What could be as happy as watching movies, listening to music, with your smart TV that gives both images and sound clarity. Every house now has smart TVs to keep up with the 4G and 5g era. With the development of the current smart TV there are many functions to support consumers. Connecting wireless Bluetooth headphones to TV is one important and interesting thing. At the same time, many people may be unexpected that Smart TV that you already owned has no TV Bluetooth connection. But don’t worry, HomeGuru recommends how to connect the Bluetooth wireless headphones to the TV by yourself. Let’s learn how to connect Bluetooth headphone to your Smart TV.

Wireless headphone or Bluetooth headphone that many people are using and think that they can work with smart phone only. But in fact, Bluetooth TV can be connected to the Smart Led TV, which is a popular smart TV. The connection of Bluetooth headphone to TV, you must check if your TV has Bluetooth function or not. But if the TV is not supported Bluetooth, you can set and configure the solution to connect the Bluetooth TV or simply called converting your home TV to support Bluetooth wireless headphones.

How to connect Bluetooth wireless headphones to TV?

Bluetooth Transmitter looks like a USB or Micro USB connector which is an important accessory that helps send signals to make the Bluetooth TV connection easy and also has the duty as an intermediary to receive audio from the TV, before converting the Bluetooth signal and sending it to the wireless headphone.
Then bring the device to connect the AUX cable to the TV, which some TVs have USB channels can be used to connect directly to the TV that act like Bluetooth transceiver. After that, switch on the device with a wireless headphone to find the Bluetooth signal. Wait until the wireless headphone notifies you that it is connected and turn on the TV. This is done.

Buying a Bluetooth Smart TV

Connecting Bluetooth headphone to TV is another factor that makes Smart TV perfect. At this time, there is support for Bluetooth TV connection with designs in a variety of leading brands such as Samsung smart TV, LG smart TV, Sony smart TV (Internal link). However, if you can’t Connect the Bluetooth wireless headphones to the TV yourself. Buying a smart TV that supports Bluetooth connectivity will help you to use the TV in full and convenient way.

Connecting Bluetooth headphone to TV, you can do it manually with the settings mentioned above. However, if you choose to buy a smart TV that supports Bluetooth connectivity then it is a good solution for you.

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