Sofas are an expensive purchase that we can’t afford to make all the time. Therefore, once we have managed to save up and buy a sofa, we tend to keep it for years. It becomes a beloved family item in your house that you can’t bear to part with. However, over time, the sofa can start to get stains that are hard to remove. The dirty sofa is one of the problems that make the overall atmosphere in the house look bad. Whether it’s a fabric sofa or a leather sofa, it doesn’t look relaxing even though it’s expensive or how beautiful the room is decorated. Many people may think that cleaning a sofa is a complicated process and requires a lot of effort, especially to clean a fabric sofa with a non-removable cover. But actually, the problem of a dirty sofa is not a big deal if you know how to clean it properly, as HomeGuru reviews together through this article.

• Make the sofa look new, no problem with dirty sofa !

1. How to clean a fabric sofa
2. How to clean a leather sofa so it looks brand new


• How to clean a fabric sofa look new again

Many people who have fabric sofas will love the texture of the fabric sofa, which gives it a warm and cuddly feeling. It is quite the unique charm of a fabric sofa. But suppose you don’t take good care of our fabric sofas. In that case, they can become an unprecedented accumulation of dust, fur, insects, food stains, and other grime. Including the improper cleaning of the sofa can damage the fabric ultimately. So, you need to pay special attention to cleaning your favorite fabric sofa, but how can you use it? Let’s see.

1. Study the manual and instructions for cleaning the sofa clearly

The first step that many people ignore is to study the details of each sofa. Because each couch is made from different materials and maintenance methods are also different. Improper cleaning makes it easy to damage your favorite sofa. In the guide manual, there are often warnings, instructions, symbols, or abbreviations used to tell the correct cleaning method in the manual or the sign attached to the sofa.

The abbreviations on the label attached to the sofa will have different meanings as follows.

• W means that the surface of the sofa can be cleaned with water.
• S means cannot be cleaned with water. It is only necessary to use a specific cleaning solution.
• WS means it can be cleaned with water or detergent.
• X means do not use water or cleaner, can only use vacuum cleaner.


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2. How to clean a fabric sofa with removable cover

For sofa fabrics that can be removed for cleaning, removing the pillowcase and sofa cover and washing by hand is the safest material. Because washing with a washing machine can cause the fabric to become flaky or lose its shape.

3. How to clean a fabric sofa with non-removable cover

The way to clean a fabric sofa that is not removable and washable can be done in various ways. Still, you must choose a method that is safe for fabric sofas. Don’t forget to check the cleaning restrictions listed in the manual or on the detailed label attached to the sofa, as mentioned in the first step.

• Cleaning in non-covered areas such as sofa legs or sofa frames can be easily done by dampening a cloth. Twist it until it’s damp, and then wipe it clean all over and may spray a mixture of disinfectant as well.

• For cushions, soak the pillow in warm water mixed with cleaning solution until the cushion is soaked for about 15 minutes. Then rinse with clean water while pressing the pillow with your hands to help squeeze all the liquid out of the pillow first. If the water in the tank is full of foam from the cleaner, replace the clean water repeatedly until you make sure there is no more detergent left in the pillow. Then put it to dry in a well-ventilated area with direct sunlight to prevent mold in the cushion.

• Clean a fabric sofa by mixing half and half of cold water and warm water with a dedicated sofa cleaner. If you don’t have this solution, you can use a car seat cleaner. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean thoroughly, focusing on the area where the dirty sofa has special stains to help remove the stain. After that, use a dry cloth to absorb moisture from the couch until the couch starts to dry. May use a hairdryer to help or take it out to dry in the sun to kill germs and prevent odors.

• If the sofa still doesn’t look very dirty, vacuuming to help the fabric sofa look like new can be done often. If it is a fabric sofa with a lot of texture, it may be done at least once a week. A sofa upholstered in a rather slippery fabric may be cleaned 2-3 times a month. Nowadays, there are both hand-held vacuums and dust mite vacuums that offer the convenience of deep cleaning, good for health, and reduce the chance of allergy from dust mites and dirt.


