DIY kitchen, it may be difficult for many homeowners to do it. But do you believe that in addition to getting the kitchen exactly the style that the homeowner likes with the equipment already available, it also helps to organize the kitchen. Extremely untidy, at a very low price to become a new kitchen. But how will DIY the kitchen can change the atmosphere into a check-in point? HomeGuru has ideas that every home can do.


Choose your favorite style before doing DIY kitchen

Before doing anything, there must be a plan first. Each house has different preferences. Therefore, you should choose a style that suits your own preferences. Like a kitchen, you can DIY from a messy kitchen into a kitchen of many styles, such as


Minimalist style kitchen, in most cases, it focuses on simplicity. Airy and comfortable is proportional or simply said that little but outstanding The materials used are mostly natural materials or imitating nature. Focus on using only 2 tones only, such as cream / white gray / brown white / dark blue. Along with decorating the kitchen to come alive with real trees or flower vases. While also creating windows that allow natural light to make the kitchen brighter

ตู้ตั้งพื้น บานซิงค์เดี่ยว ตู้แขวนบานคู่


Modern style kitchen, the distinctive feature of this style of kitchen is the same simplicity as the minimal style that will not leave the kitchen messy. But will be concealed with decorative elements using stainless steel and emphasizing the use of geometric shapes such as triangles, squares or circles to decorate.


Loft style kitchen is a DIY kitchen that can be done easily by yourself and many houses are popularly made. Because it emphasizes the raw, cool, bare cement, mainly using black and gray tones. Currently, there are many brands of colors that have finished DIY loft style tones for supporting the house walls. But consider that Homeowners should choose the right materials, which are easy to clean. Focusing on brick tiles is better than masonry because it is difficult to clean.


Lay out before DIY the kitchen

When you get your favorite kitchen style Suggest to measure the size of the kitchen area with layout in proportion. Plans may be laid in an L-shape. All points should be connected to each other, from cooking areas, washing areas and storage areas. Therefore, you have to place the kitchen counter, cupboard, electrical outlet location position of the water pipe so that the fume extractor does not go wrong at the counter.

บล็อคยาง เครื่องดูดควันกระโจม ตู้เดี่ยว

DIY ห้องครัว

In general, the construction of a kitchen counter will take into account the physiology of the user. The width of the kitchen counter is 60 centimeters, from the floor to the top counter, approximately 80 centimeters. But you should consider the thickness of the tiles when laying with The size of the smallest granite slab will be 60X60 centimeters. However, if using the top stone sheet, it can be cut as needed.


But if you are looking at the construction of a kitchen counter is difficult. Nowadays, there are prefabricated kitchen sets with a top sync for every home, choose according to need. Just know the area size, can choose the whole set of front cabinet doors easily.

Layout is the most important step because if there is a good layout It will help make DIY the kitchen a lot easier.

DIY ห้องครัว

DIY a kitchen with a kitchen cabinet door and the right sink door

The choice of materials for DIY kitchens is a delicate matter. Because the use of the kitchen involves water and electricity, which are used every day, especially in the kitchen counter area. Choosing a kitchen cabinet door and kitchen counter sink which is an important piece of furniture in the kitchen that is available in both double doors, single doors, gas tank doors, under the stove or even sink doors, hanging kitchen cabinets and drawers under the kitchen counter. For storage, so it’s equally important.

บานซิงค์เดี่ยว บานซิงค์คู่ ตู้ลิ้นชัก 3 ชั้น

DIY ห้องครัว

Kitchen cabinet doors and sink doors, in addition to providing beauty that show taste and can choose according to the style that the homeowner likes, such as loft, minimal, or modern. You must also consider the material produced as well. Currently, available in both wooden sync panels. Plastic sync doors and PVC sync doors, but very popular today is PVC sync doors because of moisture protection, waterproof, termites and ants, making the lifespan longer than other types.

DIY ห้องครัว

Mix & Match, antiques and new items perfectly

Mixing and matching appliances kitchen equipment or even the electrical appliances that the homeowner already has, is another good choice. Because decorations for DIY kitchens do not need to be purchased entirely. But homeowners have to know the connection of the used items to be combined in harmony because the old materials or furniture always have a story. Which may be based on using the same color scheme. Using the same material giving the same direction similarly balanced shape. However, it should not be subjected to all the decoration because it will make the kitchen messy.

เตาอบฝังดิจิตอล เตาฝังแก๊ส ชั้นแขวนวางแก้วพร้อมถาด

DIY ห้องครัว

When choosing appliances, it is advisable to choose the one that suits your needs such as gas stove or electric stove. The installation of an electric stove is more convenient and easier.


DIY a Tidy Kitchen with Home Organize

When getting the style of your favorite kitchen with the perfect layout and the right materials, don’t forget to organize your kitchen to not mess with the kitchen or become messy with Home Organize, especially for those who live in condominiums with kitchen area. Small size. Home Organize will be a great help to organize kitchen makes it easier to find things, including jars, refrigerator storage box, food preservation box, chic wooden shelves, shelving with wheels, storage basket equipment to help pick up and use.

Or even the area under the counter that is open space Can also be designed with drawers to store spoons, forks and plates to keep the kitchen clean as well.

กล่องอาหารเหลี่ยม ชั้นวางของ มีล้อ ตะกร้า

DIY ห้องครัว

Changing the atmosphere in the kitchen into a check-in point for everyone in the house with the idea of DIY the kitchen yourself to match your favorite style may not be difficult. While also creating happiness Fun for everyone, family too. But for any home that doesn’t have time, HomeGuru also has the option to create convenience for every home as well. With cement kitchen service … beautiful, can order that provides services from constructing kitchen counters tiling counter, install the door, install floating cabinets and install kitchen appliances such as sink sink, gas / embedded stove hood and install the power plug by an expert assistant, Home Service team from HomePro.


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DIY ห้องครัว

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