Cordless Drill is another basic hand tool that has various uses. Providing convenience and response to the needs of the technician work efficiently. It can be used to punch holes in many materials including wood drilling, metal drilling, ceramic drilling, aluminum drilling. Some models can be drilled in mortar, concrete or bricks, and can also be used as a fast and convenient fastening aid. It helps to save energy as well. In today’s age where many people are turning their attention to DIY work, the cordless drill is becoming more and more popular. So HomeGuru asked to volunteer to get to know more of this house hand tool.


Get to know Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill or battery drill is a hand tool that acts as a drill for drilling work and acts as a screwdriver for tightening nuts and screws various use. The stored electrical energy as a battery to work. Without the need for wires to connect to the electrical source. But is often mistaken for cordless drill. It has the look, type and ability to perform like any electric drill. Therefore, it is not strange that many people may be confused and called. The battery drill says a cordless electric drill is.

Cordless Drill There are conventional drills for drilling in wood, steel, aluminum, impact drills for drilling in masonry, concrete, brick and rotary drills that are used for drilling steel as well as electric drills. But overall, this drill has a sufficient level of drilling force. Therefore, it is more popular to use in the type of screw and nut fastening and furniture work causing many people to call this type of drill cordless screwdriver drill.

Difference of electric drill vs battery drill

If considered by name already called the most obvious difference is the source of the working force. The electric drill uses electricity as a power source. It is therefore necessary to have a power cord to connect to an electrical outlet during use. Cordless drill or battery drill uses batteries as a power source instead of electricity. It is these differences that give both drill types their unique advantages and limitations:

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1. Strength in use

When comparing drilling power, we must admit that corded hand tools are designed to be of the highest strength. And yet no battery can deliver as strong as electric. Therefore, heavy drilling work, it requires high force, it is suitable for power drill with higher torque. On the other hand, some power tools that use batteries when the battery weakens. Torque in use will also weaken. However, if choosing the right volt power for use a cordless drill works just as well as a power drill.

2. The weight of the drill

Power drills generally weigh less than cordless drills. As the cordless drill has additional battery weight. But newer cordless drills tend to use lithium-ion batteries that are lighter and smaller than nickel-plated batteries that offer the same power and constant torque. No matter how much battery is left.

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3. Ease of portability

It is an outstanding advantage of the cordless drill. Because one important factor in the mechanic work is the movement of the tool so that it can be easily used in a confined space, such as having to bring the tool into a small limited space. Choosing a cordless power tool will make the work more comfortable. It is able to move for greater flexibility and freedom. It can be used at high altitudes or in places where the power cord cannot reach. Including use in the rain without fear of electric shock or electric shock.

Overall, a cordless drill is a good choice for light jobs. But need a variety of DIY work, furniture or home decoration items that are not too thick It is a hand tool that is easy to use. Provides high mobility and there are many different types of cordless drills to choose from, HomePro is also available such as cordless drill driver, cordless impact drill and cordless rotary drill.

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How to choose a cordless drill?

Since there are many brands of cordless drills. And there are many types to choose from. Therefore, choosing a wireless drill. Users must consider their own needs. In order to be able to choose the device that meets the needs of most applications. The things to consider are as follows:

1. Choose to buy from the functional category

If you want to use screwing bolts, screws or drilling in wood, steel, aluminum or general work, a simple cordless drill can answer a comprehensive problem. But if you want to drill in strong materials such as concrete, bricks, rocks, using a cordless impact drill will provide higher power. The cordless rotary hammer is suitable for demanding applications in rock or concrete drilling. Divided into 2 rotary hammers for impact drilling and non-impact drilling. With 3 rotary hammer systems for impact drilling. There are a variety of HomePro cordless drills and chiseling systems to choose from.

2. Choose to buy from the volt power

Generally, the cordless drill indicates the power in volts (V). A cordless drill that needs to be used for general use in the home can be chosen at about 12 – 18 volts. The low volts will be suitable for light mechanic work like furniture assembly work change hinges or cabinet handles, etc. A high-volt cordless drill will be a cordless impact drill or a cordless rotary hammer for heavy duty applications such as drilling concrete, bricks, mortar.

3. Choose to buy from batteries

The batteries in the cordless drill are both nickel batteries and lithium-ion batteries both of which are different. Nickel batteries are heavy. When charging needs to be discharged first. Because if charging despite when the battery is not fully depleted, a symptom that is known as remembering battery will occur. Cause when charging again, the capacity will decrease and when the battery is low. Torque will also fall. Unlike lithium-ion batteries that are much lighter. And there is no need to let the battery drain before charging. But it is recommended to charge the battery when it is below 30 percent to prevent battery deterioration. Another advantage of lithium-ion batteries is that they get the same torque even if the battery is left.

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Cordless Drill is another option for those looking for a variety of hand tools and helps to save energy well. Or it is another help of those who use a power drill as the main to be able to use some types of more flexibility. And it is considered to be another tool that HomeGuru recommends to have at home.

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