The boiling season has started. Because the degree of heat rising every day If having to turn on the air conditioner every day, all day would be difficult. Therefore, we come to adjust the living space of the house to be a shade to shelter from the sun or used to relax and unwind in the heat that can be debt to escape the heat at every opportunity. With ideas to fill the shade in the garden without fearing the sun.



If anyone has a little bit of garden space, try to create a style pavilion that you like to corner in the garden. Decorated as a relaxing seat, sitting and sipping tea in the afternoon tea, sneak out of heat or a small party in the garden is also good. You may arrange a waterfall garden near allowing for cold steam while listening to the sound of flowing water.


Wooden battens

Wooden battens help filter the light and also create a sense of shady. Choose the right style in the way you like, add a cool look, obscure the bright sunlight. With a variety of fabrics, various designs, colors, and fabrics as thin as needed alternated with hundreds of lath like weaving mats or to sew together the whole piece, follow the light channel, let the fluttering be beautiful as though there is a seaside garden with a chill party anytime.


Outdoor umbrella

Looking for the right angle umbrella or will be a swing with umbrella to protect from the heat from the sun that looks chic, not light. Choose a shade that is light in harmony with nature to reflect sunlight better, such as white, green, cream, and brown at HomePro.



Back to the basics that we all know already is the planting of trees that can be shaded with flowers and leaves as you please. You may choose properties that absorb pollutants, purify the air, or produce trees as well. Because aside from being shaded can still consume the produce from the garden in the house. Whether it is rose apple, mango, guava and also get the fresh air around the house. Some trees are also sacred trees that are believed to be grown in the house and will be good too. There are many garden tools at Home Pro.


Green space

Better turf even have to cut the grass often. But in exchange for a corner to sit and lie outside, cool and cool with bright green. Plus, giving a soft and comfortable touch unlike concrete or hard-boiled tiles that have absorbs heat and reflects sunlight in the atmosphere, causing the surrounding area to become smoldering. And there are still many varieties of grass to choose from, depending on the convenience of the host or the simplest form. Suggesting “artificial grass”, easy to take care of, there are many styles to shop from general material stores. From the small grass, large, short, long, thick, and the color in the shade you can choose. Plus, towering with trendy features so many more that may not be able to choose at all.


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