Fresh food freezer became a kitchen appliance that many homes pay attention to. Not only a shop, this may be because the whole family avoids going out. Because they are concern about the spread of COVID-19 and have to work at home (work from home) for months as well. Food is still fresh and maintain the value of nutrients efficiently is necessary. And even though every house has a refrigerator as an appliance that serves to refrigerate and preserving food. But sometimes the temperature in the freezer inside the refrigerator may not be low enough. Compared to fresh freezers that are below 0 degree Celsius, it is suitable for storing some foods such as ice cream, fresh food, ice or even mothers that need frozen milk to keep in large quantities. Refrigerators may not meet the needs of use as expected. But is there a way to choose a fresh food freezer? And which brand to choose a fresh food freezer that is good for the family? HomeGuru has the answers to every home.

Choose to buy a fresh food freezer. How to make it worthwhile?

The size and capacity of the fresh food freezer are the most important

Fresh food freezer size and capacity, it is the top factor when deciding to buy. Because in addition to having correlation with the amount of the drink and food to be fridge each day or each time. It is also related to the number of family members as well. The size of the fresh freezer is measured in queue (Q) such as if a large family has more than 5 members, choose the large 14-22 Queue freezer, but if you are alone, choose the smaller 2.5-5 Queue to save energy. Or if you are a small family of 3-4 people, a 7-14 queue is suitable and can store food well.

Choose a fresh freezer suitable for the type of food being refrigerated

There are different types of freezers to choose from depending on the type of food or drinks, design and temperature control is different, for example, fresh meat freezers, ice cream freezer, ice freezer, cake freezer, jelly beer cooler, which each family can choose to buy and choose to use the freezer to be efficient by looking at the amount of food that you want to be refrigerated. And that it is most suitable for any type of the freezer.


Fresh food freezer must be of high quality and energy saving

Quality and standard of fresh freezers are important as it will result in cold storage. Choose a fresh food freezer that is strong and durable, the interior is made of 100% aluminum. There is a lock or a rubber that is used to keep the cold from going out the freezer. And most importantly, it must not waste electrical energy. Because fresh food freezers need to be operated 24 hours a day. When you buy, you have to look at energy-efficient freezer. Or there is a fiber-saving 5 label to ensure that electricity bills will increase during the time of food storage.


Optional functions for easy operation

Most of the time, an additional function that comes with fresh freezers is to help them lower the temperature quickly to help frozen food faster. In addition, there is an additional light inside the freezer for further storage including the space that can be added to the compartment to place more food, beverages or frozen items.

Fresh food freezer must be safe and easy to maintain

In addition to the functionality safety matters should not be overlooked. Because if the freezer malfunctions or the home fire is extinguished. Fresh freezer should have an automatic power cut system and have a cooling system that lasts at least 24 hours when there is no electricity. And you should choose a freezer that can defrost automatically for the convenience of cleaning and easy to maintain.

Fresh food freezer 2021 Which brands are good? Let’s compare them



If you choose an upright freezer with a modern design to be place in the house. MITSUBISHI U14R/W 5.1 Q Freezer White Color is interesting. The freezer has a distinctive feature that the quick freeze system is free of ice with the (FROST FREE) system, adjustable temperature from -15 to -21 degrees Celsius, able to freeze various types of food such as ice cream, frozen food without worrying about the layout. Because it has a transparent storage box to make it easy to pick up. However, the disadvantages of fresh food freezer is a tall shape, may have a bit more noise than low freezer.

BEKO Freezer

ตู้แช่ BEKO

Regarding quality, durability to use, must be BEKO CF200WT 7.1Q white color fresh food freezer. Ideal for medium-sized families who is looking to store fresh food, vegetables and nutritious beverages. And persistence features of this fresh freezer are can be changed to a freezer with Hybrid Mode. The inside of the freezer is good quality aluminum. This will help to maintain good temperature. The maximum temperature can be adjusted to -11 degrees Celsius and the lowest at -25 degrees Celsius. The refrigerant is environmental friendly and safe to use with a refrigerator door lock.



Highlights of the fresh food freezer for this PANASONIC SCR-MFR300H2 10.3Q white color is working with a switching system that can replaced. Two cooling systems can be adjusted, chilled from -1 to 4 degrees Celsius and frozen at about -32 to -15 degree Celsius with Fast Freezing. The interior has LED lights to facilitate placement and to find food and drinks suitable for large families. The freezer has a standard safety system. Don’t worry about the fire problem. The freezer is easy to maintain, has a lock and has wheels for easy movement. It is also environmentally friendly as well.

SANDEN Freezer

ตู้แช่ SANDEN

For those who live alone, the SANDEN SNQ-0155P 5.3Q Gold color freezer is an interesting model. And it is quite suitable because with a modern design, elegant, easy to use, and the features of the freezer of fresh food also meet the needs of able to freeze a variety of food. It can be both a refrigerator and a freezer. It can be cooled to a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius with a Touch Screen display for comfortable use. Suitable for the new generation living in the condominium or townhome.

HAIER Freezer

ตู้แช่ HAIER

For food freshness and help maintain the quality of the freezer HAIER BD-226WL 8.1Q gold color is one of the choices that are considered interesting this year. Because in addition to having modern design, control work digitally at your fingertips. It can store all kinds of food such as fresh food, ice cream, frozen food, even mother’s milk after the delivery of baby. It can refrigerate at temperatures from -14 to -26 degrees Celsius. The freezer inside has an Anti-Bacteria system. Reduce the problem of annoying smell, with automatic defrosting system (No FROST), easy to maintain and clean. And most importantly, it has a warning function when you forget to close the door.

Fresh food freezer even it is a useful appliance in maintaining the quality of food especially during the COVID-19 situation. Many homes are turning their attention to fresh freezers because they need to stock up food. But yes, you can choose any fresh food freezer, considering the qualifications as HomeGuru mentioned above. Therefore, it is important to buy and use a fresh freezer because it will help the efficiency and the value of use is more.

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