Door Shock or Hydraulic Door Closer is a controlled closing device that prevents slamming and injury. It allows people to move through at their own pace. Door closers also prevent doors from being opened too quickly, most notably in windy locations where the door may be slammed closed due to the environment. This also prevents injuries and door damage. We often see them in public places such as hospitals, schools, libraries, and office buildings. In fact, installing a door shock at home is very practical and helpful for people who often forget that they have closed the door or not. HomeGuru believes that many people have this problem in homes, especially homes with children and the elderly. Thus, installing door closers at home is a good choice.

1. Benefits of Door Shock
2. Common Types of Door Closers
3. Techniques for Choosing a Door Shock for Home
4. Replacement and Installation Service of Door Closer


• Benefits of Door Shock

Forgetting to close the door or the door slightly improperly can have far more harmful effects than you might imagine. Door closers were developed as a solution to a potential problem. It is unbelievable that many people can ignore a small piece of equipment that is so useful.

1. Reduces the risk of damage to doors, keys, and walls in the case of careless closing or strong winds. Especially the swing doors that normally have a lot of centrifugal force. Installing a swing door closer will help slow down the time it takes to open and close the door. Softening the closing of the door can help to reduce the impact more effectively. It helps to extend the service life of the door in the long term.
2. It reduces the noise caused by the door closing forcefully because of haste and inattention.
3. Help to slow down the closing time to have a smoother closing stroke and close slowly for convenience and safety for homes with children and the elderly.


4. It enhances the security of your home even if the door is not completely closed or forgotten to close the door frequently, especially when it is installed in conjunction with a security electronic locking device.
5. It enhances privacy and helps to keep the noise away by keeping the door closed all the time, such as in the office area, hotel, school, or even the bathroom door, which adds to the security.
6. Helps to keep the room temperature constant because the door is closed all the time, it reduces the entrance of the outside air, which is very useful for places that need to use air conditioner. It is another way to save electricity.
7. Facilitate the transport of goods or transfer of patients in a medical facility where the bed, wheelchair, or the transport of various equipment, tools or baggage in and out at all times.


โช๊คอัพธรรมดา HAFELE โช๊คอัพธรรมดา โช๊คประตู solex

• Common Types of Door Closers

The most commonly used door shocks are swing door closers or door shocks with the arm. The arm rests against the door, a spring that is twisted by the user opening the door closes the door by returning to its pre-twisted shape. Nowadays, door closers have been designed to have more variations to meet the needs of wider applications and give more beauty. In general, there are five types of door closer, including overhead door closer, floor-spring door closer, heavy-duty door closer, sliding door closer, and concealed door closer. Next, we’ll discuss each type in detail! After this, you’ll be able to choose the right door closer for your home!

1. Overhead door closer

It is a trendy type of door closer. These door closers are installed on the edge of the hinged door, suitable for single-sided hinged doors. It can be installed in many ways, such as installing the door jamb or installing it in a parallel arm.

2. Floor-spring door closer

It is a door closer that is often seen in general office buildings or shopping malls. Available in both one-way open and two-way open. Suitable for installation on open or swing doors that can be pulled in or pushed out on both sides.

3. Heavy-duty door closer

It is a door closer to help slow down the door opening-closing like a regular door shock. Still, it can keep it open for as long as needed. By operating very simply, just push or pull the door to open at the end of the swing to open and hold.


โช๊คอัพตั้งค้าง โช๊คอัพตั้งค้าง ISEO โช๊คอัพตั้งค้าง YALE

4. Sliding door closer

It is a door closer used to slow down the speed of closing a sliding door with a slide opening on the side.

5. Concealed door closer

It is a door closer that will be installed hidden in the door leaf and frame. This type of door closer can adjust the closing speed according to the user’s needs.

• Techniques for Choosing a Door Shock for Home

Door closers that are commercially available in the market today are widely available. Each type differs according to the quality, materials, manufacture, and brand. There are many brands of door shocks to choose from, such as HAFELE, ISEO, SOLEX, SOLO, YALE, etc. thorough. Moreover, considering the size and weight of the door closer is essential. These factors must also be considered as follows.


1. The force used to open the door depends on the installation position of the door shock.
2. Select a door closer with a closing force according to the EN standard, from 1-6 levels.
3. The closing stroke can be adjusted by hydraulic valve.
4. The speed of closing the door can be adjusted according to user’s needs.
5. A door opening force reduction system to prevent the door from slamming causing damage to the door, key device and wall.
6. A hold function inside the door shock arm for convenience when you need to keep the door open continuously
7. It can be installed with both the left and right doors.
8. Good door closers require little opening force to make it convenient for all users.

You can’t choose a commercial door closer without thinking about the size and weight of your door. They will always determine the type of door closers you need. A door shock is used with the doors are quite heavy. So, it is not recommended to install the door shocks with lightweight doors such as UPVC doors.


• Replacement and Installation Service of Door Closer

If you have chosen the right door shock but are unsure of the installation procedure or replace it yourself, you can use our service. HomeGuru would like to recommend a good reliable service, such as the replacement and installation of door shock by a team of professional technicians from Home Service of HomePro. They have passed the specific training course and received a certificate of professional expertise. You can be confident in the quality of work with no worries. Even if it is a small job, HomePro is ready to serve you. It will provide services in Bangkok and metropolitan areas with standard service procedures.

1. Remove and change the door shock
2. Door closer testing
3. Cleaning and preventative maintenance

This service covers only the cost of installation or replacement of equipment. And you can be confident in the quality at Home Pro with a guarantee of up to 30 days. If interested, you can order service to replace and install door shock. Including additional inquiries or free consultation at all HomePro branches or contact Home Service via Line: @HomeProService and Facebook: Home Service by HomePro or preliminary information via Call center: 1284

And suppose you are looking for cheap and good quality door shock. You can come in and look at all HomePro branches nationwide. Or shopping online for door and window accessories at with promotional offers, home products, special discounts, especially for HomePro Online customers. You can inquire about product details at Homepro Call Center 1284 as well.


โช๊คประตู โช๊คประตู โช๊คประตู

Now you know the details of the door closers and the benefits obtained when installed in a house. If you find that you are the one who has the problem of forgetting to close the door so often. HomeGuru hopes that this article will help you decide for yourself the right door shock for your home. And meet the needs of users at a precise point, giving you a comfortable and safe dwelling house.

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