What is the difference between Smart TV and Android TV? It is still a question that many houses are wondering about because if you look at the surface, they have functions that are so close that they are sometimes indistinguishable. For example, it can connect to the Internet and watch various content through popular applications. Actually, the capabilities and functionality of Smart TV and Android TV are pretty different. Today, HomeGuru will take you to know more about the difference between smart TVs and Android TVs to meet the New Normal lifestyle that requires comfort, ease, and effective use.

• What is SMART TV?
• What is Android TV?
• Comparative table of advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV and Android TV

What is SMART TV?

สมาร์ททีวี กับ แอนดรอยทีวี

A smart TV, also known as a connected TV (CTV), comes with the convenience of connecting via the Internet or WIFI without installing a set-top box. The smart TV has applications to download to watch content such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook, etc. But the app is less than Android TV. As for visiting various websites, you can access the web browser of the OS, which is different from accessing through Google Chrome, which will have more features.

And with innovations developed to make viewing entertainment with family members more comfortable and fun. In addition to remote commands, Smart TV now also supports touch, voice commands via remote control and can easily share the mobile screen to the TV screen.

As for the installation and use, it is not difficult; anyone can install it themselves. Just connect to the internet via WIFI or LAN cable, and you can use your Smart TV instantly without the need for system setup like older TVs. It is suitable for families who want convenience, no hassle. Just now, you can watch TV with clear pictures and sound and support for mainstream applications for viewing at your leisure.

โอแอลอีดี ทีวี สมาร์ททีวี สมาร์ททีวี

Disadvantages of Smart TV

Updating the OS is relatively rare. It takes a lot of time to update. Sometimes if there are new features within the app, it may be slower than the Android system. Including there are fewer applications in the system to choose from, so it’s not suitable for housewives and butlers who like a variety of entertainment choices.

What is Android TV?


Android TV can be considered intelligent TVs as well, but they are more flexible and feature-rich than Smart TV. It adds more usability to the TV because it has access to the Google Play Store and the Android TV mobile phone with a large number of downloadable applications such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, and online games.

The operation control can be operated through the remote control as some smart TVs have voice commands. Can command via Google Assistant like a mobile phone and connect to the remote control on/off via Google Home. Can add additional devices to facilitate use, such as keyboard, mouse, USB cable, can be considered as another computer.


Installation may be a bit more complicated than a smart TV if you are not used to it as it requires registration settings before use. Most of them are connected to the user’s e-mail, so Android TV is ideal for families who like watching new content with movies, games, and social media and get clear pictures and sound. Helping vacations with family to be fun and happy to the fullest.

สมาร์ททีวี สมาร์ททีวี แอลอีดี ทีวี 50"

Disadvantages of Android TV

The hassle of first use requiring setup can be frustrating for many unfamiliar homes. Because you have to do the registration process first to make it easy to download applications and access the Google Play Store. Choosing an Android TV requires selecting the quality and specification that Not too low because it may affect the work delay. Therefore, before purchasing, you should study and ask staff to make sure that the specification in use supports the needs of how much.

Comparative table of advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV and Android TV

สมาร์ททีวี กับ แอนดรอยทีวี

Smart TV and Android TV, which one is better?

สมาร์ททีวี กับ แอนดรอยทีวี

Although Smart TV and Android TV provide both clear pictures and sound entertainment in the same applications. But the important thing in choosing to use is the cost-effectiveness and the needs of each home that may be different.

If you don’t have much time at home or use the TV quite a bit, it’s worth choosing a smart TV. Because it focuses on watching free TV and uses only a few applications. For homes who like entertainment with various features, update every innovative trend regularly and turn on the TV regularly. Choosing to use Android TV will be more responsive because there are more features to choose from than smart TVs.

Although nowadays, the advent of technology or IoT will make the TV less important. But many homes still need a TV, especially for homes with senior citizens and children who need daily entertainment. And to share happy moments with family members, especially during a new way of living that spends most of their time at home or STAY SAFE STAY HOME.

Choosing between Smart TV and Android TV, are becoming more aware of the differences, as HomeGuru mentioned above. But before deciding to buy, don’t forget to consider the needs, features, functions, and specs of Smart TV and Android TV to get a TV that you like and can use in the long run.

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