Electric electrodes are basic hand tool that should have in your home. Because it is versatile, can meet the purpose of working within the home effectively. Whether to use with the garage, Fence, it can connect with various metal and stainless-steel equipment in the house by itself. It saves time and cost as well. Especially in the present day that many people are starting to turn their attention to DIY work. It is becoming more and more popular. So “HomeGuru” would like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone, what is electric electrode used for, how to buy them? and What should be considered?

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Introduce of Electric electrodes.

Many people wonder What are electric electrodes used for? It is a hand tool that is especially needed in welding work Which the technicians who working in this area will be familiar. It Can be welded in a variety of materials for making a workpiece merged into one piece. Nowadays, there are various types of electric electrode. buying it need to consider the nature of the work performed and technicians or users must have knowledge in order to be able to choose to use this hand tool properly and nd to prevent the dangerous when choose the Wrong type.


How many types of electric electrodes are there?

electric electrodes can divide into 4 types as follows

1. Electric Electrode or Covered Welding Electrode

This is a very popular type. The figure of this type is similar to the flux covered which the inner core is metal Such as mild steel electrode, stainless steel electrode, electric aluminum electrode, Electric brass electrode, hard iron electrode, etc. There are many sizes to choose from 2.0, 2.6, 3.2, 4.0, 5.0 mm. This type of electric electrode has the advantages it’s easy to use, easy to carry, inexpensive and without gas. Therefore, suitable for basic industrial applications and suitable for beginners as well.

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2. Stainless Steel Wire 308 L-16

It is a rutile type, ultra-low carbon with a high content of other metals. Used for welding chromium-nickel steel, have a stable and unstable structure. It’s contains with 18% of chromium, 8% of nickel, which is resistant to atmospheric corrosion. Can bear with high temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius. It Give a soft weld and easy to use. The welding result will come out smooth. It slashes easily and has less smoke, suitable for general stainless-steel work and welding work that needs to focus on high quality Such as boiler tank welding, food industry tank welding, petrochemical industry welding, etc.

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3. Cast iron electrode

This type is for repairing of cast iron parts such as gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, etc. The core of the electrode is nickel-based. Which cast iron electrodes containing a lot of nickel. The price will go up with the amount of nickel in it. General cast iron electrodes are divided into containing 55% of nickel, with 98% of nickel. For cast iron electrode n1-55 is covered with Graphite flux. the electrode contains with 55% of nickel, it can be used for lathe working. This type has a good resistance for cracking. Suitable for welding and repairing. various types of cast iron are quite popular at a very lower price.


4. High Tensile electrode

General name is Solid steel electrode which strength 70,000 psi per Square inch. It’s low hydrogen type. It is another type of electrode with excellent mechanical properties. Good ability to pass X-ray inspection. High Resistant for cracking So it is very suitable for welding large structural steel such as tall buildings, shipyards, bridges, petrochemical works and various pressure vessels.


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how to choose suitable electric electrode?

Have to consider the nature of the work performed and know the details of the work, also need to consider the appropriate size between the electric electrode and the workpiece itself. To be able to use conveniently. And to prevent Danger from electric welding work. Each size of electric electrode should be considered as appropriate as follows.

1. Electric Electrode size 1.6mm. Suitable for thin steel 0.8 – 1.0 mm. And general DIY work.
2. Electric Electrode size 2.0mm. Suitable for thin steel about 1mm.
3. Electric Electrode size 2.6mm. Suitable for C-section steel, box steel and general steel
4. Electric Electrode size 3.2mm. Suitable for general steel structure. And marine vessel welding work

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Techniques for buying Electrodes.

There are various factors for choosing to buy electric electrode as mentioned above. But there are more several techniques for choosing to buy them for your consideration.

1. Strength of the workpiece

Before welding, you must know the mechanical properties of the work metal. If it is a low alloy steel, electrodes should be chosen based on the strength value. As close to the working metal as possible. If it is soft steel (Low carbon steel) should choose electric electrodes in group 6013, which mechanical properties closest to the work metal.

2. type of power use

Should choose electric electrodes suitable with current power. some electric electrodes will only be able to connect well with direct current power. Or some types will work well with AC power only


3. Welding position

Look at the symbols given in electric Electrodes, for example AWS system indicate that the third digit is the position for welding.

4. Figurer of joint and adjacent joint

A joint without making a cut should choose soft type of electric electrode. it can help a less deep leakage. suitable for applications with thin materials. But for work with thick materials, electric electrodes with strong arc must be selected. Based on the fourth digit for the A.W.S standard

5. Requirements of work

Should consider the mixture of electric electrodes suitable with functional properties of work, such as Work exposed to impact, welding work performed at low temperatures or high temperature.
In addition, having to consider the mixture of electric electrodes, the toughness and impact resistance Which electric electrodes are suitable in this case normally is low hydrogen.


This is all you need to know about electrodes Including techniques for choosing to buy electrodes which “HomeGuru” has gathered together here. This’s not only a hand tool that cause repairing or DIY work easily but also a hand tool which if you have it in your house, you will definitely be able to use it often.

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