This summer, many houses are too hot to live. We always rely on air conditioning all the time. Especially during this period of quarantine, some homes have to turn on the air to cool off throughout the day and night. In addition, air conditioner must work hard. It’s time for the end of the month to get an electric bill that make use almost fainted. What should we do? HomeGuru has ideas for dividing rooms to install air conditioner for you.


How to divide rooms economically?

Many people are looking for help to separate the living room or bedroom. In order to help prevent the air conditioner from going outside the area of use, as well as knowing that, in addition, to saving electricity also helps the air conditioner not have to work hard until it deteriorates quickly, and also able to make a room that is wide more proportional.


ไอเดียกั้นห้องติดแอร์ ไอเดียกั้นห้องติดแอร์ ไอเดียกั้นห้องติดแอร์ ไอเดียกั้นห้องติดแอร์

But if we are talking about the room partition. Many people will think of the process of masonry or the need to hit the framework to make light walls or plywood wall. Which aside from having to interfere with the complicated structure takes a long time, also uses a relatively high budget as well. HomeGuru has materials for saving room divider but can be used to divide the room into proportion including able to block the air well to recommend.

Air-conditioned room idea with a partition

“Partition” or many people call it “air partition” is a popular material that many homes use. The air partition is divided into 2 main types which are PVC solid partition and Japanese room partition that has glass holes drilled into each to increase the beauty and the light channel. Which the two types of room dividers are hinged together can open and close to one side of the wall or open in the middle according to the installation.


กั้นห้องแบบประหยัด กั้นห้องแบบประหยัด กั้นห้องแบบประหยัด กั้นห้องแบบประหยัด

Partition is commonly used to partition a room that is quite spacious. Most often used to separate the living room, bedroom or hallway, living room stairs. In order to divide the use area into a clear proportion and used as a partition for air conditioning as well.

The advantages of PVC air partitions are that they are not dust-proof, which is a feature of PVC. They are easy to clean. Just use a feather duster to dust or use a cloth dampened in water to clean only. It also takes a short time to install. But the lifespan is durable for ten years at a price that is not that high. No need to smash and dismantle at all, and the most important thing is to save money. It can be opened to the maximum length of the wall when not in use.


But there are still some limitations with PVC air partition. In the case that the ceiling area that needs to be installed is tiles or gypsum. It may require aluminum beams to install to increase strength and durability when using it and despite being named the air partition. This type of material can not block 100% of the air conditioner. Due to the nature of the room divider that will have space at the top and bottom. Allowing the air to pass through, however, it can still block the air quite well.

Air-conditioned room partition ideas with curtains

Another economical partition idea that HomeGuru would like to recommend is to use a “room curtain” that will allow everyone to easily partition the room themselves and still invest a little. But extremely flexible, suitable for those who want to use a limited budget. Or used in areas that are not very wide Because the room partition with curtains will give a light, airy feeling, not as uncomfortable as partitioning the room with other materials.


ม่านกั้นห้อง ม่านกั้นห้อง ม่านกั้นห้อง ม่านกั้นห้อง

The advantage of partitioning the room with curtains is that it can be installed in most areas. Do not leave even the corner of the room that must be cornered or curved. It is also a material that can be easily adjusted according to the style of the residents. If you feel bored in the future or have a change in the style of your room, changing or removing curtains is easy and very little damage to the structure.


The use of curtains to partition the room, you can choose to use a solid, airy, or both fabrics as needed. Curtains cannot help to block 100% of the air conditioner because there is a small gap caused by weaving for the best performance in blocking air conditioners. You should choose curtains that are rather thick. With fine weaving including paying attention to the installation process that should be installed as close as possible to the ceiling and left a long curtain to the ground in order to not allow room for air to pass through.


กั้นห้องด้วยตนเอง กั้นห้องด้วยตนเอง กั้นห้องด้วยตนเอง กั้นห้องด้วยตนเอง

Lastly, regardless of the material used in the room, the important thing that should not be overlooked is the color tone. If the room that you want to partition is not too wide, choosing an air partition or light-toned curtains will help the room not look denser or feel uncomfortable. At the same time, a wide room can choose to use both light colors and dark tones according to the decoration style of each house.

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