Dripping shower, although shower is a small piece of equipment in the bathroom. But it is one of the devices that are used on a daily basis. And it constantly creating troublesome problems especially problems with shower leaks or dripping from the shower when closing. Although it is a repetitive problem that every house has to face but if it is not fixed, it can have longer term adverse effects even though it can be corrected by yourself. But how to solve this problem completely? HomeGuru has a simple solution for every home.


Dripping shower occur for several reasons

1. The water control valve is damaged during use.

Or not quality which is the most common cause. In general, a stop valve is a device that controls the opening and turn off the water supply control the flow and pressure of water to various devices. Not only shower but also shower and sink faucet. If the stop valve in use is degraded or damaged after the shower is closed, water may drip from the shower when shutdown.

Every home can test for themselves whether the stop valve in use is leaking or not. By removing the shower and trying to turn off the water if there is still dripping from the shower. The cause is from the stop valve than the shower body.


2. The shower is dirty or stains on the shower head regarding the cleanliness of the shower.

It is a matter that should not be overlooked. When using the shower for a while, you need to keep an eye on the shower head, prone to tartar. Which causes the water to flow weakly during use an accumulation of water from the shower head has occurred. Causing the shower to constantly drip even after turning off the water tap.


3. The shower has pressure dew.

The shower has pressure dew is one of the causes of the problem of shower dripping all the time. Actually, this is a normal cause to happen. Because after finishing the shower, there is often dew on the shower head. Thus causing the pressure inside the water heater then pushed the water remaining in the shower head to come out.

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How to solve the shower problem is dripping all the time?

Change the stop valve (Stop Valve) when quality deterioration immediately. Which to change the valve stop You, a butler or a maid, can easily change by yourself. Just close the water valve to cut off the water supply. Then remove the stop valve and shower set. Then bring a new piece of stop valve to install. By wrapping tapes on the front and back threads of the stop valve and then turn the thread to the water pipe connector adjacent to the bathroom wall in which the joints must be tightened to prevent leakage of water and drip shower.

Install the shower higher than the water heater in the machine. It is another easy way to solve the problem of dripping shower because if the shower is installed below the water heater in the machine. The remaining water in the pot will flow out more. But if the shower is installed at a higher level than the heater. Most of the time, the running water is water that remains in the shower head. Not the water that remains in the warm pot. But the quantity water dripping from the shower when closing It will be more or less depending on the style and the size of the shower in use as well.


Clean the shower head regularly. Just remove the shower head and scrub the scale. And limestone deposits that have accumulated. With a toothbrush and stain remover to reduce the amount of limestone that adheres. It will help prolong the use of the shower and reduce the problem of dripping shower in the long run. But if the active shower is a multifunctional shower, the silicone spray nozzle. Recommend to massage the nozzle button to remove tartar instead.

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Which shower to choose to prevent shower dripping?

Actually, choosing a shower is not really a set of rules. Depending on the needs and suitability of the bathroom. But what you want every home to consider when choosing a quality shower often depends on the following factors:

1. Type of showers

There are many types of showers to choose from. These include hand shower, side shower, ceiling shower, hand shower, each of which has different features such as hand shower or hand shower It is a shower that many houses are popular to use because it can be easily installed. Convenient to use, can be removed, held and carried in the shower. But if it’s a ceiling shower Used to be used with homes that have a large bathroom area. The shower is located around the operator’s head.

In addition, thanks to new innovations, the shower has additional functions such as water-saving showerheads. Electric shower Adjustable shower head such as Rain Spray, Massage Spray, Champagne Spray, etc.


2. Production materials

There are quite a lot of materials for the manufacture of showers. Depending on the choice of use and bathroom decoration style. But you should choose a shower that is made from high quality materials to help reduce the problem of shower dripping all the time, like standard chrome or stainless steel, is better than a plastic shower. It is resistant to chemicals, scratches and is easy to clean when stains occur after a period of use.

3. Water Pressure

Water pressure will help you feel comfortable during the bath. Because the direction of the water can be adjusted to the desired form, either diffuse or massage.


Dripping shower problems are a recurring problem no matter how many times a shower is replaced. But it is important that HomeGuru recommends that everyone from knowing the cause and the basic solution is to “keep checking and keep the shower clean to help extend its longevity. It does not cause dripping shower problems and more importantly, it saves money as well.”

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