4. Easy ways to clean a dirty sofa

If the sofa has various stains, if left food stains or those stains are stuck on the couch without prompt treatment, it can cause stubborn stains that will be difficult to clean later. Therefore, it must be cleaned initially using paper or a clean cloth to blot the stained area immediately. Then use a damp cloth to dab the stained area to dilute the stain as much as possible. Or use a soft brush to help brush while the stain is still wet, being careful not to scratch the fabric and may use a cleaning product as well.

• If dirty sofa stains of tea, coffee, sweet water, wine, or other impurities cause an ingrained stain. You should clean the sofa with paper or a clean cloth to immediately absorb the stain. Then pour baking soda on the stain until it is soaked and use a dry cloth to wipe it off. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean. Leave it for a while until dry, then use a vacuum cleaner to suck the cleaned stains out.


• If the fabric sofa has stains such as oil stains, chocolate stains, or other sticky stains. Use a washing-up liquid to moisten and rub until the cleaning solution is gone. If the stain still won’t come off, mix equal parts clean water and ammonia. Use a soft brush to moisten and brush the stained area until clean.

• If you accidentally make a sofa stain with sticky gum, use a plastic bag with ice and compress the gum stuck until the gum is hardened into one piece. This can be easily removed. But suppose it is removed, and the trace remains. In that case, you can clean it again with clean water, baking soda, baking soda, or a special sofa cleaner.

• If there are pets in any home, pet hairs can be scattered all over the house, even on your favorite sofa. This problem is easily manageable. Use rubber gloves with textured surfaces to sweep and remove fur. Then slowly vacuum again, and it’s done.


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• How to clean a leather sofa so it looks brand new

A leather sofa is one of the main furniture in the home that gives the house a luxurious one. It depends on the design of that sofa. One thing about leather sofas is that they are quite expensive, especially genuine leather sofas that range in price from the tens of thousands to the millions. It’s not a good idea to see a leather sofa damaged, torn, or dirty, so let’s see how to clean a leather sofa.

1. How to clean genuine leather sofa

It is known that genuine leather sofas have to be expensive, have a long service life. And you don’t have to worry about maintenance like other sofas. But genuine leather sofas are often made to be non-removable and washable. Therefore, there must be a special care method.

• The easiest and most convenient way to take care of a genuine leather sofa is to use a clean cloth dampened with warm water, wring it out, and then wipe it to clean the dust. The frequency of cleaning with this method is not much; in the 6 months, clean it 1 time is enough.

• In addition to cleanliness, keeping a leather sofa looking new can be as simple as that. Just use a wax product specially formulated for leatherwork to wipe and rub it to look shiny and new. If the sofa is placed in an air-conditioned room all the time, it can be varnished about once a year is enough.


2. How to clean suede sofa

Many people may not be familiar with suede sofas because they are not very popular. Due to the limitations in maintenance that are more difficult than other types of leather sofas, it also collects more dirt than other sofas. If any home chooses a suede sofa, you must pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning procedures.

• Cleaning your suede sofa should be done at least once a week to keep the dirt on your favorite couch look good. The best way is to use a stiff black brush to brush on the sofa surface in the same direction along the line.

• If the leather sofa is very stained, use a toothbrush dipped in soapy water to wet just enough to brush the stained area by brushing in the same direction. Then use a damp cloth to wipe clean again by wiping in the same direction as the brushing process.


That’s all, the problem of a dirty sofa is no longer a big deal. Because no matter what kind of stain, it can’t make your favorite fabric sofa or leather sofa look dull. And suppose anyone is wondering where to buy favorite furniture care products. In that case, HomeGuru recommends you buy them at every HomePro store. There are products for the home to choose from, satisfying all the real home matters. Or choose to shop online easily, just click and contact for more information about products and services for home use via Call Center 1284.

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