Every time you wash your clothes, there is an unpleasant smell. Many people tend to cope and use ways to remove musty smells from clothes by repeating the washing process. Sometimes it may reduce the smell of stale clothes. But sometimes it still smells musty as before and wastes time without reason. So today, HomeGuru is going to share some simple tips for dealing with this problem. Along with instructions on how to get rid of clothes smell after washing that is easy and effortless.


Solving the problem of clothes with unpleasant odors can be easily solved with the techniques that HomeGuru brings to you. We assure you that the musty smell problem will be gone from your favorite clothes.

1. Clean the washing machine regularly
2. Add vinegar before washing
3. Use the dryer when it rains
4. Change the laundry detergent to remove musty smells from clothes
5. Hang the clothes up in a well-ventilated area
6. Choose a specially formulated fabric softener
7. Use essential oils to add a fresh scent to the fabric
8. Remove odors by using charcoal
9. Freezing clothes, help to remove musty smells from clothes
10. Popular kitchen items for remove musty smell from clothes


Clean the washing machine regularly

One of the problems with musty clothes, sometimes caused by the washing machine that accumulates dirt until leading to an unpleasant smell. Therefore, the best solution is to clean the washing machine frequently and regularly.

Here’s how to clean the washing machine.

● Turn on the machine and set the water level as normal washing.
● Pour in hot water and add 4 cups of vinegar to the detergent drawer.
● Press the operation button for 5 – 10 minutes to remove bacteria and stains.

In addition to vinegar, some households may also use baking soda, washing machine detergent, ammonia, or disinfectant. But suppose you want the washing machine to be immaculate. In that case, it is recommended to clean about 2-3 times until the water comes out clear and clean.


Add vinegar before washing

A simple and effective way to get rid of clothes smell after washing is: using vinegar before washing, especially in washing again. By pouring in about 1 cup of vinegar, set the standard washing program.

In the case of white fabrics, vinegar can be used in conjunction with bleach. If it is a very thick fabric such as denim, it is recommended that the cloth be soaked in vinegar water for about 2 hours before washing to help reduce the musty smell of the clothes even better.

Use the dryer when it rains

Another leading cause of musty clothes is drying and washing clothes during the rainy season. Especially if it rains for several days, the more you encounter problems with musty fabrics as well. While waiting for a sunny day or clear weather, it may cause the cloth to overflow the basket.

Therefore, during the rainy season or during the period to dry thick clothes several times. Try using a dryer instead of drying it in the sun. It also saves time in drying clothes and helps to reduce the musty smell problem.

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Change the laundry detergent to remove musty smells from clothes

If you do not want to face the musty smell of clothes, it is recommended that you change the detergent to a new one. Then turn to a formula that helps to reduce the musty smell is better. Because it is suitable for indoor drying, including in areas with poor ventilation.

Another way is to separate your clothes. If any clothes are particularly thick, mustier than others should be washed separately on sunny and clear days. You should not wash them together. This may cause other clothes to accumulate odors as well.

Hang the clothes up in a well-ventilated area

The best way to get rid of clothes smell after washing is to dry your clothes on a well-ventilated, sunny day. Because the main reason that causes the fabric to smell musty is usually come from drying clothes in a place with no ventilation, and bacteria promptly accumulate.

Suppose the clothes cannot be exposed to the sun, such as living in a condominium or rented room. In that case, clothes should be dried in the area where the wind passes, such as on the balcony. You should not hang clothes too close to each other. If there is a large amount of laundry, wash twice separately.

Choose a specially formulated fabric softener

HomeGuru recommends choosing an indoor-drying fabric softener combined with an anti-odor detergent to keep your laundry perfuming and smelling great. This will help reduce the smell of fermentation and dampness. The important thing is to make the fabric soft, smooth and comfortable even to dry on a rainy day. It will definitely not have a problem with musty clothes.


Use essential oils to add a fresh scent to the fabric

If musty clothes are kept in the closet for a long time and still smell musty, a good way to remove musty smell from clothes is using essential oil. Just spray it on your clothes to make the clothes smell good. But before using essential oils, check to see if the formula needs to be mixed with water before use. Because some types are diluted and can be sprayed on clothes without mixing with water.

Remove odors by using charcoal

A must-have aid for reducing the musty smell of your clothes is charcoal briquettes. It is a good helper in absorbing unpleasant odors in the house. But before using it, you should put the charcoal in the stockings or some white cloth before placing it. Otherwise, the clothes may be stained with black charcoal.

Freezing clothes, help to remove musty smells from clothes

A simple trick for washing clothes to make them smell good is to put musty-smelling clothes in the refrigerator or freezer to kill bacteria. It may be frozen for about 1 night or at least 2 hours before washing, then your clothes will not have a musty smell.

But before putting it in the refrigerator, put your clothes in a plastic bag or a zip-lock laundry bag first so that the dirty clothes are not directly in contact with the freezer. In addition to keeping the bacteria away from them, this method will help keep the color from fading if you use it on your favorite pants or jeans.


Popular kitchen items for remove musty smell from clothes

When dealing with musty clothes, sometimes kitchen stuff is beneficial, so HomeGuru is here to introduce some fantastic kitchen items that can help with deodorization. It also allows you to wash your clothes with a long-lasting scent.

1. Lemon

One great way to make your clothes smell good and not smell musty is by mixing lemon with water. After that, wipe the sweat stain area. Just like this, it will help make the musty smell go away easily.

2. Fresh coffee grounds

If anyone brews fresh coffee every day or likes drip coffee in the morning. Don’t throw away the coffee grounds as it is a great helper in absorbing odors. You can either place the coffee grounds in a bag, place it in your closet, or put it in a cloth storage box. That’s it, the unpleasant smell will go away.

3. Baking Soda

Before washing, if there is baking soda in the kitchen, it is recommended to sprinkle it on your clothes for about 1 night. Then bring the cloth to shake off the baking soda powder. But if you’re afraid that you won’t be able to shake it all out, take a soft brush to help brush out, and when the baking soda is completely removed. And you can wash it again.

4. Salt

As for salt, it’s one of the must-have items in every household, so use it with lemon before washing your clothes by squeezing lemon juice on the stain first. Then apply salt to it, rub it in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes, wait for the lemon juice and salt to dry, then you can wash it.

5. Vodka

A unique item like vodka is an excellent helper to deodorize the musty smell of clothes by taking the vodka mixed with the essential oil. Then spray it onto the clothes. Just like this, the fabric smells fresh and doesn’t smell anymore.

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Let said that removing musty smell from clothes and the simple tricks to get rid of clothes smell after washing that HomeGuru has brought to you today. It easy for you to get rid of the musty clothes problem you’re dealing with. The important thing is not to waste time doing repeated washing. And suppose you are looking for good items or shopping for your favorite brand of laundry detergent. In that case, you can shop at HomePro, and you will definitely get a wide selection of affordable products.

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