Feng Shui kitchen, for anyone interested in this science, it is well understood that Feng Shui is directly related to health and fertility in life. The ancients considered the kitchen as the spiritual healer of the home. It is also a room that must be used on a daily basis, must cook and use the stove frequently. Which is considered highly stimulating the fire elemental yang state. Therefore, placement of the kitchen including various appliances to be correct according to the principle. Feng Shui kitchen directly affects the well-being of the people in the house. How will Feng Shui be arranged in the kitchen to enhance fortune? HomeGuru has the answers.


How to organize a kitchen according to Feng Shui?

In principle, Feng Shui is to bring energy from the environment that we are involved with in order to empower people. By considering the five elements in Feng Shui: fire, earth, gold, water and wood, together with the direction. Which the subject of Feng Shui kitchen, it will focus on the two main elements, the fire element and the water element, because it is a place where both fire and water are used together. Feng Shui, the kitchen for fortune and the health of the people in the home. Therefore, you need to focus on placement, the location of the kitchen to achieve a balance between these two elements.

ครัวไม้สำเร็จรูป ครัวไม้สำเร็จรูป ครัวสำเร็จรูป


How good is Feng Shui kitchen?

Placement of the kitchen inside the house

The kitchen should be at the back of the house

In Feng Shui, the kitchen is like a treasure. It determines the fortune, so the position of the kitchen should not be in a position where outsiders can see. Because it would be considered a scramble for fortune or fortune will easily fly out of the house and most of the time the largest opening is in the front of the house. This will cause the wind to blow in from the front of the house to the back of the house, so the kitchen is positioned around the back of the house. In addition to being out of sight of outsiders, it also helps reduce the smell of cooking smoke from drifting in the wind that blows in from the front of the house.

ฮวงจุ้ยห้องครัว ที่ดีเป็นอย่างไร

The kitchen should be in the south or southwest

In addition to placing the kitchen in the back of the house If able to determine the direction of the room in the house. According to Feng Shui kitchen principles, you should choose to arrange the kitchen to the south and southwest which is the direction of the fire element.

The kitchen should not be in the entrance area of the house

Another thing to keep in mind is that a good kitchen must not be in the entrance or exit area of the house. Because it allows good energy to move away easily.


The kitchen should not be aligned with the bedroom or the upper bunk

The reason why the kitchen should not be aligned with the bedroom or the upper bunk. Because it will make the residents face the heat from the yang state of the fire element more than usual.

The kitchen should not be next to the bathroom

Because the bathroom is considered to be the water element If they are close to each other, the two elements are unbalanced and the bad smell from the bathroom also disturb and destroy the atmosphere in the kitchen.

ตู้แขวนคู่ ตู้แขวนบานโล่ง ตู้แขวนคู่ไม้


The Placement of kitchen stoves

Place the fireplace in the south or southwest of the house

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, the hearth represents the good fortune of the family. It is a symbol of nurturing people in the home. Therefore, it must be placed in an auspicious position to allow food cooked from the stove to get energy circulating. As a result, people in the home are healthy and have good fortune. Both directions are the most suitable directions for a fire hearth.

เตาปรุงอาหารแก๊ส เตาปรุงอาหารเซรามิก เตาปรุงอาหารแก๊ส


Place the stove and sink so that they are opposite or apart

Because the furnace has a fire element and has a high yang. With a sink that has a water condition. This makes both of these things a constant destroyer. Therefore, these two things should not be placed together or opposite. A good arrangement is that they should be placed opposite each other. Or at least 1 meter apart to keep people in the middle of both elements while using.

Place the stove, sink, and refrigerator in a triangle shape

The stove, sink and refrigerator are the top three tools in the kitchen. Keep them in a triangular position. Feng Shui kitchen, it also makes the use of the kitchen more comfortable.


The problem of placing the stove

The hearth is considered a representative of the fire element that directly affects the fate of the residents of the house. Placing your hearth in the wrong place can lead to an unstable fluctuation of fate. Income and expenses are not constant and it can affect people’s moods, causing arguments, conflicts, and chaos within the house.

Placing the stove near the water

If the stove is placed near the water, either the sink, faucet, water basin or in line with the water tank. This will combine two elements, the fire element and the water element, which collide with each other. As a result, members of the house are easily frustrated. And always argued and even if the faucet is far from the stove. But if the faucet is turned directly to the stove, it is considered in a collision position. Fire element will be compromised by water. Affect the health of the people in the home causing problems with digestion, absorption, gastritis, intestinal disease, liver disease, accident and surgery.

ตู้เย็น ซิงค์ฝัง ซิงค์ขาตั้ง


The stove is placed on the bathroom door

This results in problems with loss of property, burglary, urinary tract disease, nephrotic syndrome, kidney stones, or other organ locations that can lead to cancer.

Placing the fireplace under the beam

The beam will have a force to suppress. As a result, people in the house have less resistance to disease. They often have diseases of the throat, nose, eyes, diabetes, hemorrhoids and are often difficult to cure.

A floating stove with no barrier

If the stove is placed without its back against the wall or wall. It is a floating fireplace. Equal to lack of energy, lack of fortune, lack of financial stability or stability.


Placing the stove in the same position as the clothes drying

In addition to making food smell stick to clothes and chemical odors or impurities contaminated with food. Also, making sacred things escape as well. Because according to ancient Chinese beliefs, the kitchen is a sacred place. There lived a god Tao and there is a worship of the god of fire every year. Drying clothes in the stove is an unfortunate thing and a mistake in the Feng Shui kitchen itself.


How to fix Feng Shui kitchen?

Placement of the kitchen Including various appliances. All affect the fate of the residents of the house. If placed correctly according to the principle Feng Shui kitchen. Inevitably results in good fortune, good health. But if there are limitations in the kitchen placement, it still has how to fix Feng Shui that can be applied.

If the kitchen is next to the bathroom

If the kitchen is close to the bathroom or the door in both rooms facing each other. It can be fixed by keeping the bathroom door closed to help prevent the flow of good energy. Always keep the bathroom clean so it is a good source of energy. And paint the walls of the two rooms differently in order to clearly divide the space of each part as a Feng Shui solution that keeps the energy from both rooms from colliding.


If the kitchen is in the position of the bed or a bedroom on the second floor

The corresponding position will generate more heat than usual from the Yang power to fix it by installing heat insulation under the ceiling between the kitchen below and the bedroom on the upper floor.

In case there is limited space to set the stove

If there is a limited amount of space in the kitchen that you cannot place the stove and sink in accordance with the principles Feng Shui kitchen has a Feng Shui solution is to separate the elements between the fire element and the water element in which the middle element is wood. Putting a plant vase in the middle of the two areas helps to balance and reduce the destroying power between two elements.

ตู้ตั้งพื้นครัว ตู้ตั้งพื้นครัว ตู้ตั้งพื้นครัวอะลูมิเนียม


As you can see, Feng Shui kitchen is quite consistent with science. HomeGuru believes that applying the science of Feng Shui to use in daily life is not stupid or destructive. However, keeping the kitchen clean is the number one concern to keep everyone in the house healthy, prepare to welcome the upcoming good fortune.

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