Rust may be considered a bad guy, destroying all belongings and it is considered difficult to avoid as long as we still use iron as the material. But you don’t need to worry too much because it will take some time to rust which the rusting process is quite complicated. With factors causing water and oxygen which are common in the atmosphere. If it happens completely with household items, come to see some good tips about the easy way to get rid of rust from household items such as


Rusted pan

Use only these four things: take vinegar, scratch pad, pots, tissues and cooking oil that you have at your kitchen. Begin by bringing the rusted pan, set the heat to lightly smoke. Turn off the heat and pour the vinegar in moderation, scrub the pot with scratch pad all over the rust while the pan is still hot. Once clean, pat with a tissue paper to dry completely and pour a little oil into the pan. Use a new tissue to wipe the pan thoroughly. This will completely take rust out of the pan and the oil, looks like a new shiny pan.


Rusted sink

This method can eliminate both stainless steel and ceramic tile sinks that cause rust stains. But it requires the use of harmful substances as a little help. By mixing the borax powder with lemon juice to create a thick, smooth scarp. Apply to the stain on the sink thoroughly. Leave to dry, then rinse with clean water. The stain will immediately disappear. (Because it is a dangerous substance, you should wear gloves and a mask to cover the nose when doing).


Rust on stainless steel

Onion and sandpaper can help, by using sandpaper to scrub off rust stains. Then cut the onion in half and rub over the area that rusted. Finish and rinse with hot water, rust will come off.


Rusted metal door

Rusted metal door that has to pass through the heat and rain in our atmosphere is really pathetic. It is not strange if there is a rust. But if we gradually see rust then quickly fix You have to prepare things immediately such as: detergent, vinegar and Scotch Brite to get started. Use clean water to moisturize the rusted area. Sprinkle with detergent and vinegar. Then scrub with Scotch Brite, you can scrub without exerting too much force. The stain will gradually drop out until the door looked like new. As for the keys, if there are rust stains as well, before scrubbing the door, put the key in the vinegar first. When you’re polishing the door, rust on the keys will be gone.


Rust on clothes

Some people are very pleased because they are favorite clothes. Squeeze the lime juice over the rust stains all over. Set aside. Boil the water for a month then adjust to medium heat. Put the stain on the top of the pot and let the steam help to remove the stain for a while. Take it out and squeeze the lemon juice over the stain again. Wait a few minutes to wash it. You will get clothes without rust stains back.


Finally… if any home doesn’t cook or do not do housework and therefore do not have the raw materials as suggested in the house. In the shops, they also have rust stain remover products available for purchase.

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