Gypsum board is a material that we have used in the home for a long time. But most often it is used to make ceilings. Nowadays, gypsum boards are popular for using in partition walls or covering the original wall for decoration because it is convenient, fast and not complicated. Therefore, the wall space, which we usually install shelves hanging decorations or picture frames into gypsum walls. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a special drilling tool which is different from the masonry walls that we are familiar with. This time, HomeGuru introduces various drill accessories to be suitable for Gypsum Wall Mounting.


Butterfly screw anchor with screw

General anchors for gypsum wall mounting Installed by drilling lead holes with a drill before inserting anchors. When inserting the pin, the butterfly wings must be folded down. You may use a hammer to help push the anchor to the max because the wings will try to unfold while they insert into the hole in the wall. When the anchors are done to put the things that need to be installed on the wall before opening. Screw, while tightening, the anchor will slowly spread to the full 90 degrees to secure the back of the gypsum board.

พุ๊กปีกผีเสื้อ พุ๊กปีกผีเสื้อ พุ๊กปีกผีเสื้อ


Nylon gypsum anchor

This type of anchor, when screwed, opens in a similar fashion to a butterfly anchors. It can support the weight comparable to butterfly anchors which is a development of the butterfly wing anchor. The distinctive feature is that the anchors are smaller than the butterfly wings. Therefore, you do not need to drill a large hole. After placing the items that need to be installed in position, screw in the wings will extend to attach to the back of the zipper wall.



Steel umbrella anchor

This type of anchor has the same principles as the butterfly anchors but with stronger materials and has a butterfly wing that is spread on 4 sides, allowing to support more weight than butterfly plastic anchors. Installed by drilling holes with a drill, which does not need to drill holes as large as butterfly wings. The area around the shoulder bag has fangs, which help to hold the gypsum board. But this type of anchors requires a special tool called “gun firing a steel umbrella” to pull the nut to hold the umbrella wings to spread out.

พุ๊กเหล็ก พุ๊กเหล็ก พุ๊กเหล็ก


Gypsum drill bit anchor

This type of anchor is installed without drilling holes on the gypsum board. It can be used as an internal drill bit to quickly and conveniently drill into gypsum board. Then easily screw into the anchor. Anchors are shorter than other types of gypsum anchors. Therefore, suitable for the floor at the back, not too much zipper. This type of anchor has metal and plastic options. Weight differences are not different. Because the weight is derived from the size of the anchors Rust-proof plastic anchors are suitable for use in areas that may be humid. This type of anchors is easy to install. But can not weigh as much as other types of anchors Because only the anchors are held in the gypsum wall hole only.



The purchase of jigs for the zipper wall. Things to note is the thickness of the gypsum board. Because the length of the anchors and butterfly wings is designed to hold the specific thickness. These anchors, once installed, cannot be removed. You must push only to fall through the inside of the wall (except gypsum drill bit, which is the friction holding by the anchors, it can be screwed back, but may not allow the hole to be used again).

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Therefore, you should choose an anchor that is suitable for the thickness of the gypsum board which can be studied from the manufacturer’s label which will help the gripper to work well and does not cause damage to the wall.


Caution of the gypsum wall or Gypsum Wall Mounting is the weight of the item that will be attached to the wall. The thickness of the gypsum board directly affects the strength. Different from other walls which is a solid wall. Therefore, regardless of how much weight the anchors are If the gypsum board is not thick enough Will break If wanting to install heavy items such as televisions or wall hanging cabinets.

You may need to be fixed in a position with a wall frame instead of being attached to the gypsum board.

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