DIY fences, although there is more to focus on than you think because as is known that house gate as the first line of defense of the house that aside from showing the territory of the area Enhances security from various hazards. It can also be used to enclose the area to increase privacy for residents as well and although built for use, having a beautiful house fence will enhance the overall atmosphere of the house to look better and reflecting the tastes of residents as well.

HomeGuru has collected materials to make fences that are easy to find, beautiful, suitable for people who like to do DIY fences by yourself.


DIY natural style house fence with wood

Wood is the first material of fencing work that many people think of. With the distinctive wood that gives a warm, airy and natural feeling, can help reduce the hardness of the house structure as well. Easily find in the market, easy to transport compared to other home fencing materials, so it’s not surprising that wooden fences are a popular home fencing for a long time.

And best for DIY home fences because just looking for a wood that is quite strong will be old wood, lath or even artificial wood to cut to the desired size or shape. Then connected together into a panel with nails before painting and decorating beautifully or just apply the coat of wood to withstand the weather.

But also able to show beautiful wood grain in harmony with the natural atmosphere around the house, can choose according to preference.

ไม้ระแนง ไม้ระแนง ไม้ระแนง

DIY รั้วบ้าน

Strong, modern, steel fence style

If thinking about the fences of various housing estates Probably have to give the iron fence first. Because with strong durability, easy to maintain, can be cut or curled into various styles as you like. There are many colors to choose from. Also have ready-made prefabricated versions which is very convenient. Overall, it is considered a fence that provides simplicity, tidy and pleasing.

People who like to decorate the house in Modern Style or Loft Style, no less because it gives a cool feeling, suitable for a modern house making the iron fence popular in the present. But even with all-round advantages but the limitation of steel is the problem of rust and corrosion. Which must be constantly maintained with rust remover rust-proof coating or always painted to look new.

น้ำยากำจัดสนิม สีทาเหล็ก แปรงทาสีขนสังเคราะห์

DIY รั้วบ้าน

Durable, must be lifted to a concrete fence

For the fence to be lifted to the utmost, strong, durable, must be lifted for the concrete fence straight away. Whether precast concrete reinforced concrete or concrete blocks that are materials produced from cement, stone and sand mixture can withstand compressive loads up to 300 kilograms per square centimeter gives a thick, heavy, and opacity, which is suitable for homes that require high privacy. But if you are worried that the concrete fence will look too dense, makes the atmosphere of the house look uncomfortable, not friendly, just try to bring beautiful flowers and plants laid out along the fence.

The concrete fence will look smooth. More natural, becoming a beautiful house fence that is strong and extremely tight.

น้ำยาบ่มคอนกรีต น้ำยาประสานคอนกรีต สว่านกระแทก

DIY รั้วบ้าน

Standard Brick Fence to DIY Real House Fence

The reason being that brick fences are the standard fences of today’s home and suitable for DIY fences by yourself, because of different types of bricks. It is considered a cheap construction material, easy to use, so it can save a lot of time and cost of construction. And although the brick is a material that has a regular square shape. But it can be used to add gimmicks to walls and gates as well. Brick masonry and smooth plastering will increase the strength of the brick fence. And also able to choose the color that matches the house as you like.

To paint one or paint with many features, it’s not less beautiful for red bricks or red bricks will prefer to build without plastering, gives a classic, beautiful, valuable, but not hardening feeling like a piece of art that matches nature well.

เกรียง หวี ด้ามพลาสติก อิฐสังเคราะห์ สีรองพื้นปูนเก่า


Close to nature with stone fences

Another form of fence that is beautiful, durable but not often seen in Thailand. Because it is suitable for a house that has quite a lot of space and use the budget for making it reasonably high. Since it was necessary to make a frame for the stone and arrange the stones one by one to make them look smooth and beautiful Which requires skilled technicians to proceed with the construction. But if anyone has enough budget and skilled in craftsmanship to pass on. DIY fencing to make a beautiful stone fence is not too difficult and believe that the results must be worth the effort.

หินสังเคราะห์ เครื่องตัดหิน น้ำยาเคลือบเงา

DIY รั้วบ้าน

Because of natural materials such as stones Is outstanding in strength, durability, and can be placed to enhance the density in many levels gives the skin a natural touch colorful in harmony with the garden in the house, helps to create emotions and feelings as close to nature. It is also highly flexible. Because the arrangement will have a vent for the wind and the light to pass through. Whether choosing to use small stones or large slabs that look beautiful in harmony with the house. If you want the stone to have a shadow.

Just apply varnish and algae protection After that, flowers and decorative plants can be added and refreshed naturally.


Fill the house with shady trees

Another house fence idea that meets nature lovers because, as is known, the green of trees and grasses can create a relaxed mood and helps the atmosphere to be better than all types of fences mentioned above Whether placing pots in a row in a row or the selection of trees, such as low shrubs, tall shrubs, perennials, as well as vegetable gardens to grow in the soil. Or even decorative hangers and ivy that can attach to the fence’s surface until it is green to the entire panel. Aside from being comfortable in the eyes, anyone who likes the fresh scent of flowers can also choose fragrant flower plants and beautiful colors into the fence as well.

DIY รั้วบ้าน

In addition to the advantages of natural beauty tree fences can also help with camouflage. Reduce the hardness of the house and create good privacy.

At the same time, it does not make you feel uncomfortable, but if love will DIY fence the house into a beautiful fence. Regular maintenance, watering, shoveling and trimming the fence is necessary.


Popular trees to be planted as fences are Sai family trees such as Korean Tri, Tri Indo, Compact Tri, and Tri English because this family tree has an appropriate height. Firmness can camouflage the eyes well. Resistant to plant and insect diseases also able to be trimmed to create an easy shape as well. But if anyone likes the fragrant tree It is advisable to plant Mok and Kaew plants with fine green leaves, tight bushes, can help camouflage the medium. But the fragrance is very refreshing. There are also bamboo trees, fences that are easy to care for, drought resistant, able to trim the shape as needed without diseases and pests.

บัวรดน้ำ กระถางใยมะพร้าว สายยางโรล


Whether we call the fence the building or the wall of peace of mind for living Fence is something that if anyone looks in, it will always reflect the identity of the residents in the home. Each type of fencing has distinct advantages and disadvantages. In addition to having to choose to suit the surrounding area.

The nature of housing and overall usage Regardless of what material is used for DIY fences, the important thing is to always pay attention and maintain the condition in perfect condition.


For the fences that HomeGuru brought together. What style do you feel right? Don’t forget to apply it to your home.

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