It is another style of Finished kitchen which many people always ignore and pay less attention than the built-in and cement kitchen type. Because they think, building a new kitchen countertop from cement or built-in type can arrange the space for cooking better than the finished type but nowadays the finished kitchen has been designed to be beautiful and meet the needs as well. And today HomeGuru will let you know more about finished kitchen

1. the advantages and disadvantages of each type kitchen
2. Who is the finished kitchen suitable for?
3. Types of finished kitchens in the market
4. Where we can buy the finished kitchen?

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• the advantages and disadvantages of each type kitchen

the kitchen can be divided into 3 type, cement, built-in and finished kitchen. each type has a different advantages and disadvantages. Before buying should compare both the pros and cons.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of cement kitchen

The cement kitchen has to be structured and cast in plaster according to the structure design. Cement and steel bars are the main components in the construction process. The advantage of this type is the durability. Suitable for cooking heavy food. It’s easy to maintain, costs saving more than other types. but it takes a long time to build. There are little patterns to choose and may cause a damp problem in the storage compartment under the kitchen counter because the material used is a mortar with high humidity.


2. Advantages and disadvantages of built-in kitchen

The most advantage is the beauty. It is a kitchen that has been designed to be able to fit into a specific area of the room. It’s fully utilized of all space so the price is high. The design must be carefully planned to minimize errors. Because we assemble the different part together for installation. Can’t be remove, must be dismantled only. If there is a mistake, it will waste time and high cost to fix.


3. Advantages and disadvantages of the finished kitchen.

There is a limitation on the area that cannot be selected to fit the total size of the area. But it is also an advantage in terms of space allocation compared to other types of kitchens as well, because kitchen counters. often produced to be able to choose from a complete kitchen set, which can be observed from the HomePro finished kitchen counter, including a sink, counter cabinet, kitchen shelf, gas stove cabinet or electric stove, etc. with Different beautiful designs color and material. It’s utilized and can adjust the layout, make it different from other type

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• Who is the finished kitchen suitable for?

It depends on the usage of the user. They want how much of the beauty, durability and space for installation.

the finished kitchen is suitable for people who love cooking and decorating the house. Especially for those who live in condominiums or an apartment with many rooms because the finished kitchen is flexible and easily to move. with the lifestyle of people in the city which living in a limited space of condominiums. The kitchen is also limited with the small size too. So, it is not surprised if the finished kitchen is more and more popular nowadays.

• Types of finished kitchens in the market

The Compact Kitchen is a small kitchen, full of kitchen appliance. it normally consists of a sink, counter top, kitchen shelf, gas hob or electric stove, etc. there are 5 main types of Finished kitchen counters at Homepro including Hi Gloss type, Acrylic type, Laminate type, PVC type and Melamine type.


1. Hi Gloss

It’s prevented water and insects effectively. The structure is made from a cement board frame that can support the weight well. Can use for hard cooking without any problems. Installation does not require masonry. The material is grade A+ of Original High gloss, which can be adjusted in different colors according to your preferences.

2. Acrylic

It is water and termite resistance. The material is made from cement board frame, withstand with heat longer than wood, Non-combustible and not fragile. The zinc door is made from acrylic that can withstand the humidity. It is as beautiful as high-gloss type. Easy to clean by using a cloth wiping it.

3. Laminate

It is scratch surface and heat resistance. Therefore, it is popular to be used as a sink for opening-closing or for top counter. It’s Not only durable but the natural wood pattern is very beautiful and realistic, making it popular nowadays.

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4. PVC

It is a finished kitchen with PVC Vacuum Membrane, an innovation of encapsulating MDF with vacuum system. the surface of the PVC is available in both matte and glossy types. the shiny touch surface is similar to the high-gloss finished kitchen.

5. melamine

It’s water and termite resistance. Door leaf and sink countertops is coated with a melamine surface which is scratch resistance. But may not be good as the laminate surface. the advantage is a cheap price. it is widely popular.


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• Where we can buy the finished kitchen?

HomePro has collected the high quality of finished kitchen and kitchen equipment which has been certified from international standards in one complete stop, moreover HOMEPRO have the expert technicians who are ready to give us an advice and professional installation service with affordable price, from thousands to tens of thousands baht, Depending on the material. But first we can look the price list at

For anyone who is interested in finished kitchen or finished kitchen countertop with affordable price and good quality. Can shop and buy at home pro. We also have a delivery service at every branch nationwide. Or click to view products via HomePro online you can also contact us for more information via Call Center 1284. Lastly, HomeGuru hopes everyone will get your dream kitchen for the happiness area of family.

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