Modern women and craftsmanship is no longer a distant issue. This may be because the changing world requires people to adjust their roles and lifestyle accordingly. Today, we see more and more women working outside the home. Some people choose to live a single life. Therefore, they have to challenge themselves in learning mechanics to repair the house by yourself when necessary. Some of them have developed to the level of creating the pieces for decorating home by themselves. In this article, HomeGuru presents D.I.Y Home Decoration project where women can pick up tools to come to work by themselves. Even if it is small, it can be achieved.

D.I.Y ของแต่งบ้าน

D.I.Y Home Decoration ideas for home decorating women can easily do

Modern house number sign

All you need to prepare are: the finished numbers, electric drill with drill bits and screwdrivers, wood glue, hammer, nails, screws, wood planks, white paint for wood, paint brushes, plant material.

Begin by measuring and cutting the wood to the desired size. Calculate to fit the area to be installed or follow the size of this project, which is the nameplate size 30 x 16 inches. box size 17 x 5.5 inches. If the house does not have a saw to cut the wood. You can write down the size to the lumber shop in proportion to this will get a total of 5 pieces of wood.

D.I.Y ของแต่งบ้าน D.I.Y ของแต่งบ้าน D.I.Y งานช่าง

diy ของเหลือใช้

The process of assembling the box body to apply glue for wood to increase strength. Then use a small nail or use an electric drill to screw in a rectangular box shape attached to the label. And drill a hole to drain the water at the base of the box. Then paint it. When you are finished, take the house number and stick it. Put the plants or flowers that are prepared in the box. Now you will get a house number sign that looks modern and looks like no other.


Elegant marble-patterned shelf

Things to prepare: marble pattern paper, glue, wooden slats, angle steel legs for shelf support, metallic gold spray, screws, electric drill, water level.

D.I.Y งานช่าง D.I.Y งานช่าง D.I.Y ของแต่งบ้าน

D.I.Y ของแต่งบ้าน

This D.I.Y Home Decoration job is not complicated. But it requires a little delicacy in wrapping by using angle iron legs to wipe clean. Then spray with metallic gold spray paint all over, let it dry, then spray over the second layer to get a fuller color to prevents the surface from being rough. Then glue the marble-patterned paper onto the wood, gradually spreading it one by one. Use your hand to smooth. Fold the corners against the edges. The extra seams of the paper must be folded under, where it is least visible.

Once the paint and glue have dried, it’s ready to install. Start by finding the installation location of the angle iron and measure the plane with the water level. Mark where to drill to hold. Pick up a drill to drill and fix the angle iron leg attached to the wall. In the end, the wood-patterned slab was placed in it.

diy ของแต่งห้อง

Vertical hanging garden

Things to prepare: pot clip with screws, terracotta pot with edge, water level, or tape measure, pencil, electric drill to drill the wall, soil and plants to plant.

This lovely and breezy potted garden has the simplest steps to make. First, use the water level to measure the position you want to attach the pot first. It should be installed at eye level or within reach. If it is too high, it is difficult to take care of and may fall down, dangerous when you get the desired point and mark it with a pencil. Put the electric drill into the drill bit for drilling holes in the wall. Then change the drill bit for screwing. Screw the flowerpot clip to the wall. Then insert the pot, the clip will support the edge of the pot exactly. After that, you can start planting plants in pots in just 2 steps and get a beautiful wall garden for your home.

diy ของแต่งบ้าน

Some steps in the D.I.Y work are quite forceful. Choosing a tool for women, therefore, must consider the size, weight, easy use to help save energy. For work with a point to cut, drill, screw, assemble the work piece. Attach the hinges or loosen the screws. Without assistive devices, a screwdriver is required to gently tighten the work to slow and hurt hands. If there is a cordless drill used for screwing nuts, screws or drilling holes. It will be very lightweight since the cordless drill is lightweight. No high centrifugal force like an electric drill. It can be used outdoors. Easy to change into a drill or screwdriver head. Convenient for use by women, just charge the battery fully and it’s ready to use.

เครื่องเป่าลมร้อน เครื่องเป่าลม สว่านกระแทกไร้สาย

diy ของแต่งบ้าน

For anyone who is looking for a home electric drill to use, we recommend the cordless impact kit. Tools that women must have at home. With a light weight, compact design, long use Yes, the arms are not hurt, the hands are not messy, comes with a variety of interchangeable drill bits and 2 rechargeable batteries. When the battery is full, it can be used immediately. Ideal for small repairs or assembling uncomplicated furniture. It helps make home repair work or D.I.Y work a lot more fun.

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