Dust proof screen, one of the new options for doors and windows that many homes should not ignore. Because in addition to preventing insects and animals not to enter the house and also help solve the problem of air pollution that adversely affect the health of everyone in the family is an air purifier. Because it is an innovative “dust proof screen Nano fiber prevents dust, PM2.5 pollutions” which has different properties from general screenings, but how is it different? HomeGuru has information for every home.


Mosquito dustproof nano-fiber nets and general mosquito nets, how are they different?

Actually, dust proof net are many types to choose from. It depends on the material, design, decoration requirements. Can it be dustproof? And the type of usage of each house. Each type of mosquito net has its advantages and the disadvantages that are different for example



Aluminum net screen Many houses are popular to use because the price is not very high. Is a mosquito net made of aluminum wire? It makes it durable, strong, translucent, allowing the air in the house to circulate easily. But the disadvantage is that it is not a dust screen and can corrode easily if in a humid area. Therefore, the installation has to look at the humidity factor and must be regularly washed and cleaned to extend its lifetime.

Fiber net screen Suitable for homes near the beach. Because the advantages are does not rust and corrode as difficult as aluminum mosquito screens. It is flexible and does not spread fire. But be careful in use because it is fragile. If impacted, it may result in the screen being deformed or torn.

มุ้งลวดเคลือบ มุ้งไฟเบอร์กลาส มุ้งลวดอะลูมิเนียม

มุ้งลวดไฟเบอร์ หรือใยแก้ว

Nylon net screen It Is thick, so it is not transparent. So the air is not easily ventilated. Therefore, not popular to be installed around the window. Because it will make the residents unable to see clearly outside the house.

Safety net screen for homes that need protection against intrusion security Installing a safety net is another option that can reduce the worries of homeowners well. Because of the safety net It is resistant to impact, tapping, pulling and, most importantly, not broken because it is made of stainless steel material. It is also difficult to corrosion and rust and good UV protection from outside the house. But will have a higher price than other types of mosquito nets.


Nano fiber PM 2.5 dust proof net becomes one of the inevitable seasons in Thailand today. But every home can be prevented especially during more frequent home stays or work from home periods, getting fresh air in your home is important. Mosquito nets, nano fiber, or dust nets pm 2.5 is one of the new innovations that will help prevent dust, PM 2.5, water, prevent pollen and prevents UV light from outside the house better than other types of mosquito nets, with a lifespan of about 5-7 years depending on maintenance which is not complicated.

Just remove the frame of the screen and soak in warm water for about 20 minutes and use dishwashing liquid to wipe off all the dust that has stuck. It is recommended to wipe only the outside area gently. This will only help dust proof screen has a long service life.

หน้าต่าง UPVC แผ่นซ่อมมุ้งลวดอะลูมิเนียม มุ้งลวดใยสังเคราะห์

มุ้งลวดกันฝุ่น PM2.5

Before choosing to buy Nano-fiber dust proof net in addition to the price. You should consider the pattern of the mosquito net fabric, color, service life. And should inquire about the properties of the mosquito net that at what % can prevent PM2.5 dust?

In addition to dust proof net that helps keep the house safe from dust. Choosing to install safety glass or laminated glass It is another supplement that will help increase the security of your home in the matter of dust, accidents and theft equally well.


How good is safety glass or laminated glass?

Safety glass is tougher, safer

With safety glass manufacturing processes are designed to protect against life and accidental injuries. Including the theft that will happen to every home Production must be meticulous. By using two or more sheets of glass to be bonded together with a tough, durable PVB film between them to act to adhere the glass to stick together. When an incident occurs, any object hits the broken glass will not scatter. There will only be cracks or cracks, but still stick together like a spider’s web. Because there is another layer of film supporting Thus ensuring a good protection against smashing of glass.


Anti-ultraviolet safety glass

PVB film fitted with colored safety glass or colored glass. It helps absorb more than 99.5% of ultraviolet rays, the advantage is to protect the furniture color and help extend the life of interior materials or equipment in houses and buildings that do not want to be exposed to sunlight as well.


Safety glass, more soundproof

If you don’t like the chaos or noise from the outside, installing safety glass will reduce the noise from outside and can keep the sound inside not to disturb the occupants.

กระจกนิรภัย ช่วยลดเสียง

Choosing to install PM2.5 dust proof screen or safety glass as HomeGuru said above. One of the primary factors that every home should consider is its needs. And the benefits that will get after installation, both in terms of safety in the health of everyone in the family. And safety for accommodation to get value in the long term and for the better life and well-being of everyone in the family.

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