“Feng Shui House Paint” According to Feng Shui principles, house paints have a great influence on emotions and feelings. Colors provide different life energy, such as bright tones giving Yang energy. Dark tones give Yin energy. And colors also give different results to people. Therefore, it is normal that people tend to have a favorite color or a different color.


In Chinese Feng Shui color is, therefore, an important element that affects Feng Shui very much. In this content, “HomeGuru” brings small knowledge in choosing the right color for your home which may be used as the main color of your home or bedroom as well.


For choosing house paints according to Feng Shui will choose according to the balance of 5 elements which are earth, water, fire, wood and gold in order to stimulate the positive energy to occur in the house appropriately. Therefore, before choosing a house paint, thing that you need to know are what is your horoscope element? By looking at the birthday element in the Chinese calendar or on the Chinese horoscope website.

ฮวงจุ้ยสีทาบ้านภายนอก ฮวงจุ้ยสีทาบ้านภายนอก ฮวงจุ้ยสีทาบ้านภายนอก ฮวงจุ้ยสีทาบ้านภายนอก


Choose the color of the house according to the element of Chinese Feng Shui

House paint for earth element

Earth conveys the consistency, stability, power, and the soil element that suits brown which is the color of stability. And other colors that give similar shades, such as yellow, intelligence, orange, cream to promote creativity. Or any material that contains soil, stone, or ceramic, can be used to decorate.


House paint for wood element

Wood conveys the natural atmosphere. The color of the wood is light green, dark green which is a color of freshness, hope and a symbol of abundance. Light brown or any material that is wood pattern will help promote the elemental energy to people who are wood elements as well.


Gold element (metal)

Gold or metal, reflecting modern sharpness. The color of gold is white, silver and gold. A group of colors that give a feeling of luxury, glory, decorated with metal materials, glossy surface.


Water element

Water conveys flow, adaptation to the environment. The colors of the water elements are blue, blue, gray and black which give a calm, cool feeling or any shiny material such as glass.


Fire element

Fire expresses the bright light The power of fire helps to create a distinctive, hot, bright color. The color of the fire element is red, color of fortune, pink and purple celebration adds romance and warmth or colors that create a bright atmosphere in the house.


In addition to paying attention to details in choosing colors. Things to keep in mind are The selection of color products with standard quality. Exterior house paint should use colors that are suitable for exterior work It has heat reflective properties such as the Delta Chillshield acrylic paint that reflects 93% of the heat. It has more than 57% of the color content. It can be applied over a single layer without needing to repeat. Therefore, it can help to save the color cost and make the beauty of the house more durable for longer. As for the interior paint that is closer to the residents. You must look for colors that are highly secure Mercury and lead free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly without a pungent residue. Able to move in immediately after applying, such as acrylic paint, ready-made interior using dark formulas like Beger One.

ฮวงจุ้ยสีทาบ้านภายใน ฮวงจุ้ยสีทาบ้านภายใน ฮวงจุ้ยสีทาบ้านภายใน ฮวงจุ้ยสีทาบ้านภายใน


For any reader who already painted the house and feel that the original color is not the same. If you want to change the color of the house that has been ruined with the year of birth or adjust the color of the house according to the elements, able to use the service of Home Service, complete the painting in one place, starting from the step of surveying the color design page and check after finishing work. All processes take about 1 month and 100% safe. No problems with technicians leaving the job. Confidence in after-sales service with a full 1-year warranty and the convenience of contacting the technician team anytime, anywhere Call Center 1284 or Line: @HomeProService throughout 24 hours.


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