Finished kitchen. The recipe for cooking lovers which is beautiful, strength, durable, Long service life, best feature with waterproof and termite proof. But How to choose the good finished kitchen. today HomeGuru has some techniques and interesting finished kitchen counters catalog 2021 for everyone.

1. Techniques for choosing the finished kitchen
2. Recommend kitchen countertops

• Techniques for choosing the finished kitchen

Besides, quick and convenient installation or waterproof and termite proof properties. Should also consider all these below.


1. Kitchen size

If you want to to buy them for indoor kitchen. The first thing to consider is the size of the kitchen. the size will determine the number of finished kitchen countertops. so, before buying, please do not forget to measure the area of the kitchen. For the reason of having a kitchen suitable with the size, not too small or too big.

2. What items of kitchen set you want to use.

Nowadays, there are different components for different applications of the finished kitchen countertops. So, we need to check and list what is the purpose of using them. Such as Want a sink or not? How much do you want to use the kitchen shelf? want the countertops can place a gas stove or an electric stove for cooking or not? This is the ways to easily choose the finished kitchen without any nervousness.

3. Choose from materials used in production.

There are 5 types of kitchen sets including Hi Gloss, Acrylic, Laminate, PVC, and melamine. All of them are waterproof and termite proof. Also have wooden type which is classic and modern. Aluminum or tile type which is strength, durability, waterproof, termite proof and not allergic to other materials.


4. Colors and beauty match with home style

Beauty is an impact factor that makes people easier make a decision of buying finished kitchen. Nowadays, Modern kitchens must be beautiful, has complete functions and practical of use. the finished kitchen countertops are design as beautiful as built-in type and has many colors to choose from.

5.Price and warranty

We should consider whether the price is suit with quality or not. You can afford the budget or not? How long is the warranty? after-sales service both delivery and installation. Or Is the supplier reliable? Because all these factors will affect the comfort of long-term use. And we conform that you can buy the product with good quality and price at Home Pro every branch near you.

• Recommend kitchen countertops

Now it’s time for HomeGuru to recommend everyone the best finished kitchen countertops in 2021, what brand is the best for complete features, attractive price, and beautiful design. Let’s go and see it.

1. STARMARK MONI211B_R_B 211 cm.

เคาน์เตอร์ครัวสำเร็จรูป โฮมโปร

It’s compact kitchen MOLTE type. It made from good quality materials and through standardized manufacturing processes. This is non-porous, so it’s not a source of bacteria. The highlight is the casting of the countertop into the same piece with sink and the water-proof skirting both front and back. Out of water leakage problems. The door is coated with wood grain texture, beautiful like natural wood, waterproof and termite proof, using a soft-close opening and closing system for both hinges and drawer rails. Modern design, compact size, suitable for houses with limited space or small condominiums. Cover all basic kitchen functionality both cooking area, Food preparation area, sink and spoon storage tray

2. STARMARK MONI166A_L_B 166 cm.

ครัวไม้สำเร็จ STARMARK
They’re soft colors and match with modern minimalist houses. kitchen type. compact kitchen MOLTE has complete functions including cooking area, food preparation area, sink and spoon tray storage. The door is a wood-grain coating material, beautiful like natural wood, modern and luxury, safety while using with soft-close door design, both hinge and drawer rail, the counter top is molded into one piece with the sink and the front and back skirting to prevent water leakage problems effectively, waterproof and termite proof, so, it’s not a source of bacteria.

3. CABIN Kitchen 1.60 m. Zinc cappuccino color

เคาน์เตอร์ครัวสำเร็จรูป โฮมโปร

They made of particle wood, strong, durable, waterproof and termite proof, covered with melamine surface by high pressure extrusion. scratches resistance. The handle is made from plastic and suit with your hand. Comes with a cabinet for storing things, soft-closing system. The floor cabinet can support the weight up to 110 kilograms and the hanging cabinet can support the weight up to 85 kilograms, easy to clean, beautiful design, modern, suitable for any home style.

4. Wooden finished kitchen CABIN FRH-SET-8512X-DO 120 cm.


The interior has a large storage capacity. Able to store and pick up things conveniently. Saves more space and modern design suitable for all functions. Can be used in cement kitchen. Made from a laminate cover material. Inside the cabinet is covered with good quality PVC, waterproof, termite proof, easy to care for.

5. Finished Kitchen Sink CABIN SIENA 100 cm.

ครัวซิงค์สำเร็จรูป CABINSIENA

They’re waterproof and termite proof, strong and durable, full support at every usage. The structure and door frame are made of good quality aluminum. Door panel made from powder coated galvanized steel, sink made from stainless steel grade 201. The top edge of the cabinet is covered with aluminum. A handle made of ABS plastic. Inside, has the keeping bottles storage, shelves storage, a dish drainer and spoon tray space. The side sink has a groove design that allows water to drain easily into the sink.

For anyone who is interested with HomePro finished kitchen countertops including kitchen equipment and appliances. Can come and buy at all HomePro branches. Or click to view products via HomePro online also can contact us for more information via Call Center 1284.

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