Door knob is an essential device for every home. Because doors in your home is the in and out that connects different areas in your home. Choosing the right door knob for each room or location is more important than you think. Otherwise, the use of door knob will not be durable, may cause the door knob to stuck. Door knob is difficult to open or other problems that can cause the door to damage quickly. Currently, there are many types of door knobs to choose from. There are options for the price of door knob ranging from cheap to expensive. You may be confusing when choosing a door knob. HomeGuru would like to take everyone to get to know each type of door knob and how it will function and how well it is suitable for use.


What kind of door knobs are durable and suitable for home door?

As everyone knows, there are may different type of door knobs in the market. Some designs look similar or produced from the same factory. But door knob price is startling different. In fact, these door knobs, even on the surface may look similar. But there are more or less differences. Which in addition to the function of use. Another factor that makes door knob price, there is a difference between the materials used to produce it.

Door knobs made of brass, zinc alloy, 202 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel will have the same rust resistance. But it is very different. The knob with the least rust resistance is a door knob made of steel followed by a door knob made of brass. As for the properties of moisture resistance 304 grade stainless steel door knobs are more resistant to moisture than grade 202 stainless steel and are the most difficult to rust. These different material grades are another factor that directly affects the price. Door knob price is a measure of the quality of a door knob to a certain extent.


Types of door knobs and their suitability for use

When you know about the materials in the production. Next comes the door knob types, which come in a variety of styles. It has the characteristics of use and the beauty of the installation is different. There are both common door knobs such as bathroom, home, storage doors, etc., that are both lockable and non-lockable, and has a pass through door knob that looks like a handle only. It cannot be locked both sides. Suitable for a door that is not lock. It can be used for areas that do not require much privacy or can be used as a door knob in public bathrooms.

The knob that is suitable for home door, bedroom door or room door that needs to focus on safety. It is a type of door knob that can be locked from the inside but it can also unlock from outside with a key. The cylinder system is available in 5 pin, 6 pin and highly secure computer systems. In addition, there are also many patterns and colors to choose from. From all of the above information, it can be seen that door knobs can be divided into two main types, that is, door knob with lock and door knob with no lock.

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1. Door knob with lock

There are many types of door knobs in the market which each model has different usage and characteristics as follow:

1.1 Door knob with Entrance Lock Type 1

It is a type of door knob that when the door lock is pressed from the inside button. It can be unlocked with the key from the outside or twist the knob inside to unlock. Suitable for the general adult bedroom or storage room. Because it is quite safe and has a strong stability.

1.2 Door knob with Entrance Lock Type 2

This type of door knob has a unique ability to lock up to two levels of door opening. It is similar to the Entrance Lock Type 1 door knob. But the difference is that it has a protrusion that can turn the knob. When closing the door, it will be locked every time. This is to prevent users from forgetting to lock the door.

1.3 Vestibule Lock door knob

It is a door knob that must only be locked with the key on the outside and locked with the key on the inside. But this type of door knob can be opened and closed from the inside at any time.

1.4 Door knob for hotel rooms

The hotel room is a place where security and privacy are a great concern. So choosing a door knob has to be the type that the outside cannot open. If you want to open the door, you must use the key to unlock only. And when entering and pressing the lock button from the inside, it must not be able to open the key from the outside except when using a special emergency key only.

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1.5 Door knob for classroom

For the safety of students, choosing to use a door knob, you have to use a door knob with no locking button inside. But it can be turned on at any time. While outside, you can use the key to unlock and if the door is locked from the outside, people inside the room can still turn and open the door. This reduces the chance of accidents where students are stranded or locked in the classroom.

1.6 Door knob for traveling

It is a door knob that must be locked with a key on the front knob. Or press the lock button on the inner knob. It can be unlocked by turning the key on the outside knob. Turning the knob inside or closing the door and it can be locked with a key from outside.

1.7 Door knob for storage room type 1

The door knob for the storage room can be divided into two types: the first one is a door knob that requires a key to lock and unlock from both sides of the door.

1.8 Door knob for storage room type 2

The door knob for storage room type 2 is different from the first one in that it is used that the external door is always locked. When you want to open the door to enter the room, you must use the key to unlock it. But the knob inside can turn out at any time.


2. Door knob without lock

A keyless door knob is an ideal door knob for room dividers that don’t need to be locked. Which differ from each other as follow:

2.1 Door knob without lock

It is a door knob that can be turned and opened at any time on both sides. It is commonly used with entrance doors that do not want to be locked at all, such as the doors of the living room or the living room that do not require much security. This type of door knob cannot be locked both outside and inside. Because it only has a handle and uses a latch to lock it instead.

2.2 One-sided door knob

It is a type of door knob that can be opened from the inside at any time. The outside will be locked all the time. So that people inside can only open out and prevent people outside from entering, such as fire door. If a fire occurs, you can push the fire door out of the building quickly. But at the same time, it prevents the people outside of the building from entering to ensure the safety of the building.

2.3 Inside door knob with a keypad for locking

This type of door knob, when turning the knob inside, it can be loosened. But the knob on the outside of the room will look smooth, no key. When the door is closed, the lock button will automatically release. And it can only lock again from pressing the lock button repeatedly to prevent from being accidentally locked when the user is outside the room.


2.4 Dummy door knob

It is another type of door knob that doesn’t have a lock as well. Also, know as a dead-end door knob for use instead of a door handle or in combination with double doors.

2.5 Door knob for hospital patient rooms

The patient room need to be safety as a priority. Therefore, the door knob is suitable for use in the patient’s room. It must be a standard door knob to prevent case problems of door knob stuck and it must be a door knob that can be locked from inside. But if there is an emergency, there must also be a twist open outside.

2.6 Door knob for the elderly toilet and children’s bedroom

Bathroom door knob for the elderly and a bedroom for children. Choose a type of door knob that can be locked from the inside. By this type of door knob, when closing the door, the lock button will be released immediately. And must be locked from inside only. But at the same time, if there is an emergency such as the unconscious elderly or the child is stuck inside, people outside can use a coin, key, or a small metal tip from a household item to help immediately. And you should not be a risk with non-standard door knob which may result in door knob stuck while needing to activate in emergency.

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Although, door knobs generally look similar or in comparison. Door knob price is not very different. But if you do not study the information about the function clearly, it may cause confusion and you may choose to buy the wrong type and cause the problem of the knob does not answer the use, door knob stuck or the knob is not quality enough that it shortens the life of the door. So HomeGuru wants everyone to pay attention to choosing a door knob to get a knob that really helps to keep the security of the house in full capacity.

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