Expired Power Cord , how much does it affect the home? HomeGuru answer questions about the safety of many homeowners. This problem because fire is not a joke especially old house wiring that has not been inspected for wiring quality for many years.


When does the power cable expire?

Usually, the cable has a long life, approximately 15-20 years, even if the house is wired with conduits, then it will last for 30 years with a lifetime of the power cord. Almost every home therefore neglects in checking the quality of wires inside and outside the house.


Although the material or the outer insulation used for covering most electrical cables is strong because it is made of PVC. But if there is a heavy usage, sun exposure, rain, UV exposure often or notice that there are cracks canker from use. The lifespan of the electric wire is also reduced by about 10 years.


How to check when the power cord is expired?

Check the expired wires manually

Electrical system work can be difficult in wire quality inspection because it is a technical matter that requires specialists. But initially the homeowner can inspect and can be observed by yourself easily with a household tool such as a screwdriver, check the fire. If you find that the cord is dry, crusty, burns and cracked until you see the copper wire inside to immediately repair and change. But if it is a cable through the pipe. Advise the homeowner to find a skilled assistant to solve the problem the power cable deteriorates this.

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Not only the power cables that require health checks equipment connected to power cords such as sockets and switches must be equally inspected and maintained. If the socket-outlet has cracks and loose when plugging in, suggest to change and most importantly, do not forget to check that every power point or is there an electrical leak? By using a screwdriver to check the light to touch the hole of the plug.

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Check the electricity meter in front of the house for confidence

Aside from the inspection of the home wiring that has expired or not. If the homeowner wants to know whether the electricity in the house is malfunctioning or not. Is there an electrical leak? Choosing to observe the electricity meter is another way that homeowners have to keep an eye on. If the electrical switch is disabled and all electrical outlets in the house, but the electricity meter is still running, shows that there is an electrical leakage.


When in doubt that the electricity is leaking because the power cable is worn out. Another way to check the quality of the wire is to check the leakage current circuit breaker. By pressing the power cut test button. If the automatic power cut is considered normal but if the device doesn’t respond, have to find a professional technician to fix.


How to change the power cord to the standard?

When it is found that the power cable being used is an expired or damaged power cord. Changing to a new power cord, therefore must choose a power cable that has been TIS. 11-2553 standard by choosing the right wire for the type of use. In which the size of the power cord affects the amount of electricity that is required in the home which must install the power cable to the standard. Regardless of choosing a floating wall wiring or wiring hundreds in the pipe which is currently a popular style of loft-style houses. Must be careful not to have objects pressing over the power cable and the best advice for wiring. Ready to keep checking the power cord to be in a condition that is always available.

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Prohibitions when the electric wire has expired

Stop using duct tape

When checking the wiring deterioration by myself. What every home can think of before calling a mechanic is using duct tape. But do you know? Using duct tape can create a risk of electric shock or short-circuit, as it may be a non-standard power connection and unsafe. Also, the duct tape may expire and deteriorate because it was heated by the ceiling of the house. It is a better helper than electrical tape. You should choose a power cable connector that supports both hard and soft wires that are standard. In addition to helping with security, also helps to reduce the time to connect the wires more easily as well. It can be purchased at stores that sell general mechanic equipment.

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Checking the quality of the wires whether the wires have expired or not is probably the same as checking the health of the family that there are parts that need to be looked after and maintain to stay healthy all the time home too. Currently, there is a Home Check Up program, which HomeGuru recommends that every home should check their health, from electrical, plumbing, roofs, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, colors and structures to help keep the house healthy. All problems will occur by cracking on fire that nobody wants to happen.


Buying power cable Is a long-term investment Because it has a long service life. It is necessary to choose a high quality power cable in order to reduce the time for the cord to expire and for the safety of homes and residents.

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