What do you need to consider when choosing LED light bulb? What types of LED bulbs are there? How many watts should the LED lamp in the house use? And why have to be specific to LED bulbs? That’s because the benefits of LED bulbs that many people probably already know. The brightness of the LED bulb is much brighter than the conventional bulb and also no UV rays to harm our skin as well. LED light bulb life is also longer than conventional bulbs, and most importantly, energy-saving light bulbs, LED lights can help you save energy and brighten up your home. Which LED energy-saving light bulbs save up to 80% of electricity, say they make the house or the installed building more cost-effective over time. Many people turned their attention to choosing to buy and use more LEDs. But how to choose and buy LED bulbs that meet your needs? HomeGuru has some advice.

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Know LED and lighting technology first before choosing to buy LED energy-saving bulbs

LED or Light Emitting Diode is a new and durable lighting technology. High brightness, low power consumption, low heat generation. The brightness level is different according to the chip LED, you can see the brightness or the amount of light (lumens: lm) that will indicate the brightness, for example, a 100 Watt incandescent lamp gives 400 lumens of light compared to the LED will consume power only 5 Watts.

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How many watts should LED bulbs in the house use?

Selecting the wattage of the LED bulb for your home use. First of all, you must know that the more watts. The resulting light was very bright and consumes a lot of power as well. In addition, each point in the house has different lighting requirements. Selecting the right bulb and its wattage requires consideration of functionality and aesthetics. In order to use at full efficiency and save electricity bills in the future.

Selecting the wattage of an LED bulb must first be considered in terms of the appropriate lighting that will help to balance the areas in need of light. This will depend on the area and height of the room as well, for example, a working room that needs to concentrate on working with a height of 2.5 meters with an area of about 15 square meters, it is suitable for 10 bulbs of 4-5 watt LED bulbs, but if it is 7-7.5 watt LED bulbs can be used, only 6 bulbs are enough, etc. If a bedroom needs a relaxing atmosphere. Its height is about 2.5 meters and has an area of about 25 square meters. It is suitable for 4 7-7.5 watt LED bulbs which will give you the right light for relaxation. Not too bright and not too dark. The living room that you want to use. The benefits of LED bulbs for lighting recesses, creating effects on the ceiling or on various built-in furniture. If it is a room with a ceiling height of 2.5 meters and an area of approximately 20 square meters, you can choose to use about 4 9-9.5 watt LED bulbs.

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Factors to consider in choosing to buy LED energy-saving bulbs

There are several factors to buy LED energy-saving bulbs. At present, there are many different types of LED bulbs to choose from. Choosing to buy and use LED light bulb is largely dependent on the purpose, use and satisfaction of the users, which must be determined by each factor as follows:

1. Color of light

The brightness of the LED lamp is partly due to the light of the lamp, which has 2 main light. Warm White gives a soft light. Warm, suitable for relaxation and White Day Light gives a lot of light. Suitable for use in areas such as work rooms and kitchens that need a bright, clear light.

Warm white color gives a reddish light with an orange tone. This is a warm, warm color, the color temperature of the light is less than 3,000 Kelvin.

Cool white color gives light color in the white way. It is a cool color scheme. Relatively brighter compared to warm white. Warm white color temperature of the light is 3,000-4,500 Kelvin.

Day light color gives a bluish-white tone. Like natural daylight, the color temperature of the light is 4,500-6,500 Kelvin or more, providing realistic color values.

ความสว่างของหลอดไฟ LED

2. Cap size

What kind of lamp holder is the type of LED bulb? Make sure it is screwed. Small screw terminals, pin terminals or plug terminals.

Opaque white tube or clear bulb. We will notice that the bulbs are available in clear and opaque bulbs. The coating of different lamps will give different lighting. Clear bulbs are suitable for lamps that are designed to create patterns will need a lot of light distribution. The opaque bulb provides a uniform light output, suitable for areas without a lamp body.

Dimmable light switch. When choosing individual LED bulbs, you need to look at whether they want dimmable or not. Some LED bulbs are dimmable. Some models are not dimmable; it can be observed from the symbol (Dimmable / Not Dimmable).

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3. LED LED light shape

Champa shape gives a candle-like light, suitable for decorative lighting that only needs a dim light.
Spherical shape gives a wide degree of light, suitable for use with lamps and lampshades that create patterns when turning on the light.
Long shape gives a light like a fluorescent or fluorescent lamp, suitable for general lighting.

ชนิดของหลอดไฟ LED

4. Light distribution angle

The light of the LED lamp is a direct beam light like a flashlight. Therefore, when choosing an LED bulb, you have to look at the light distribution from the reflector of each lamp model contains. This ensures that switching to LED will be economical. You must look at the energy saving of the lamp that range from A ++ is the highest economy to E, which will reduce the economy down.

เลือกซื้อและใช้หลอด LED

Another important point in when choosing LED bulbs, HomeGuru wants to emphasize that you should choose standard LED bulbs. There is a TIS and label number 5 to ensure that the lifespan of the LED bulb is long, electricity-saving and safe when in use.

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