Choosing to buy an Electric Oven is a big problem for housewives especially who love to do bakery needs a baking oven that works well. Or for entrepreneurs who are interested in popular businesses like cafes that have both snacks and drinks, but still confused what type of choice to choose to meet the actual use. There are so many ovens to choose such as electric oven, microwave oven and gas oven, which you don’t know the different of each type. How much does the oven cost? HomeGuru would like you to get to know this type of kitchen electric appliance to make it easier for you to decide which oven to buy.


Choose to buy an oven suitable for use

First of all, there are different types of ovens in the market and there are different functions. Oven prices ranging from thousands to hundreds thousands. The selection of the oven must therefore be considered first. The current type of oven can be divided into 3 main types:

1. Microwave Cum Convection Oven

It combines the functions of the microwave that we are familiar with and the baking function on the same machine. There is a small oven and the built-in oven that combines the ability to bake both hot-air and steam grilled in one machine. Advantage of microwave ovens are inevitable to save space. But the disadvantage is that the price is quite high.


2. Electric Oven

Highly popular for households because it is easy to use and easy to maintain. Electric ovens can be divided into 2 sub-types: tabletop oven and built-in oven.

Tabletop Oven: is a small oven with sizes from 9 liters to 90 liters large. If you use an oven for bakery or for industrial purposes or in large quantities, recommend to use size 40 liters or more because there will be enough grill space for baking. The advantages of a tabletop oven are easy to move and no need to worry about installation. The price is cheap and it can adjust the light function to suit the type of food. But there is a limitation of uneven heat distribution and the glass is not durable for heat.

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Built-in Oven: is an outstanding oven in terms of design and it can arrange food in a well-prepared area and save space. It often installed under the gas stove or electric stove. Built-in oven + cooking hood are often install together in modern kitchens. In addition to helping to drain the smell from cooking, cooking hood also helps to make the kitchen look more beautiful and elegant. Advantages of built-in oven is that it has many functions, both convenient and accurate in temperature control heat thoroughly, durable, strong and well ventilated. It has almost perfect features. The only disadvantage is the price is quite expensive.

เตาอบไฟฟ้า เตาอบไฟฟ้า เตาอบไฟฟ้า

3. Gas Oven

There are a gas stoves for cooking on top and at the bottom is a gas oven, often used with the cooking hood as well. Gas oven is suitable for use as bakery oven or food oven for food business because it can bake or heat food in large quantities at one time. The advantage is that it can be used in a variety of applications on a single machine. But the disadvantage is that it is quite difficult to control the temperature because there are a few heat sources. And some models do not have a fan to help distribute heat causing uneven heat. The oven is large and use a lot of installation space for both the oven itself and gas tanks as well.


Which brand of electric ovens are good?

Besides choosing to buy an oven that is suitable for use. There are other factors to consider:

  • full functions, easy to use, not complicated
  • have thermostats for measuring and controlling the temperature
  • complete protection system or grounding
  • made from materials that are strong and durable
  • choose to buy from trusted manufacturers and distributors and ready to guarantee the product
เตาอบไฟฟ้า เตาอบไฟฟ้า เตาอบไฟฟ้า


If you are still not sure of which brand of oven to buy or want to compare the details and price of each brand’s oven and each model from leading manufacturers first.

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