Feng Shui Desk is another belief in setting the desk of many working-age people to help promote the progress of their work to be successful and steady. Especially in this ‘Work From Home’ situation, finding the location and setting the desk in the house according to Feng Shui principles is a very close thing that you should not ignore. But how to set up a desk in the right direction and the right direction? Today, HomeGuru has great tips for organizing Feng Shui Desk by Birthday to recommend everyone.

Things you need to know before arranging Feng Shui Desk by birthday

• Positioning the desk arrangement is important.


The position of the desk arrangement is the primary concern because each corner, each area empowers different work power. But the essential aspect of a good desk placement is to see the whole room atmosphere. And should not be placed in a corner or under the beam because it will cause stress throughout the work.

Behind the desk should be a solid wall, not a window, and should not let the area behind the desk become open space. You should find furniture like shelves to set to enhance stability, prestige, and power.

• Put things on the desk in the correct position.


On the desk, don’t let it get messy. It would be best to organize the things in a neat and correct position. Because not only will it be easy to pick up and use, but it can also help improve work progress.

  • Left – Like knowledge, or is the position of the dragon, the left-hand side of the desk should bring a notebook, document, or book that requires frequent movement to set up to help empower.
  • Right – The right-hand side of the desk means creativity and relationship. Most people know this side as the tiger, should set up a desk by looking for equipment related to work or a picture frame, phone, a flower vase and place it always to add new ideas.
  • Back – Back of the desk, like stability or turtle position. So, it should be a solid wall and choose a chair with a high back to help strengthen the stability of work.
  • Front – Like a family or the swan position, the front side of the worktable does not leave your desk cluttered. Always clear the area in front of the desk to avoid conflicts with colleagues.

• Desk shapes and the energy forces that you want


The desk layout may differ depending on the size of the area and personal preferences. But the key to choosing a feng shui desk is the size of the desk must be fit, not too small or too large. To make it convenient and easy to reach things on the table.

Like a square-shaped work table, which commonly uses in many homes, it helps to concentrate work more than other desk shapes. The round table will help with creativity. It is therefore popular for use in meeting rooms.

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• Refresh the workspace on your desk

ฮวงจุ้ยโต๊ะทํางาน 2564

Set up the desk to continuously freshen up with flowers and scented candles to help reduce fatigue and relieve stress during work. Or finding the talisman objects to place to stimulate internal energy to have the driving force in the job. Many talisman objects are placed on the desk, such as turtle figurines, water glasses, cactus, lucky stones, mirrors, etc.

Feng Shui Desk by Birthday, how to arrange it Lucky for Life!


ฮวงจุ้ยโต๊ะทํางาน 2564

Should set up the desk in a hot color scheme because it is fire elemental. Using a warm color scheme will help your assistants and subordinates consider you. The optimal position for the desk is north, east, or northeast to help reduce conflicts with colleagues. And on the work table, you should find a lamp to place to enhance your success.

Cautions: Avoid setting your desk in a bluish-blue tone and keeping your desk in the southwest.



Feng Shui by Birthday of those born on Monday should set up the desk to be open, airy and emphasize the green area on the table. You may place plants like a cactus to enhance the smoothness and resolution of work. The proper directions for setting the desktop are east, northeast, and southeast.

Cautions: Avoid decorating and setting your desk in red tones, and don’t place your desk in the west.



For Tuesday people are the air element personality. If you want to increase your working power, you should find a decorative item that can move all the time on your desk, such as a pendulum clock with red or pink accent colors. To strengthen relationships with colleagues, and you should place the desk in the south, east, and southeast.

Cautions: Do not set up a desk in the northwest. And it is not recommended to decorate your desk in white or yellow tones as this will result in contact with hot-tempered people.



To enhance the work on ideas and creativity, Wednesday people should decorate their desks in black, green, or blue tones. And place the decorations on the table in an L-shape to promote your finances.

Cautions: The table should not place in the southeast because it will conflict with others. And should not use pink or orange colors in the desk setup.

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Thursday people have to focus on earth tones, pastel tones, or natural tones in their desk setup to help with their success. You may decorate the table with flowers or scented candles to help add charm. The best direction to place your desk is west, southwest, and north.

Cautions: Do not set up a desk in an open space and not place the desk in the east. The colors that not recommend are purple and blue.



Feng Shui Desk of people born on Friday, which is the water element, should set up a desk open and expansive. Choose to decorate the table in bright and cool colors or find a cylinder-shaped or spiral decoration set up for the smooth operation to be successful. Suggested directions are north, northeast and northwest.

Cautions: It is not recommended to decorate; set your desk in purple, and you should not place your desk in the south.



On the desk of a Saturday person, you should find decorations such as a fish tank, glass balls and place them on the left-hand side of the desk. It helps negotiations in the works efficiently. The color scheme used to decorate should be dark. To help empower the dignity by the appropriate directions are south, west and southwest.

Cautions: Do not use green and orange colors to decorate your desk. And should not sit and work in the northeast.


Setting up a Feng Shui desk will help strengthen your work to be successful and smooth. But the new desk setup also makes every home’s desk more tidy, open, and clean. In addition to the Feng Shui Desk that HomeGuru mentioned above, things that will empower your success and career advancement are determining each person’s work.

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