Many people may have seen pictures of field hospital beds at detention facilities and feel depressed because they are not livable. And Home Isolation treatment measures it is another option for those infected with not very serious symptoms. Therefore, preparation is essential to use foldable field hospital beds that are comfortable, affordable, and easily transportable. Today, HomeGuru will tell you about the camping bed, the advantages, and which one you should buy to make it last a long time.


Using a folding canvas bed and having the advantage of being comfortable to use during the Covid-19 crisis can also be used during quarantine or home isolation.

1. Covid-19 crisis with Home Isolation quarantine.
2. Get to know field hospital bed, a new era item that is already more reassuring.
3. Advantages of using a folding bed during quarantine.
4. Simple techniques to choose a bed to use for a long time.
5. Recommend 5 field hospital beds, works well at a friendly price.


Covid-19 crisis with Home Isolation quarantine.

If you follow the news of the Covid-19 outbreak, the quarantine measures, and the treatment of patients of government agencies. It can be seen that the current crisis is the problem of bed shortage and insufficient to meet the needs of those infected with COVID-19. Even though there is a field hospital bed to support some, but still have the same ‘shortage of hospital bed’ problem.

Therefore, the initial solution to the problem is to isolate at home instead of staying in a field hospital to reduce the congestion of many coronavirus patients. Basically, there are 2 main groups of patients who can be quarantined under Home Isolation as follows:

1. Patients who were newly diagnosed and were in the “green zone” patients.

● Detected COVID-19 but no symptoms or mild symptoms.
● Body temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or more.
● Mild symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, taste buds, no smell.
● No rapid breathing, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and no ‘Pneumonia.’

2. Patients who have been hospitalized for at least 7-10 days

It is a group of patients who have been hospitalized before, and their symptoms have improved. Doctors agree to return to home quarantine, with staff from a health care center or hospital supervising and monitoring symptoms during the quarantine.

The advantages of home quarantine reduce the load on healthcare workers and reduce the risk of exposure to the infection. In which the patient must be isolated, not with other family members. It’s vital that the patient mustn’t have a disease at risk of exacerbating symptoms such as diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease.

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Get to know field hospital bed, a new era item that is already more reassuring.

For foldable field hospital bed is an extra bed for guests or use in limited space, suitable size for 1 person. It is a bed made of fabric, soft when sleeping, and will not hurt your back, use it instead. The bed is generally possible. The bed structure is made of solid and durable steel, able to support the weight well. It is most commonly used in hotels or resorts that offer extra beds for their guests.

With compact size, easy to use, and easy to store so, folding beds are trendy. Especially homes with frequent visitors and not enough rooms or beds to meet their needs. It can also be carried to various places, such as a bed for sleeping in a tent.

In addition, during the COVID-19 pandemic, field hospital beds have become the most commonly used accessories in field hospitals. Because the cost is lower than the investment of other beds, they are more durable in the long run than cardboard beds. Therefore, folding beds are suitable for preparation when it comes to home isolation quarantine.


Advantages of using a folding bed during quarantine.

● Can sleep comfortably without fear of falling off the bed because it’s just the right size, not too small.
● Camping bed is made of durable materials that support the weight well.
● It is cheaper than a regular bed but has similar durability.
● Able to adjust the shape to suit the use in each situation, such as chairs, sofas.
● Easy to clean.
● It is easy to move, making it easy to use during quarantine.
● It can be carried and used as an extra bed in the house.


Simple techniques to choose a bed to use for a long timeใ

1. Consider the material of the bed structure.

When choosing a foldable field hospital bed, it is essential to inspect the bed material. Because usually folding beds are small, the legs of the bed are not very large. They must be used in a limited space. The structure of the bed that is commonly used today is.

● Steel is heavier but the most durable. Easy to clean, but you should choose a model with a powder coating to prevent rust.
● Stainless steel is durable and hard to rust, scratch-resistant.
● Aluminum is the lightest in weight. It is moderately resistant to water and humidity.

2. The weight the bed can support.

In addition to the materials, be sure to check the weight the bed can support to make it safer to use. The folding bed is usually able to withstand the weight of 200 – 300 kg on average.

3. Features or options of the bed.

Today, field hospital beds are available in many models and with many options or features added to make them more comfortable to use. Whether it’s easy to move casters, a locking system that prevents sliding or moving the bed

However, you may choose a model with storage space, especially during quarantine, where you have to be ready to prepare all the essentials in your daily life, such as keeping your cell phone, medicine, mask, thermometer. It can be considered a versatile bed.

Recommend 5 field hospital beds, works well at a friendly price.

1. Folding Bed with Topper Eazybed Premium


The affordable foldable field hospital bed is the Eazybed Premium, sizing 30 x 65 x 185 cm. It can be adjusted up to 5 different heights and comes with an extra thick topper. Using robust steel construction, the fabric material is not water permeable but well ventilated. Support weight up to 300 kg.

2. Eazybed Classic Relaxing Bed


The Eazybed Classic folding bed is an affordable but high-quality model. Flexible and shock-absorbing, easy to fold, has a storage compartment beside the bed. Use a good velvet cushion. The set consists of a bed, sleeping cushions, and air pillows, all 1 piece each.

3. Foldable Field Hospital Bed, Eazybed AEB


This model comes with extra thick mattress pads, making it more comfortable to rest. The upholstery is made of Oxford cloth with special toughness, highly durable, hard to tear. It can recline up to 5 levels and be used in various situations, whether relaxing at home or even using it during quarantine.

4. Folding Bed with Topper, model Eazybed JEB-80


The Eazybed in the JEB-80 comes with a steel mesh construction that is strong, highly durable, and can withstand bumps. The bed is quite large, with a width of 80 centimeters. It can support a maximum weight of 300 kilograms. It has casters for easy movement and has railings on both sides.

5. Eazybed Jumbo with Topper


Lastly, Eazybed Jumbo is extra-large size with a width of 120 centimeters and a mattress thickness of 10 centimeters. It can accommodate up to 2 people, can support up to 400 kilograms of weight, which is quite suitable for use in a house with ample space. Including very suitable for use during Home Isolation.

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It’s over for introducing a field hospital bed that is suitable for buying for home use. Including preparation when treating if infected with Covid-19 using Home Isolation during the covid crisis must avoid traveling in crowded places. HomeGuru recommends that you order a foldable field hospital bed from the Homepro website, ensuring you get a standard camping bed without the risk of crowding.

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