel. Sweep around the compressor coil’s outside after you’ve cleaned the inner squirrel cage fan area. A final option to remove all the dust particles is to blow them away with a fan or a fan set to blow downwind. When the air conditioner has been cleaned, it is important to clean the rest of the room as well, as this could lead to the spread of dust.

2. Use water to clean an air conditioner.

In order to avoid damaging the air conditioner and the surrounding region, it is necessary to clean A/C by yourself in a precise manner. To get started, you’ll need a water sprayer or a water sprayer that has a pressure pump for farming. One alternative is to use an existing high-pressure cleaner.

A large plastic bag with no tears or leaks is an excellent place to begin cleaning an air conditioner. Spray the aluminum panel and the squirrel cage fan region with a water sprayer or the supplied equipment and let it sit for around 10-15 minutes. You can also use dishwashing liquid mixed with clean water to spritz the carpet and leave it for a while before using clean water to wash it till the stain is gone. After a few minutes of water draining, use air to blow all parts dry, then clean the evaporator and compressor impeller with the same way.

It’s important to keep in mind while cleaning a compressor impeller’s motor that it should not have any openings for ventilation that could allow water to get in. Check with the sales agent or the manufacturer of that particular model of air conditioner to be sure before using water to clean the unit.

3. Use foam or spray foam clean an air conditioner.

The air conditioner may be cleaned by anyone with a little time and effort. So, if you want to do it yourself and get results that look like they were cleaned by professionals, this is your best bet. The majority of air conditioner cleaning foam sprays have a fresh aroma to select from in a number of scents and can be bought at both general stores and other online channels, making them easy to find.

As for foam cleaning an air conditioner, it’s not difficult at all because it’s the same process as washing an air conditioner with water, except with foam instead of clean water. When you’re done spraying, cleaning, and blowing until dry, switch on the air fan to help remove any remaining moisture from the machine.

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Cleaning your air conditioner isn’t as difficult as you think if you follow the steps HomeGuru has put up to clean your air conditioner properly yourself. In addition to extending the life of the air conditioner and saving you money on your electricity bill in the long run, cleaning the air conditioner regularly can also help you maintain a healthy indoor environment. Regardless of how new you are, you can do it! The air conditioner cleaning service with Home Service by HomePro can be contacted via the following channels by anyone who doesn’t want to clean the air conditioner themselves or who wants a professional specialist to guarantee total cleanliness and reliable service standards.

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