let’s start This new year with DIY home decorations for New year. Brighten up your home with useless and easy-to-find items all around! in addition to create something new by yourself. It is also a great time for the family to have fun activities together to build warmer relationship. HomeGuru has compiled new year decoration ideas for people who need to organize the New Year’s party at home. Let’s follow together in a simple way with 10 DIY ideas for decorating your home for the new year.

DIY ของตกแต่งบ้านรับปีใหม่

Ideas for New Year’s home decoration

DIY New Year’s home decoration by paper

1. Colorful paper hats

Makee fun for New Year’s party! How can there be no colourful paper hats? Just a colourful paper, useless paper, scissors and a glue gun. it’s easy to do. Just roll the paper that you prepared to make a hat cone. Then use a glue gun to attached the paper together. Then you can decorate your party hat as beautiful as your imagination. Whether sprinkled with glitter to be sparkling, decorate with ribbons or scraps and can decorate as a Christmas tree or Santa Claus. Not only for more beautiful, but this will be the only paper hat in the world that is perfect for your New Year’s parties.

ไอเดีย DIY ของตกแต่งบ้านรับปีใหม่

2. Decorative wall

Is your house still have a wide empty space? Going all out to organize a new year party at home with affordable price’s paper. Just prepare your favourite pattern paper, fold it into different shapes and hang it on the house wall. Also, can use toilet paper core or other useless paper to fold into a flower shape or the beautiful butterfly shape. Just do this. your house is ready to become a nice place for celebrate the New Year’s party

ปืนยิงกาว ปืนยิงกาว กาวแท่ง


3. Celebration flags

Celebration flags is another DIY idea for the New Year’s party. if this thing is missing, your New Year’s party will not perfect at all. Because the flag became a symbol of almost every party. It easy to decorate and use with the lowest budget. All you need is paper, scissors, glue gun and rope. When you have already prepared the equipment, then cut the paper into a triangular shape. And attached to the string with a glue gun. alsoo can decorated more beautiful as you want, making different patterns or a good meaning word from alphabet.

DIY จัดปาร์ตี้ปีใหม่

4. pom poms paper home decoration

pom poms paper are home decorations that are difficult to find in Thailand, high price so if you want to decorate them at your house for the new year, it can be DIY by yourself. It’s not difficult as you think. Just prepare your favourite colours and patterns of mulberry paper, scissors, a ruler, a wire or a string. Then start cutting several sheets of mulberry paper, the more you use the paper, the more it fluffy. Then take the cut paper fold it over and over again. Tie a string or wire in the middle of the folded paper tight. Trim the end of the paper into different shapes such as rounded or sharp shape. pull the mulberry paper one by one to hold the pleats to spread out into a round shape. Tie a string or ribbon with your favourite colour in the centre to hang and decorate at various corner of your house. Just do this way can get beautiful pom poms paper to hold a New Year’s party with an affordable price.

DIY ของตกแต่งบ้านรับปีใหม่

DIY old light bulbs to decorate your home for the new year

5. The light bulb still glitters although the fire is out.

Old or useless light bulbs in the house are other items which we can use for DIY New Year’s party. Whether it is an old LED or incandescent bulbs, it can be used. Instead of throwing it in the trash, these old bulbs can be decorated with glitters. just glue around the bulbs and roll with your favourite coloured glitter. It not limited that one tube must be only one colour. But can be customized according to your imagination. It also can decorate with sweet coloured ribbons or as a cute animal. Then hung in different place to make the house sparkle without having to turn the lights on.

ชุดลูกบอลตกแต่งปีใหม่ ธงตกแต่ง HAPPY NEW YEAR ของตกแต่งบ้านปีใหม่

DIY ของตกแต่งบ้านรับปีใหม่

6. Hanging vase made from useless bulbs

For old transparent light bulb, we can bring it to DIY for decorating the house and making New Year’s party funnier and more beautiful. Just we only have the old light bulbs, pliers, rope, glasses or face shield. The first step, use the pliers pull the metal plate out of the lamp holder. While you doing this step, you should wear face shield to prevent some broken glasses. Then, shake for splitting out the broken glasses and use the pliers pull glasses fiber out of the bulb, Finally, we will get the empty bulb that can fill some water and colorful flowers for hanging and decorating by strap over the lamp holder in order to decorate the funny new year’s party.


Glass materials can bring to DIY and decorate the home for the New Year.

7. Glass jar makes for brighten

DIY items for the New Year must have decorative lights because the New Year is happiness festival in order to welcome new things that coming. Lighting decoration is the symbol for brighten life, so it always come together with New Year festival. If anyone thinks the lighting decoration seem to normal thing. We recommend you to find the glass bottle or glass jar and add more gimmicks by put the light in, hang the decorative bottle in your home for making the home shining.

ไฟกระพริบ ตกแต่ง ไฟประดับ ลูกบอล สีทอง ไฟเส้น LED

DIY ของตกแต่งบ้านรับปีใหม่

8. Add more gimmicks on Beverage glass.

Food and Beverage is the essential things must have in the party. Especially New Year’s party, serving food and beverage have to add a little special. If the food portions in this special meal are more wonderful or shiny, I would be interested. Easy methods to make these food containers or glasses extra special are to use the color marker paint on them or decorate with some glitters.

แก้วปาร์ตี้ปีใหม่ แก้วน้ำใช้สำหรับปาร์ตี้ปีใหม่ ชุดแก้วจัดปาร์ตี้


9. Renew the old bottle

Don’t leave useless bottle in your house, because these waste bottles that we can easily DIY for home decorations on the New Year using just a few devices such as waste bottle, Gold acrylic color or your favorite color, a larger cup or higher than the glass you prepare, plastic bags. First, just wrap a plastic bag over the mouth of the large cup. Then, Pour the prepared acrylic out into the glass bottle and dip it over all. You can design what the style you needed. Finally, let them drying. Moreover, you can put the flowers for decorating your house.

DIY จัดปาร์ตี้ปีใหม่

Home decoration for the New Year with the light of scented candles.

10. Light of scented candles.

Beautiful scented candle, not only giving a soft light but also having good smell. It is suit to New Year festival feeling. Bringing scented candles to decorate at the New Year’s party, it seems to be ordinary. Adding gimmicks on scented candle for DIY is interested idea. There are many ways of decoration methods. Someone may choose a beautiful color glitter for making the shiny candle. Someone may choose glue to paint the glitter only specific patterns on the candle. You will get scented candle with the design that you created such as number, alphabet, or shinny symbol. If anyone who concern about fire, LED will be another good way for decoration.

เทียนตกแต่งบ้าน เทียนไฟฟ้า หลอดเทียน LED

DIY ของตกแต่งบ้านรับปีใหม่

All of this is 10 DIY home decorations for New year, Easy way to do and everyone can adjust to suit the theme or style of decoration. The best thing is the affordable price that HomeGuru has selected for everyone for making the wonderful New Year’s Day and good things coming. Wishing everyone have a happiness all year and forever.

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