Feng Shui Front Door is one of the most important areas of your home and represents the face you show to the world. If the house is beautiful, bright, complete, and impressive to the viewer, it will surely attract good things to your feng shui front yard or the entrance to the house. Your front door also represents how energy and opportunities come into your life on an energetic level. So HomeGuru will introduce feng shui landscaping techniques that will help strengthen the feng shui front door. Essentially Ready to receive wealth and get lucky.

1. Tips to Use Feng Shui in Your Garden
2. Tips to Use Feng Shui in Your Front Door

• Tips to Use Feng Shui in Your Garden

According to feng shui landscaping techniques, many homes are detached houses or houses with enough space for the front garden to arrange front garden. The first thing to know for sure is which direction the front of the house is facing. Because the garden feng shui in each direction will have different decorating principles according to the house’s position as follows.


1. North

North is a powerful direction related to work, business, or occupation. Decoration feng shui front door facing north is the power of the water element such as fountain ponds, fish ponds, lotus ponds. When decorated with water, it must always maintain the cleanliness of the water. Not so dirty or cloudy. And should use dark color decoration like navy blue or dark brown to decorate the garden. The trees especially recommended for growing indoors are the desert roses tree, White lilyturf tree, and Spider plant. In this regard, you need to keep care of the trees to be lush, look and feel moist. It is always comfortable with the eyes.

2. South

The south is the direction that relates to power, fame, and honor. According to feng shui landscaping techniques, planting trees or flowers that are colorful, such as pink, red, purple, or choose to plant trees that help strengthen the home energy. That is the mango tree, the Java plum tree, and the Ebony tree. In addition, you can also enhance the success by decorating the garden with fountains, fish ponds, and various courtyard lamps.

3. East

The feng shui front door in the east direction is success, fame, recognition, and health. It would be best if you planted trees that are bright colors like pink, red or purple, as well as tall plants. The auspicious trees to grow in this direction include Bamboo trees, Indian cork trees, and Pomegranate trees. You can also add garden accessories that emphasize bright colors or fish ponds and water basins and add beautiful lanterns to illuminate the garden.

4. North East

According to feng shui landscaping techniques, this is a powerful direction of intelligence and learning. By choosing to plant auspicious trees, the Dracaena tree, Bael tree, Jasmine tree, or select the trees with bright colors such as pink, red, purple, and orange complement the rocky garden décor. However, there is the caution that you should not choose a large stone and should not place the stone in the entrance of the house. Besides the rock, the fountain will help strengthen the northeast home’s sacred power.


ฮวงจุ้ยน้ําพุหน้าบ้าน ฮวงจุ้ยน้ําพุหน้าบ้าน น้ำพุล้น

5. South East

According to Feng Shui principles, the southeast is the direction of abundance and richness. If you choose to decorate the garden with tall plants, it will result in intelligence and learning empowerment. If you plant a decorative tree, it will help the house members be in unity and harmony with each other. And if you grow fruit trees or flowers, it will help strengthen the charm. It can say that you can plant the home in the southeast in various ways. And three types of auspicious trees that I would recommend planting are the Crown of thorns tree, Noni tree, and Mammea siamensis trees. Additionally, garden decorations with fountains or lotus basins will help strengthen the positive energy to receive only good things into the house.

6. West

Many Thai people may not like this direction, but the Chinese believe that this direction will bring riches unexpectedly. The emphasis of landscaping in this direction is water decorations such as fish ponds, lotus basins, or fountains. Decorating the garden in dark tones such as black, gray, dark stone, or lamps helps awaken creativity, flair, outstanding, and advantage when negotiating.

7. North West

Northwest is the direction of the beginning of new things. The correct feng shui front door arrangement of this direction is to choose to plant trees with leaves, flowers, or fruit in a circle shape. If the garden is decorated with lotus ponds, fish ponds, fountains, or even various stones, it should be a round shape. The round shape will enhance the prestige of house’s members to do business and work smoothly and affectionately. Besides spherical objects that help strengthen the good, the sacred trees planted are the Water jasmine tree, Orange tree, and Garcinia tree.

8. South West

Southwest is the dominant direction in terms of happiness, peace, love, relationship. This direction of the feng shui front yard needs to focus on the colors and brilliance of the trees or flowers, including the auspicious tree, such as the Jackfruit tree, Cassia bakeriana tree, and Spanish cherry tree, along with additional decorations like beautiful stones, statues, or animal carvings. However, there is caution on the stone’s size not to be too large and should not place in a position that matches the house entrance.


ไฟสนาม ไฟสนามโซล่าเซลล์ โคมไฟสนาม

• Tips to Use Feng Shui in Your Front Door

In addition to feng shui landscaping techniques, things that help attract good fortune and money to enter the house are arranging the front entry to be tidy, clean, beautiful. Because the front of the house reflects the power that will enter the home, both positive and negative energy, therefore, preparing for the sacred power, you should pay attention to the right feng shui front door arrangement according to the following principles.

1. When arranging the garden feng shui until it is beautiful, you always need to keep trees and flowers to be lush greenery, bright, and shady because the completely fresh tree will help attract fortune energy and success to the members of the house.

2. For feng shui front yard decorated with fish basins, lotus basins, overflowing water basins, fountains, or simulated waterfalls, which will help attract auspicious power of money prosperity into the house. There is a caution that the decoration should not place on the right side of the home. But put it on the left-hand side when looking from outside the house. And should avoid placing it on the southwest side of the house because it can quickly get into trouble in the family.

3. Should arrange the light in front of the house to be bright all the time because the light will help attract successful energy to the home members. In the daytime, there should be sunlight in the house. And at night, you should light it by always turning on the front lights, which if it is a warm yellow light is better than white light.


4. A good feng shui front door must be clear, transparent, not cluttered, especially at the entrance to the house, where things should not clutter between the entry and exit to allow the sacred power to move smoothly into the house.

5. The door in front of the house should be solid because it will help keep the sacred power inside the house. At the same time, it will provide privacy for the house members as well. But in the case of the entrance to various office buildings, you can choose to use a transparent door.

6. The same with the door of the house. A good house fence should not be too airy as well. Because a solid gate will help retain auspicious power to stay with the home longer. But if you want the gate to be open, you can choose to use the door at the top, 50% – 70% transparent, and the bottom is a solid gate.

7. The house number sign on the front of the house should always be visible. It must always keep them clean, including choosing a suitable label for the size of the house and avoiding labeling the house number in a dark corner or in locations that are difficult to see.


Feng Shui Front Door and Feng Shui Front Yard that HomeGuru has mentioned above are just a few ways to customize the house that everyone can apply to suit their own home. But the most important thing is to keep the house clean and repair the place to be in good condition and always ready to use to create happiness, safety and create a good atmosphere for living in the home of everyone in the family.

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