Finding a comfortable sitting area when staying at home is very important. If you have a chic multipurpose chair like beanbag, it will help you relax even more because these beanbags not only relieve your stiffness but also makes staying at home more enjoyable. it is a chair that designed to suit with the body of all people so today HomeGuru will recommend you this Beanbag item


When thinking of decorating your home to look better and stylish, BeanBags is the top of list. Below are the reasons why you should have this chic chair at home.

1. Beanbags well known as comfortable items. Feel more rest when sitting.
2. Beanbags well known as durable items. It can be used for a long time.
3. The materials is lightweight. Suitable for everybody’s shape
4. You can use beanbags to decorate following your own style.
5. Beanbags make your house more minimal


Beanbags well known as comfortable items. Feel more rest when sitting.

Beanbags is the items suitable for everybody’s shape. It is a chair that is commonly used for packing peas. Play likes toys. Or use for sitting. feeling similar to sitting on a sack of Thai people. With the design that supports sitting, thus making it popular all over the world. Nowadays They have more modifications and designs, in order to support more applications, more comfortable like lying on a soft bed, and the most important is the material is more durable and flexible, such as using artificial leather to sew a bag. Then use foam beads or polyester fibers as the filling, so making this minimal chair a great used item.


Beanbags are well known as durable item and can be used for a long time.

The materials of beanbags are durable, Resistance to heat, chemicals, abrasives and scratches. You can be assured of long-term use , each type of BeanBag will have different materials. From canvas fabric, nylon fabric, polyester fabric to synthetic leather fabric. The materials used make it have different advantages and high point. But I can guarantee all of the material used, have a high durability.


Lightweight materials can support every body

As previously mentioned, Beanbag seats combine with different materials. But they’re all versatile chairs that can support with everybody’s shape. Good flexibility because of a non-structured chair. Inside, use foam beads or polyester fibers which can dispersed and support the weight. Can flexible to any degree. And the most important is, it can be used for decoration your room and house. Especially for a minimal lover person, giving BeanBags as an option for decorating seems to be an interesting idea. I can guarantee that If someone sit in this chair, they will not want to go anywhere else.


You can use beanbags to decorate your house following your favorite own style

To buy a satisfied Beanbag chairs, first you need to understand that this chair has various of shape. Such as size, material, fabric inside, and today we’ll tell you an easy trick for making a decision and suitable beanbags.

1. Your favorite shape

The chairs have a different shape. From round shape, chair shape, sofa shape, box shape to drop water shape (pear shape) the most popular is a drop water shape Because it can support our whole body. When leaning, our back will feel comfortable.

2. Suitable materials for using.

Material choosing is one of important factor we have to consider. Before choosing a material, ask yourself first weather you have any special requirements for using or not. Such as if you have a pet in your house, you should use leather beanbags for prevent the fur stick to the chair. But if you want very soft beanbag should choose a beanbag with polyester fabric. Or should choose artificial leather beanbags in humid area or hard cleaning area. It can prevent humidity very well.


3. Foam

One of the most misunderstood beliefs is should choose the smallest foam, but actually it depends on foam type. The most popular sizes are 7-10 ml foam, in the same time foam can classified as polystyrene to buckwheat cereal. This is the reason why the prices are different.

4. Sewing

Before decide to buy a BeanBag chair, one thing you should keep in mind is the sewing. if the sewing is not good It will easily be torn. and the zipper must be strong otherwise the foam inside will easily come off.

5. color and price

The last trick is choosing from colors and price. If you are simple and easy person. minimal color such as earth tone is suitable. Because it is comfortable tone and easily to decorate. But if you still don’t know how to choose. Recommend to Go to home pro. There are many styles to choose from. Definitely suitable for you.

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Just use these chairs decorate the house. Your house will look minimal.

After we know how to choose the chair Now it’s time to know, how to place them in suitable area for the room doesn’t look cluttered and make the room more stylish following HomeGuru’s style

• Put it individual in a quiet corner especially for someone who likes to sit and think in a private corner. Having this chair would be a good idea and best for relaxing.

• Put it with a small table to decorate the room look more comfortable. Especially for people who like to work and read. Placing this chair with a small table will help your brain clearer. You can also put a cup of coffee and enjoy reading.

• Put it with artificial lawn, it is another interesting trick. The lawn will be more chic

• Put it next to the bed. Help the room look less empty or too cluttered. If you don’t want to sleep, you can just sit and relax.


For those who are looking for a great item to the house. HomeGuru recommends to choose beanbags. you will realize, staying at home during the holidays or even working from home during COVID 19 will no longer boring. The most important thing is we can sit and lean on when we are tired. It very suitable for relaxed.

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