Flashing light, not only does it provide insufficient lighting to the homeowners but also results in visual discomfort throughout use. It is a problem that cannot be avoided whether it is an LED lamp or a fluorescent lamp that have been used for a long time or have recently replaced. Homeowners should fix it to extend the life of the lamp. But how to fix it, HomeGuru has easy solutions for every home.


What are the causes of flashing light and how to fix it?

Broken ballast

Ballast is a device to control electric current to flow through the fluorescent lamp and light the fluorescent lamp. When the home lights look like flickering lights or the flashing light doesn’t stop. Initially, try removing Ballast out first. If disconnected then the light stops flashing. Recommend to replace the starter with a new one. Which the starter will act to cut the starter circuit. When the electrical circuit is switched on which will solve the problem of flashing lights.


Insufficient voltage and electric current

When the voltage is insufficient, the LED lights will flash like an electric power drop, which the homeowner has to survey the home’s electricity consumption. Whether there is an excessive amount of power used simultaneously or not and the transformer is the right size for the amount of electricity used in the house or not. Because most of the time, some houses prefer to use the old transformer with pressure scale and the electric current is not suitable, thus causing the flashing light to not stop.


Check the installation of the lamp on the heat sink

Especially the LED bulb, if installed by simply fixing the nut. Without applying silicone to the position under the lamp base and the heat sink. Will cause heat to accumulate until the LED lights flash like a light drop because the silicone function is Good heat conduction from metal junctions The heat is transferred from the LED lamp to the heat sink. This will prevent the lights from flashing and the lamp will go bright when turned on.

ไฟ LED กระพริบ เหมือนไฟตก

Overheating of the light bulb

In this way, it often happens with light bulbs installed with home lighting fixtures. Therefore, it is necessary to choose lamps and bulbs that are not large enough to fit or too small when assembled into use together to keep the heat at the right level. Not too hot because it will result in flashing lights.

ไฟ LED กระพริบ เหมือนไฟตก ไฟกระพริบไม่หยุด หลอดไฟ LED


Why does the LED light flashes like electric power drop when turn off?

Although the LED bulb has some cost-effective energy-saving properties, and is more commonly used than traditional incandescent bulbs. But the disadvantage of this type of lamp is that it often flashes when the switch is turned off. The reason for the blinking lights is due to several reasons such as incorrectly installed connections. The light bulb has a malfunction or caused by light energy in the switch.

ทำไม ไฟ LED กระพริบ

How to fix the flashing light?

When the lamp inside the house is flickering, observe or try to touch the lamp body to see if it is hot or not. If there is heat, it must be corrected immediately. The homeowners must first know the cause of the flashing light that HomeGuru mentioned above that caused by the installation or equipment in the installation has deteriorated over time in order to be able to fix it on the spot. Because if left neglected, it will result in the lamp deterioration and caused more damage.

ไฟกระพริบ ปัญหาไฟกระพริบ ปัญหาไฟกระพริบ


Flashing light problem is a problem that every home should not be overlooked or leave it until it is a long-term problem that it can cause danger. Knowing how to spot, prevent and know the basic remedies mentioned by HomeGuru above will help every home fix their light flashing problem by themselves without having to wait for a technician. And most importantly, do not forget to choose a standard lamp material to prevent from flashing or surges and use no. 5 LED bulbs to ensure quality. And not a danger to everyone in the family.

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