The air conditioner is not cold, a problem that bother every family. Especially when this problem happens in hot summer, we must find the way to fix it and call a technician to help solve the problem urgently. Because no one wants this problem to escalate until the air conditioner has to be replaced. But before calling a technician, do you know that this problem can be solved by yourself in simple ways that many families have never known before? Today, HomeGuru has secret tips that technicians have never told you to help solve not cooling air conditioner problem and reduce maintenance costs.

• Choose the correct operation mode of air conditioner.
• Changing the Capacitor can solve the problem.
• The air conditioner is not cold because it is rarely cleaned.


Effective tips to do if your AC is not blowing cold air

Ac is running but not cooling the house, a problem that often occurs. Not only the old air conditioners but also the new ones that just bought and used for a while. The wind that comes out may not be cool as well. So don’t be complacent. Hurry to check and fix it in an effective simple way as follows.

• Choose the correct operation mode of air conditioner.


This is the easiest way and every family can check for themselves that what operation mode the AC is using while it is turned on. Because sometimes, setting the AC operation mode incorrectly can result in not cooling AC problem. You can change the AC operation mode through the remote control or can now be connected to a smart phone for comfortable use. The operation modes of the air conditioner that make the room have a cooling temperature are commonly used in 2 modes as follows.

Cool Mode is an AC operation mode that makes the air conditioner to be cooled according to the set temperature in each room. When the air conditioner reaches the set temperature, it will immediately cut off. It is suitable for using in hot summer season. However, if Cool Mode is set but the air conditioner still not cooling, you may have to find other solutions instead.

Auto Mode is an AC operation mode that most people prefer to use. It is easy to use, uncomplicated and is an automatic mode of operation. The function of this mode is to measure the temperature of the AC to adjust the cooling with the sensor system. After turning on the air conditioner, if the air in the room is hot, the AC will automatically adjust to the Cool Mode. And after it reaches to the specified cooling temperature, the AC will adjust to the Dry Mode to keep moisture in the room. It’s perfect for any house that likes comfort and a room that is often used like the living room.


As for other operation modes such as Dry Mode and Fan Mode, the cooling will not come out as full as the above 2 modes.

Dry Mode is an AC operation mode that helps control the humidity in the air. It is suitable for rooms with a large amount of humidity. The cool air that comes out may not be as cool as Cool Mode, and some may feel uncomfortable because the air conditioner cannot distribute the coolness throughout the room.

Fan Mode is an AC operation mode that will help drain the humidity and odors of the air conditioner. Which if anyone accidentally presses to switch to this mode, it may result in not cooling AC problem. Because the air that comes out will be the air in the room temperature.


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• Changing the Capacitor can solve the problem.


One of the causes of not cooling AC problem apart from the lack of refrigerant and the compressor is damaged capacitor or cap. There are two types of capacitors:

Starting Capacitor has a black plastic shell. It has high capacitance but low pressure resistance.

Running Capacitor (Cap Run) has a metallic silver shell. It has low capacitance but high pressure resistance. Most of the time, when it is damaged or exploded, the refrigeration system will not work properly. Because it helps the compressor’s working. So when the AC is turned on, there is a not blowing cold air problem.

A simple way to observe whether the Cap Run is damaged or not is when you hold onto it and it has oil stains or feel greasy, you can be sure that it is damaged or exploded.


When Cap Run is damaged, it can be replaced manually at an inexpensive price because it will not over 200 baht. In case if the compressor has been used for a long time, choosing to buy a Cap Run should choose a higher microfarad to help increase the performance of the compressor. Such as the old one use 40 microfarads, the new one should be 45 microfarads. This is something that many families do not know. And changing it requires careful attention because it directly related to the electrical system.

Before replacing Cap Run, it is better to switch off the cutout of the AC. Or a good way to ensure safety, we recommend to switch off every cutout of the entire house electrical. After that, remove the cover of the compressor and you will see a silver cylinder-shaped Cap run. Disconnect the power cable that connected to the old Cap Run and take it out. Connect the new Cap Run to the power cable and place it in the same position. That’s it! it can help solve the not cooling AC problem in a simple way that many families do not know about, plus help save money in the pocket as well.

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• The air conditioner is not cold because it is rarely cleaned.

Not cleaning the air conditioner is one of the reasons that cause damage to the AC. Especially not cooling AC problem. Allowing the air conditioner to accumulate large amounts of dust inside the unit and the compressor without cleaning it for a long period of time will prevent the cooling system from working properly. Plus, the air that is coming out is not clean, which may negatively affect the health of everyone in the family.

The basic way for detecting the accumulated dust is removing the air conditioner mask, then look at the air filter at the front, you will see dust and dirt stains. We can wash the air filter with clean water and gently scrub it with a brush. After that let them dry.

This is an easy way to clean the air conditioner that every family can do by themselves. But most importantly, the air conditioner must be cleaned regularly at least every 6 months to prevent not cooling AC problem.


After knowing how to fix not cooling AC problem in a simple way that everyone can check and do without having to rely on a technician, as HomeGuru mentioned above. All problems with air conditioning, whether the AC is not cold, the AC has hot air, the AC does not cutout or the AC is not turned on, should be a simple problem and greatly reduce the worry in using it. But for anyone who is still not sure about the safety and installation or repair of the air conditioner by yourself. We recommend you to find a specialist to help solve all problems with the air conditioner before it get worse.

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