Curtains are a type of home décor that is second only to upholstered furniture in importance. Because curtains, in addition to giving beauty and elegance to every room in the house, have features that help prevent sunlight, less heat from the outside into the house, lower the temperature, and save energy consumption. There is also electricity in the house. Choosing to use curtains, in addition to being beautiful to complement the style of home décor, it is also vital to consider the properties of sun protection, UV light that causes harm to the residents, as well as producing rapid deterioration of the furniture in the house.

Translucent curtains, in addition to blackout curtains, are an important piece of furniture that should be coupled with blackout curtains in every home. Because, aside from improving the style of decorating the house to reflect the natural fluidity in the morning or late morning, the house is completely alive. At the present, a minimalist design house decides to utilize translucent curtains as an important component for decorating the house in order to make it stand out even more. What are the pros and disadvantages of translucent curtains? Today, HomeGuru has curtains and translucent curtains knowledge for all home lovers.

Types of curtains

There are many different types of blinds to pick from, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll categorize them based on how well they protect you from the sun. This, along with the aesthetics of the curtains, is an issue that many households prioritize.

1. Black out curtains


Because the temperature and sunlight in Thailand are increasing hotter by the day, black out curtains have become popular to use and install. It helps to prevent sunlight better than dim out curtains since it has the power to block up to 100 percent of sunlight and has a covering of foam, silicone, or opaque substance between the middle layer of the fabric. Specially designed to keep fires from spreading and to absorb outside sounds.

As a result, blackout curtains are popular for use in bedrooms, movie rooms, and other areas where light should not be allowed to enter. Including a room that is exposed to the sun throughout the day to assist reduce the temperature inside the house.

2. Dim out curtains


Although it provides 40 percent to 97 percent less sun protection than Blackout Curtains, it is as popular and may be used in a variety of rooms in the home. The majority of them are constructed of polyester fibers, and they are widely used in homes to install in the living room, bathroom, and other areas where light is required to enter.

3. Translucent curtains


Translucent curtains, also known as gauze, are light-textured curtains that are typically used in conjunction with blackout or dim-out curtains. Translucent curtains have the property of allowing light or sunlight to pass through at a rate of 50-60%, which depends on the fabric of the curtains.

Translucent curtains have the characteristics of being curtains that bring beauty, can be used in a number of colors depending on the style of the room decorating such as white, cream, gray, smooth tones to help make every space in the house look airy, open, big, and clean. Alternatively, anyone looking to add a touch of elegance can use fabric with a printed design.

4 reasons why you should install translucent curtains.


1. Assist in filtering sunlight, particularly in the morning, to ensure adequate natural light.

Translucent curtains, especially in the living room or dining room, will help filter the early sunlight through the windows, making them seem pleasant and not too hot. Because the light will be soft and fluffy, you will feel refreshed, and you will be able to fully appreciate the ambience outside the window, such as the garden next to the house. It also cuts down on early energy consumption without the need to switch on the light.

2. Increase privacy and aid in the camouflage of sight from outsiders.

Installing translucent curtains can help to cover the eyes of outsiders passing by, not to view the living or furniture inside the home, for families who desire privacy but don’t want the house to be gloomy all day.

3. The space is spacious, open, and airy, making it easy on the eyes.

If you think every room in your house seems uncomfortable, it could be due to a variety of causes, such as the room’s color tone, too much furniture, or a lack of space. Translucent curtains will assist to improve the openness, airiness, comfort, and cleanliness of every room in the house.

4. Add a touch of elegance and distinction to your home’s décor style.

Translucent curtains will help your home decor stand out more clearly no matter what style of your home. For example, the minimalist home décor trend is still popular, and translucent white curtains are preferred for decorating homes to express simplicity, warmth, and light. Or, in a modern luxury style, sheer curtains in gray or white tones, which, when combined with blackout curtains, help to bring out the tone of the space, as well as add to the feeling and emotions of the residents.

5 Curtains nicely complement any home style.



EYELET HOME LIVING STYLE NILA curtains in smooth gold tones will add luxury but simplicity to your living room or office. Dark-colored curtains, 260X220 cm, with an extra-wide pattern. The curtain fabric is constructed from robust polyester fibers, drapes well, and has lovely curls thanks to a finely designed design. It’s simple to set up and, most importantly, it’s residue-free. The Textile Testing Institute has also certified it to OEKO-TEX Standard 100.



EYELET HOME LIVING STYLE WHIFF TRANSLUCENT CURTAINS size 200X220 cm, white tone, giving an airy sensation in a sophisticated and luxurious style. It is pretty comfortable, suitable for installation in the window area where the sun should shine in but not be too hot or make the house feel warmer than ever. The fabric is comprised of high-quality polyester that is easy to install and tear.



EYELET HOME LIVING STYLE SOLVA curtains in blue, Dim Out curtains, size 260X160 cm, will brighten up your home even more. It also adds dimension and charm to the space. The curtain’s body is made of polyester fiber, which is both attractive and long-lasting. It will provide more charm and successfully block sunlight if put with translucent curtains.



Green-toned curtains will provide a lot of mood and ambience to anyone who likes to arrange their home in natural tones. This form is particularly popular in living room décor, such as the EYELET HOME LIVING STYLE PAON curtain, green, size 260X160 cm. Because the pattern will not only assist to block sunlight and reduce the temperature within the space, but it will also add dimension to the home’s natural style. Most importantly, be concerned about substances that are hazardous to use.



EYELET HOME LIVING STYLE DIAZ TRANSLUCENT CURTAINS would undoubtedly bring luxury to the bedroom and living space. Because the gray tones and the 250X220 cm wide curtains, when installed, offer a sense of openness, airiness, and width, while the gray tones give a sense of seeking for more charm and mystery.

Curtains, whether blackout or translucent curtains, must be considered in addition to their aesthetic value, which lends naturalness and charm to the home. Another concern that HomeGuru wants every home to consider is the features and maintenance required to maintain the curtains white, clean, and free of dirt acquired during use. Because curtains are a breeding ground for dust mites and invisible dust mites, frequent cleaning of curtains with dust mite vacuuming methods is now easy to do with a dust mite vacuum that can be used in any home or taken to a dry cleaner. It will assist the curtains stay clean, not dull, and last longer.

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