Bathroom, one of the rooms that family members use heavily every day. You may have forgotten that the bathroom is the center of dirt and accumulation of bacteria, especially the black mold stains on the tiles from the accumulation of mold in the bathroom to become ingrained grout stains. If left for a long time, it will be even harder to clean. Today, HomeGuru has some easy tips to help you remove black mold stains from bathroom, allowing the fungus to disappear quickly in a short time with household items that are easy to find and not expensive but can clean out the grout and tiles completely and look as new.

What causes stain in the bathroom?

In fact, stains or grout stains in the bathroom caused by moisture that accumulates soap stains or even from shampooing your hair including bathrooms that are located in a corner, no ventilation, or no sunlight will make the black mold stains more easily in the bathroom from the accumulation of mold until it becomes more deeply grouted.

Moreover, various stains occur, such as descaling in the bathroom, cement stains from construction or even white stains from moisture coming out along the grout. Therefore, you must choose the method to clean the bathroom appropriately.

Basic bathroom cleaning techniques

  • Bathroom Location: Considered as the first priority to help make the bathroom free of mold in the first place which is allowing the bathroom to be well ventilated, may be able to use a helper by installing a ventilator in the bathroom above and let the sunlight in. Recommend to build bathroom on the south or west because there will be sunshine all the time.
  • Separate shower zone which is the separation of dry zones and wet zones because the general bathrooms have showers in the vicinity, causing the water to splash around the wall or the bathroom floor which considered as the main factor that causes moisture, mold and tiles in the bathroom.
  • Choose bathroom wall materials that do not need grout the main problem is grout stains. You can fix the bathroom wall with other materials such as waterproof laminate because it is non-corrosive material can wipe clean as usual.

How to remove black mold stains with household items

Some tips from household items which are raw materials that every home must have on the house, like vinegar and baking soda. The first method, use a toothbrush soaked in vinegar then scrub the black stains before cleaning again with water. As for baking soda, mix a little water then put it in the grout box and let it rest for 15 minutes and then scrub with a toothbrush before cleaning normally.

Clean the grout with inexpensive items

Many people may not think that sandpaper can remove grout stains as well. Choose sandpaper no. 180-240, cut and fold it into a small piece that fit your hand and scrub out the grout stains. The roughness of the sandpaper will cause black marks to gradually come off and you can scrub the floor as usual.

DIY grout remover formula

Household items can be mixed together to make a black stain remover in the bathroom, with the main ingredients which are vinegar, mineral water, lemon juice and ammonium. Mix everything together in equal proportions. In which each type of raw material is acidic, which has a corrosive reaction. Just pour the mixture into the grout groove. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Just this, the black stain will come off.

Cleaning grout stains is what many people worry about, but if you try to study the tips from HomeGuru, you can clean grout stains with the ingredients that are the main help in your home. Just choose the one that suits your problem.

Or who doesn’t have time to clean black stains in the bathroom, grout and tile cleaner is another good helper.

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