For condo people with a small area on the balcony of the condo, many people think it is unlikely to do much. But size matters aren’t always a big deal. We can add freshness to the green of the grass that will act as a first barrier to help prevent heat to the balcony of a small condo look shady easily.

The smaller the cuter, not many trees but very beautiful

For a small condo balcony, you should choose flowers that have a bush shape, put in pots, not too big, arrange along the edges into rows or arrange periodically. Together, it’s a cute little garden.


Artificial turf or wooden pallets reduce heat vapor reflection

The floor tiles of the balcony will be heated during the day. You may try using artificial grass or flooring pallets to reduce heat and give a new feel to walking.


Arrange the living corner with sun-resistant furniture, rain resistant

Although the area is small, but you should have a seat to relax in the sun, shade, wind. Try to choose furniture according to the size of the balcony to not look bulky or as a foldable furniture makes sense. Emphasize on durable materials, not easy to be framed from sunlight and rain or as a group that uses renewable materials, will also be durable and environmentally friendly as well.


Decorate with lights to brighten up the night

Decorate the edges of the balcony with decorative lights to add color or use solar cell lights to decorate around different angles. Because it is convenient and does not require any wiring. It can receive sunlight during the day and store energy for use at night.

Vertical gardening for little space

Vertical garden can help if there is little space. Use a light weight pot to stick as a pattern on the wall. Plant an ivy or flower. Aside from being comfortable to the eyes, the vertical garden also creates beauty of the air compressor.


Spice up your life with decorations

Don’t put only trees and flowers, add a little cuteness to dolls or statues to make the garden look more lively.


Choose plants that do not fall too much

The choice of plants must consider the growth that, when fully grown, will be larger than our balcony or not. Or if it is a species with many fallen leaves, may cause trouble on the balcony below and we have to be exhausted in storage as well.


Place the pot to be watered and not splash

Placement is also important. Do not place the pot overhanging or overflowing the porch. Because it will cause watering or pruning various leaves, there will be splashes of water or leaf fragments to disturb the room below.

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