‘Lighting’ is one of the important things about Feng Shui beliefs that many people value aside from selecting furniture and design of the house. It is incredibly considered a light which relates to the principle of science. It is one of the important factors that should be designed and installed to be suitable for home use. Selecting light bulb, lamp, lighting installation location as well as the number of lights to install, make sure that once they are installed, they will not cause problems or affect both physical/mental health of members of the house. HomeGuru would like to recommend the choice of using Feng Shui lighting that is as close to natural light as possible.

How important is Feng Shui light?

According to Feng Shui principles, light is considered a dynamic yang force, indicates the energy of life and bring fortune to the house. On the contrary, yin force, here which means night time with few light. If the house is too dark during the night, therefore, allowing the yin force (darkness) to dominate the house. As a result, people in the house become gloomy, feel bad and unhealthy. Using Feng Shui lights can help to balance the lighting energy. According to the statement “When yin and yang is balanced, all things are born.”

Where should Feng Shui light be?

Feng Shui light in front of the gate, recommend to use 2 light bulbs or lamps to create balance. It should be placed one each side of the gate. The lights should be turned on all night long, to get rid of the yin force (darkness) and bring fortune to the house.

The Feng Shui light suitable for the living room and the central hall should be a beautiful chandelier, because the center of the house is considered an earth element. The lights which come from correct position will enhance the power of the earth, which give more auspiciousness to the house.

Feng Shui lighting for home decoration such as bedroom lighting, recommend not to use a lamp that can see a bare light bulb or a lamp that give too much light. And you should not place the lamp near your bed because the light will disturb you while you rest. In addition, the number of Feng Shui lights in bedroom should not be 7,9 and 11 lamps, these numbers come with heavy burden and bad luck.

For an office room that needs enthusiasm and vitality, recommend to choose a light bulb that gives much light which arouse active movement. As for the number of Feng Shui lights, is based on the same principle as the bedroom.

How to adjust Feng Shui lights?

If the house does not build and furnish according to the Feng Shui principles, customizing a house using Feng Shui lighting is another way to help solve problems, reduce defects at different part of the house without demolishing, reconstructing or install various parts that are tricky and wasteful. Using Feng Shui light can help save cost and less complicated but it gives good result.

According to Feng Shui principles, the house that is auspicious and prosperous for residents is the house with a square shape. However, if the land or the house is not a square shape, it can be modified with Feng Shui light, simply place a decorative lamp on the pole. The shape of the lamp should be rounded with no sharp corners, to avoid bad fortune called Arrow Sha or Poison Arrow.


Feng Shui light, use at north direction, which is the direction of the water element, should be a cool tone. So the fire element will not disturb the water element, in other words, causing the residents to be irritated or impatient. And from all of these, you can see that Feng Shui lighting is not just an unreasonable belief, but it is a belief on the perfect balance between pleasantness and benefits of the residents that you should not overlooked.

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