“Short-circuit” the cause of fires that are common in the headlines of the news, causing damages to many lives and property. Nobody wants it to happen but do you know that the short circuit or even electric shock most are caused by the negligence of using electrical equipment in daily life that most people neglect, not paying attention to the importance of being easier than expected.


What is a short circuit current?

Before going through the methods of prevention, HomeGuru would like everyone to understand first what the typical short circuit is..

Short Circuit is the flow of electricity from one point to another that is beyond the normal electrical circuit. In which each point may have a different voltage, conducting electricity in the opposite charge or as a conductive medium to the ground, resulting in energy transfer in the form of electricity flowing between those two points more than usual. Until it produces high heat and sparks occur which if the area accidentally contains fuel material, there is a chance that can eventually lead to a fire.

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Short Circuit can occur in both low voltage systems and high voltage systems. In the case of a short circuit in which current flows into the ground often caused by the lack of electrical wires disconnection from the next point touching the ground or metal buried on the ground. Causing electricity to flow into the ground but in the case of a short circuit where the electric current flows between the wires. The cause is usually due to the insulation of the wires being damaged, broken or having friction by accident until overheating and fire occurs.

What causes a short circuit?

Although the cause of electric shock, or short circuit there are many factors. Including using the old electrical cutout that cannot be automatically shut down, use of damaged or non-standard electrical appliances or using too much power to power devices such as the extension of the plug too much. But another important reason that many people tend to overlook is the use of non-standard electrical equipment.

เบรกเกอร์กันไฟรั่ว เบรกเกอร์กันไฟรั่ว เบรกเกอร์กันไฟรั่ว เบรกเกอร์กันไฟรั่ว

Electrical equipment in the house, whether it’s a power strip, a power strip or a cable, it’s an electrical device that has current flowing all the time. If these devices do not have production standards or do not have a good safety system, may cause electric shock and short circuit easily especially the issue of electrical cables.


How to know that it’s time to change the wires.

Although the electric wires are designed and manufactured to support a wide range of applications and have a long life. But every thing is likely to be damaged and deteriorate over time. HomeGuru wants everyone to keep an eye on and check the condition of the residential wiring for the safety of property and every life in the home with the following simple methods:

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1. Check the wiring whether the standard color is used or not. If not correct, switch the cable again so it will not make you confuse if repairing in the future.
2. Check the cable connection and access point. Which must be tightened at least 1 time per year.
3. Touch the insulating surface of the electrical cable to observe the temperature of the wire If you feel heat, there is something wrong with the connection from the connections, or overcurrent of the device may cause electric shock.
4. Observe the color of the wires, changing color wires, such as white wires that turn dark or become dusty, indicate abnormalities that may come from tight connections or overcurrent of the equipment.


5. The insulation of the wires must be in perfect condition. There are no signs of decomposition, dry patches, cracks, burns, cracks or other signs of damage.
6. Regularly check the condition of the power cable at least once a year and save the data.
7. In case more electricity is used or have additional large appliances in the house, you should check that the power cable used is appropriate or not. Should it be changed again?
8. Inspect the wires that are in the invisible part. Like under the ceiling or wall because if the insulation of the cable is torn. It may cause an electric shock, and may cause a fire.


A hundred times of robbery is not a big problem as house on fire is always a true phrase. Therefore, if we have to pay little attention to the neatness of the electrical equipment in the house, able to prevent short-circuit problems not as difficult as thought.

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