Digital door lock is an innovative, modern, new alternative of houses and condos in the new normal era, who want to increase the security of the door lock and eliminating many steps of locking the house to prevent theft. Where the steps in use are not complicated. It also responds to convenience and changing behavior of everyone in the family which is concerned about various pathogens by reducing/avoiding exposure (Touchless Society) in daily life changing. But how to choose a digital door lock to meet the needs of the use, HomeGuru has recommendations for all home.

1. What is digital door lock?
2. How many type of digital door lock?
3. How to install digital door lock?
4. Common problems when installing digital door lock?
5. Digital door lock prices and brands in the market


What is digital door lock?

Digital door lock comes with modern and versatile functions by unlocking with various security systems such as password, key card, fingerprint scanning, Bluetooth Application, anti-theft system. Tamper random codes or attempts to unlock in various ways and automatic locks when doors are closed, etc. Not only the function in use, but nowadays, the digital verse also has designed and developed the device to have a beautiful design. Suitable for a wide variety of doors such as wooden, steel, and aluminum doors (depending on the features of each digital door lock.)

How many type of digital door lock?

1. Dial code system: no need to carry anything, just memorize
2. Key card scanning system: scan one card and enter the room
3. Fingerprint scanning system: easy to use, just tap your finger and anyone is difficult to forge
4. Key system: it is the basic system that every machine must have for emergency use
5. Application system: add convenience, no matter where you are, at any time, you can open and close the digital door

Each type of digital door lock may have more than one system, and some may have as many as 5 in a single device to add functionality for the whole family to be comfortable to use and to increase efficiency in use.


How to install digital door lock?

Installing digital door lock can be divided into two main types: mortise lock and rim lock, each of which has different usage as follow:

• Digital door lock with a mortise lock is the installation of a digital bolt instead of the original handle or knob. Install by removing the original handle or knob. In case of general buffalo horn handle or knob will rarely encounter problems. But if you need to install a replacement handle that is a mortise lock. It is recommended to measure the distance of the handlebar and mortis case in order to select the size of the digital door lock that is right size to cover the existing gap. Therefore, the installation of this type is quite difficult and complicated and requires a skilled technician. So that installation is correct, beautiful, convenient and safe.

• Digital door lock, optional installation (Rim Lock) is the installation of digital latches to enhance the security of the home. With a floating installation with the original knob or handle. In which the device will not have a handle. Install in the area above the old door knob or handle. Which the installation is not complicated. Some models can be installed manually. The installation position is approximately the chest or about 125 centimeters above the ground.

Typically, the digital bolt installation is suitable for installation on solid or synthetic wood doors. With a thickness of 3.5 cm, including the door should have a frame of not less than 10 cm., but nowadays, some models of digital door lock are added to be able to install with steel, aluminum, glass and sliding doors. Depending on the features of each digital door lock. As for the installation of digital door lock on the mullion door, the drilling distance should be 70 mm.

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Common problems when installing digital door lock?

1. If the power is off, it still works normally or not?

It is always a misunderstanding of many houses that the digital door works with the electric system. But actually, installing digital door lock doesn’t use electricity and requires no wiring. When the power is off, it can be used normally. Because all models, all brands, use 4-8 AA batteries, which have a lifetime of about 1 year. If the batteries are running out, there will be a sound and notification. So that the homeowners can immediately change the batteries.

2. If the battery is running out, can I still use it and go out of the house?

Yes, you can still use it because the digital door lock, almost all models and all brands have an emergency mode attached to it. It is located around the battery slot. Which can carry a 9-volt battery (four-sided alkaline type) that can be bought online. Just plug the battery into the emergency power source. It will be able to open and close normally. We suggest you to change the new batteries immediately.


Digital door lock prices and brands in the market

Choosing a digital door lock, depending on the needs of the use, the model, the price, including the brand. Nowadays, there are a lot to choose from, such as Yale digital door lock, Samsung digital door lock and well-known brand such as HAFELE digital door lock is also available. General interesting brand such as 2010 PLUS digital door lock etc. Which prices are available from thousands to ten thousand, which the difference in price depends on the brand, function to use and promotions at that time. But the important things to look at including the installation service and product warranty. Because it is a device that must be installed in the house for a long time.

Digital door Lock

Digital door lock is regarded as one of the new devices that are widely used and is as important device of the home in the New Normal era, as HomeGuru mentioned above. It is possible because the digital door lock is not only a technology that increase confidence in safety, comfortable in living for everyone in the house. But it also helps to reduce and avoid the exposure of the door as well. Which is the cost effective in the long term.

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