Inviting you to change the atmosphere in the house to be bright and brighter with the idea of Room Decoration in Fun Frolic style, cool color design but not aggressive that HomeGuru picked up from Believing Catalog that will make decorating every room in the house fun and exciting while also increasing the space of every room in the house to look more spacious without any additions.


The advantages of decorating a house in Fun Frolic style

Add charm to the room, relax, cool, shady, suitable for relaxation with a cool color design or light colors. Whether it is painting the walls of the room or the selection of room furniture. It is a unique feature of the Fun Frolic style that most colors emphasize the imitation of the natural color, sea color, leaf color such as

Neo Mint or green color tone is suitable for decorating bedroom or living room, help to brighten and give a nice scent of trees and leaves.

Purist Blue or blue color tone, the color scheme gives a cool feeling. Like deep sea water, suitable for decorating the office, bedroom, or outdoor decoration in front of the house. It is the color that is most popular to decorate the house.

Cantaloupe, a subtle orange-pink hue is a sweet, romantic and energetic shade. Suitable for decorating bedrooms, living rooms.

Mellow Yellow, cream tones make the room look bright and clean, this color scheme can be used in any room in the house.

ตกแต่งห้อง สไตล์ Fun Frolic

Add floor to make the room look more spacious although there is a limited space. Fun Frolic room decoration with soft colors more than a dark tone. It will increase the view and feel to the living area is spacious, not uncomfortable, plus get a brighter room. And if the interior of the room is decorated with glass or sliding glass doors will greatly help the room look airy without having to waste time and cost as well.


3 Rooms in a Fun Frolic style house

Bedding Basic

Decorate the room in a tone that makes the eyes soothing, feel relaxed, suitable for relaxation such as Cantaloupe or pale pink tones. The furniture in the room, such as the bed, bedside table, and lamp, are also selected in a comfortable color scheme. It could be wooden furniture or earth tones and white to brighten up the bedroom and more spacious.

Bedding and bed sheets have to feel more comfortable every time you touch them. In addition to fabrics that are soft, smooth, cool and gentle on the skin that does not cause any irritation. Choosing the color scheme of your bedding is also another factor in increasing comfort and relax for homeowners as well, such as pink, blue and light gray.

ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน เบาะรองนั่ง ผ้าม่าน

Decorate the room with a black out double curtain (Black Out) at the window to protect from sunlight and UV light interferes during rest. If you need a little bit of light, use sheer curtains to let the light shine during the day. And don’t forget to add vitality and naturalness in the bedroom by arranging flowers in a vase. By choosing flowers to match the color of the room to help make the atmosphere of the room more cool.


Living Space

To make the living room feel soft, comfortable and not uncomfortable when having to sit and relax with many family members. Decorate the room to be nice with cool color design with cream color, mellow yellow, gray, white or pastel tones is another option that will enlarge the living room. But if you are worried that the living room will be sweet. You can reduce the sweetness by blending room decoration in modern style through furniture such as sofas in light colors, the open lounge chair with leg rest is multifunctional. Marble patterned coffee table, dark-tone storage cabinet with wooden doors and add freshness to the living room with small green plants with pots such as cycads, banyan, teak leaves, cactus to add more shade, refreshment, and more comfort to the eyes.


If you want the living room to look warm, more pleasant to sit. The selection of modern style chandeliers, soft tones, mounted on the wall is another good choice. When you want to romanticize the atmosphere in the living room during the night. The installation of chandeliers will help not to waste space in use as well.

เก้าอี้พักผ่อน โคมไฟช่อ ตู้วางทีวี


Working room

It is a room that needs to be thoughtful during the day. It is therefore necessary to decorate the room to feel relaxed, calm and not boring. Not only choose to place the desk in an area that is well lit, but also choosing a cool color design such as gray, cream can also brighten up the office and helps to concentrate on work more.

ชั้นวางของ โต๊ะทำงาน เก้าอี้ทำงาน

Table furniture and work chair, choose a white or wood tone by placing it next to the wall in the window or balcony. By choosing an angle facing side or turn your back to the sun at noon and afternoon to feel clear and able to look at the outside atmosphere during work throughout the day.

Inside the office, you can add documents and accessories to be more organized with wooden shelves, storage boxes, tall cabinets, wall-mounted shelves to help keep the room organized and save even more space ready to decorate the room. With white frames, tables and plants such as spotted betel fern, aloe vera or artificial flowers to add freshness and to look when you need to rest your eyes during work.


Fun Frolic room decoration that HomeGuru brings as an idea. Decorate the house to be nice as mentioned above, every home can be adapted or Mix & Match to fit every room in the house perfectly. Just take the key to decorating a room in Fun Frolic style is to choose cool colors or light colors to decorate the room in addition to the bright room already lit up.

It also increases the usable space in the room without any complicated additions.

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