The food processor is an essential kitchen item. It’s a snap. We need to conserve both time and energy in all we do. Rather than wasting time cutting meat, HomeGuru is going to show you how to use a food chopper, which is also known as a meat grinder. Take a break and rest. Using a garlic press means we don’t have to pound each clove individually. Some people refer to it as a chili grinder if they prefer spicy cuisine. Let’s take a closer look at the food processor.

● Get to know the food processor.

1. What is food processor?
2. Benefits of the food chopper.
3. How to choose a meat grinder or food chopper?
4. Introducing interesting food processors.


● What is food processor?

Having a food processor in your kitchen can save you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. You don’t have to sit down and chop pork and garlic by hand anymore. It’s ready to be cooked with rice or dipped in a dipping sauce after a simple squeeze in the garlic press. The question arises: can you use your kitchen blender instead?

Although some grinders and blenders look to be the same, their functions are really different. If you want to make a smoothie or a bowl of porridge, for example, a blender will be able to do the job. If you have a blender, you can also use it to puree meat, however this goes against the machine’s primary function. It takes longer to grind meat with a blender because it has less power. Using a meat grinder may result in a less appealing texture. Additionally, removing meat or food pieces lodged in the blades and blender jar makes cleanup more difficult. Because this is not how the blender was intended to be used or cleaned.

● Benefits of the food chopper.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of having a food processor in your kitchen and why you should.

1. Make chopping less time-consuming.

Does your mother ever make pork chops for an omelet when you were young? Chopping it with a knife took a long time, and the cutting board was shaking all over the place as I did it. Additionally, you’ll need to gather and clean up all of the knives, cutting boards, and other surfaces where pig fragments have fallen. One solution is to use a meat grinder. Take the meat, put it in the machine, press the start button and you’re done! Pork that has been expertly cut is ready to cook in less than a minute.

2. Choose the piece’s size based on your requirements.

Some grinders have interchangeable blades. There are numerous speed levels to choose from, as well as fine grinding and lettuce chopping. This enables us to access raw materials in the desired size.

3. Easy to use, easy to clean, safe.

Buying a food chopper comes with instructions on how to use it from the seller as well as in the manual. The grinder is designed to be simple to use and to be disassembled for cleaning in a matter of minutes. Depending on the model, there may be a safety mechanism in place that prevents the machine from operating if the lid is not properly locked.

4. Prepare food for small children

Having this gadget in the kitchen is a tremendous benefit for children of any age who need comprehensive nutrition. Because it’s simple for parents to feed their kids. Simply combine the ingredients, such as meat, veggies, fruit, and flour. Afterward, you can use it to prepare a nutritious soup or oatmeal for one meal.

5. Make a variety of menus

Bananas ground through a chili grinder are a flavorful dish that is difficult to prepare, much like frying. There’s no need to sit about and work up a sweat. To make salads, you don’t have to spend hours chopping up vegetables that have been pre-cut and are ready for consumption. This machine is more adaptable and comprehensive than a blender, therefore it’s easy to create a smoothie menu with it.


● How to choose a meat grinder or food chopper?

It’s true that you can bring it home and put it to good use merely by walking to the store. However, before making a purchase, please consider the following facts so that you may make an informed decision.

1. Amount of food to be minced

Check to check if we make significant quantities of ingredients in a food processor at home. For example, a compact food processor that can handle the needs of a family of one to three people can be purchased. Some families, however, may benefit from purchasing a higher capacity unit in order to accommodate everyone’s demands.

2. Usage frequency

Shops in need of prepping ingredients may benefit from the use of food processors. It is a chili grinder that creates curry pastes for consumers to purchase or to make various curry menus, for example, a garlic press is prepared to make every Thai cuisine menu. Meat grinders can be seen in both grocery stores and butcher businesses that prepare meat for the market by grinding it. Because it will be in constant use, it’s best to go with a machine that has a lot of crushing/spinning power and can crush a lot of material at once to save time. In the case of normal household use, it is preferable to select a device with the size and power that are most appropriate for the task at hand.

3. Response to lifestyle

Explore your lifestyle to see if you need a kitchen grinder. With a grinder at home, you can easily make healthy cuisines, such as salads, smoothies, and more. Having a meat grinder on hand is especially important if you are a homemaker with a young child who prepares every meal with the infant in mind.

4. Choose the one you like

In this context, individual tastes in machine design, color, ingredient container placement, and other factors like as size, power, and brand are taken into account. Despite the fact that there are no hard and fast rules, some people like to stick with a certain type of garlic press. It’s possible to discover a different brand with a more appealing color in the store, which can be used in our kitchen. In the end, it will be a matter of personal preference, rather than a matter of functionality.

● Introducing interesting food processors.

If you’re going to utilize a food processor, whose company should you go with? Some intriguing machines are on display.

1. The PHILIPS HR1393/00 0.70 liter


The PHILIPS HR1393/00 0.70 liter food chopper is a compact but powerful appliance that is very simple to use. It may be used as a garlic press with ease, takes up little space, is multipurpose, and is easy to clean in the refrigerator.


● 450 watts of power.
● Food chopper has a 0.7-liter capacity.
● At your fingertips, you have 1-level push-button strength.
● Blades made of stainless-steel grind a wide range of foods.
● Baby food, curry paste, sauce, vegetables, herbs, and meat are some examples.

2. The BOSCH MMR15A1 1.50-liter


The BOSCH MMR15A1 1.50-liter food chopper has a gorgeous design, is multifunctional, and comes with a variety of blades. Fast and easy can absolutely be achieved with the usage of a chili grinder.


● Multi-purpose food chopper with a power rating of 550 watts.
● A glass jar with a capacity of 1500 ml is included.
● It is microwave-safe.
● The chopper blade is composed of high-quality stainless steel.
● Whipping cream or egg whites require a special impeller.
● A special blade for breaking up ice.
● Continue wrapping the cord around the lid.

3. The KENWOOD MG450 food chopper


The KENWOOD MG450 food chopper in white can be considered a serious meat grinder due to its size and power. People who enjoy beef meals will undoubtedly enjoy this dish.


● 1400 watts of power.
● Capable of grinding beef at a rate of 125 kg per hour (1.8 kilogram per minute).
● The body is built of a strong plastic.
● There are three sorts of grinding blades: coarse, medium, and fine.
● Made of high-quality stainless steel.
● Ready to start making sausages.
● A large meat holder with a push rod.

Food processors from a wide range of manufacturers are available, but HomeGuru can’t recommend them all at once. A food processor can be used as a meat grinder for creating your favorite meat dishes or as a garlic press and chili grinder for preparing components for Thai cuisine menus, depending on your preferences. At each HomePro location, you’ll find a wide selection of food processors to fit your needs. is a great place to shop online, as well. The Call Center can be reached at 1284 for additional information.

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