Home improvement and decoration, we believe that many people will think about painting the house or buy a new piece of furniture that is pleasing to enter the house. But the part that many people tend to overlook is the area around the house that is actually a multipurpose area that works for value. From clothes drying to holding parties, will you leave the field beside the house flooded with overgrown grass like that? HomeGuru would like to gather outdoor flooring materials especially for lazy people to cut the grass as an idea to improve the clutter outside the home to be worthwhile.


Artificial grass What kind of area is suitable?

Suitable for creating the perfect green space for lazy people to mow the grass but still want to have a lawn in the house. In addition, to not requiring much maintenance, it can also be installed on both the ground and concrete.


Pros The advantages of flooring material in the category of artificial grass is that it is easy to install. Very easy to maintain and still have many colors Many styles to choose as you like. It can fit into any home style.

Cons With the unique features of artificial grass that is easy to care for but beautiful like real grass. The price of artificial grass is therefore much higher than the real grass. But when comparing the cost of long-term maintenance, artificial turf may be a more cost-effective option.

หญ้าเทียม หญ้าเทียม หญ้าเทียม หญ้าเทียม

Wood floor What kind of area is suitable?

Wood flooring, whether real wood or artificial wood, it is suitable for houses with a ground or concrete floor. But if you want to look warm, choose natural style wooden flooring.


Pros Real wood flooring will give the skin a touch and real natural beauty. The artificial wood flooring is easy to maintain and does not consume termites and has a relatively long service life.

Cons Wood flooring is a material that needs to be installed on a structure. The level of the floor is important and is a variable in installation. For the wood flooring that should be laid on the floor should be lower than the floor in the house. But if the floor level is not large enough, you may use artificial wood to install on reinforced concrete floors with cement glue and you should also create suitable drains as well.

ไม้ปูพื้น ไม้ปูพื้น ไม้ปูพื้น ไม้ปูพื้น

Ceramic tiles What kind of area is suitable?

For lazy people to cut the grass, another flooring that is very popular and commonly seen is the exterior floor tiles The ceramic type tiles are suitable for installation on reinforced concrete floors with small settlement rates or have already built a strong structure to slow down. As for concrete tiles, they can be installed immediately in the event that the area is a general purpose floor and does not have to support a lot of weight.


Pros The advantages of tiling are many styles, colors, patterns and textures. For those who are lazy to cut the grass, you may choose to use grass tiles that are currently available in many colors and styles. Some ceramic tiles make patterns that mimic natural materials such as stone, wood, and look beautiful and realistic. As for concrete tiles laid on the ground, it can easily create decorative effects along with other materials such as grass, gravel, or soil.

Cons The limitation in choosing ceramic tiles is that the model with sufficient surface friction should be used for outside use and must be laid on top of reinforced concrete only which should have a suitable drainage system as well.

วัสดุปูพื้นภายนอกบ้าน ไม้ปูพื้น ไม้ปูพื้น วัสดุปูพื้นภายนอกบ้าน

Stone and wood walkway coverings What kind of area is suitable?

Stone paving and wooden walkway coverings Suitable for areas that want to create a natural atmosphere. By using wood and stone to help both in usage and decoration with built-in.


Pros Stone paving and wooden walkway coverings Has the advantage of giving a very natural feeling The paving slabs using artificial and non-artificial stone, made from concrete, are extremely durable and inexpensive compared to other types of flooring. Except for some types of wooden pathways such as train sleepers that are real wood and the price is quite high.


Cons The use of stone paving and wood to look beautiful to the garden in the house. It may not answer lazy people directly cut grass. Because the use of this kind of age requires additional decorations, such as planting grass or gravel at some points. Another limitation is that real wood walkway flooring may be corroded easily, not durable, and stone and artificial wood flooring may be beautiful and natural to stone and real wood flooring.

วัสดุปูพื้นภายนอกบ้าน วัสดุปูพื้นภายนอกบ้าน วัสดุปูพื้นภายนอกบ้าน

Bricks, paving blocks or concrete blocks What kind of area is suitable?

Bricks, paving blocks or concrete blocks are a flooring materials suitable for areas that want to create a hard surface like concrete but do not want to cast a reinforced concrete floor that is quite complicated including areas that are highly subsided.


Pros The advantage of this type of flooring material is the strong and durable because it is made from concrete. Therefore, they are able to lay well on the ground helps save on structure costs including the ability to always dismantle new crabs when wanting to change styles or when the ground has collapsed.


Cons Bricks, paving blocks or concrete blocks are quite a high hardness of concrete. The use of flooring in conjunction with the garden must consider the decoration well. You may use various features to help, such as creating patterns that look strange, interesting, leaving gaps for gravel. Planting grass for further decoration or may choose to use the version that is a lawn block instead.


Regardless of the type of flooring that you choose, it helps to have a walkway. Reduces the area for planting trees that are too difficult to care for and also helps to create a more perfect atmosphere around the house. Beautiful, more usable. Finally, HomeGuru wants to make everyone happy every minute in the house.

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