When Water Leakage from the upper floor causing damage to the lower ceiling, if left for too long, it may cause problems. What should you do?

Actually, it is a professional technician’s problem because there are solutions that require a fair level of expertise and still need enough strength as well. It may not be suitable for general people. But if the cause is not very complicated. Now, tools and materials for technicians have modern innovations that are easy to use. With an instruction manual that you can follow. Therefore, the following content will introduce solutions to the problem of water leakage without having to destroy the old tiles to be complicated. In the cause of peeling grout and the original tile that has not been waterproofed properly causing water to leak. The method is that we will cover the same tiles. (This work is not related to the problem of the water supply system or the pipe leakage)


The methods are as follow:

1. First of all, clean the problem area completely.

Then add the loose grout all over the area, wait until completely dry, then use water as normal. Check to see if the water still leaks.

2. If there is no problem, prepare the area for tiling.

Clean the area without dust, grease, soap stains, then apply the waterproofing cement over the first layer for 2 times. The second layer crosses the whole calculation to be approximately 1.0 cm thick and then allow to dry 2-3 days.

กระเบื้องปูพื้นภายใน ซีเมนต์กันซึม กาวยาแนว


3. After that, lay the tiles, start by using a scaffolding comb to spread the cement glue onto the floor and then spread over the back of the tile.

Repeat that the sheet is full. Then laying the tiles down, leaving the grout to fit. Do the same to the full area (recommend that the tiles are laid halfway across the same tile is better) let it dry for about 2 days.


4. When the tile floor is dry, apply anti-fungal grout all over the area

And then clean the grout stains with a sponge. Allow to dry for about 24 hours. Just as you get the new bathroom, no more leaks. But still not having problems… you have to go to fix the ceiling.

กาวซีเมนต์ เกรียง กาวยาแนว


This ceiling repair work is not easy. If the ceiling is smooth, you should call a technician. Because just thinking of how to begin to cut the blemish out, what tools to use would be messy to watch. But if it is T-Bar ceiling, just remove the damaged sheet and replace the damaged sheet with the new one.

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